See Wild Geese Stand off Against Indifferent Cows

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: November 24, 2022
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The English countryside is usually associated with peace and tranquility but we can share with you footage of a stand-off that reached the point of high aggression! Not everyone involved was that bothered though! Watch this wonderful moment when some wild geese decided that they would take on a herd of cows.

Geese Telling Cows What They Think

Despite being a lot smaller than the cows, these geese are the ones causing the problem. There are only two of them but they are quite happy to square up to a four or five cows. The geese are adopting a confrontational posture – extending and contracting their necks. They have their beaks open and they are making loud honking noises. The cows are simply staring at them – looking quite bemused.

One of the geese steps forward and is in danger of getting trampled at one stage. The approach is so aggressive that it startles the cows and some of them have to take a step back. However, the effect does not last long and many of the cows start grazing the grass.

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There must be a very tasty patch of plants near to the geese because the cows surge forward. This winds the geese up even more and they start to leap around. One takes off flapping madly and honking…and flies straight into a cow’s head!

At the end of the video, the goose gives a final signal of aggression – a flap of the wings. Then, everyone settles down and gets on with their day.

Goose flying over water
Geese can be loud and aggressive


Canada Geese Behavior and Appearance

Geese are large waterfowl who live in many locations in the Northern Hemisphere. Canada geese are the most common species of geese in North America, but they can live in many other countries. As we see here, geese can be loud and aggressive birds when they want to be.

All geese have plump bodies and a long, slender neck but Canada geese are the largest species. They weigh around 14 pounds and are around 43 inches long. They live in large flocks, called gaggles, and are herbivore grazers. They use their beaks to shear off grasses, and to peck at grains, seeds, and aquatic plants. Sometimes they eat insects and even fish.

Perhaps these geese were enjoying the plants by this river so much that they did not want to share with the cows!

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Canada Goose flapping wings
Some geese flap their wings as a sign of aggression.
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