September 20 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by Volia Schubiger
Updated: June 29, 2023
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September 20 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, and Compatibility
September 20 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, and Compatibility

Is your birthday on the 20th of September? Individuals born on September 20 are known for having a bit of a conflicting nature. On one hand, you are incredibly ambitious and have high expectations of yourself. On the other hand, you have a tendency to doubt your abilities and stand in your own way. Getting to know yourself better can help you achieve your goals and become more self-aware. If you’re interested in learning more about what it means to be born on September 20, then keep reading on. We’ll go over the best and worst traits of the September 20 zodiac along with your most compatible love signs and career path options!

September 20 Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Virgo Zodiac Sign


You are a Virgo if your birthday falls on September 20.

September 20 Zodiac SignVirgo
BirthstoneBlue sapphire
Ruling PlanetMercury
Lucky ColorsNavy blue, beige, and green
Lucky Numbers2, 5, 14
Most Compatible WithScorpio, Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn

This means that you share a lot of similar qualities with other Virgos. However, you will also have your own unique characteristics thanks to your specific birth date. While you still possess a lot of the perfectionist qualities associated with Virgo, you may notice that you have a dreamier and more creative nature. You may also hear others describe you as particularly honest as you don’t sugarcoat your opinions or thoughts. This is why many of your friends and family often come to you for honest feedback and advice. 

If you want to learn more about your September 20 zodiac sign, then keep on reading! To kick things off, we’ll explore the best and worst traits associated with your birthday.

September 20 Zodiac: Personality Traits

Freedom, Happiness, Mental Health, Sadness, Women, emotions

A September 20 Virgo tends to be a perfectionist.


Those of you born on September 20 are often characterized as extreme perfectionists who keep your surroundings neat and organized. However, despite your Puritan philosophies, you are also incredibly honest, warm, and caring. You are the type of person that is incredibly reliable when it comes to those you love. Still, you have a low tolerance for incompetence and will often refuse to help others that put themselves into unfortunate circumstances after you gave them your opinion. 

When it comes to your most positive traits, you are an incredibly bright individual who is incredibly loyal to those that matter to you. Since you are so smart, you often seem like the type of person who is able to solve any problems that come up in life. You are also an incredibly determined individual with high ambitions. Unlike other earth signs, you are open to new things and see the positives in change. Additionally, September 20th individuals are patient and caring. The idea of a loving and stable home life is a major sense of joy for you. 

On the negative side, you are the type of person who can ruminate on your negative thoughts. It is important to remember that holding onto negative thoughts doesn’t help to improve the situation. You may also have a tendency to hold grudges against others, especially when you feel as if you have over-extended yourself in order to help. It is important for you to establish strong boundaries so that you don’t walk away feeling used. When others get on your bad side, you can get quite vindictive as well.

September 20: Numerology and Other Associations

wooden plate with the inscription "two" stands on the bed, Caucasian woman

The number 2 is the numerology life path number for September 20 individuals.


In addition to your zodiac sign, your life path number is another important aspect that may determine how you behave in life and how you’re perceived. The numerology life path number for those born on September 20 is the number 2. The number two in numerology is associated with those who value cooperation and are incredibly charming individuals. 

You place a particularly strong value on balanced partnerships. The number two is symbolic of teamwork, diplomacy, and harmony. This means that Virgos born on September 20 are incredibly good mediators and have a natural gift of recognizing people’s true characters. As you age, this gift will only get better.

September 20 Zodiac: Career and Passions

Mental Health Professional, Mental Health, Psychotherapy, Patient, Talking


People born on September 20 will often excel in careers where they can put their excellent people skills to good use. You have a good sense of people’s motivations and characters. With such a gift, you would make an excellent therapist or psychiatrist. Additionally, some Virgos born on this day find that they are natural healers and go into more holistic fields. Since you are so good at finding solutions to problems, you will naturally find yourselves in authority positions over time. If you’re not into the idea of therapy, then you may find that you also excel in the medical field or as a scientific researcher. Your sharp wits and great attention to detail make you perfectly suited for careers where your analytical nature can be utilized. 

Overall, you may find that your deepest passions lie in connecting with others. Your deep understanding of human nature and appreciation for cooperation allows you to connect deeply with people. You may find that your deepest satisfactions in life come from maintaining your close relationships.

September 20 Zodiac in a Relationship

Holding Hands, Falling in Love, Human Hand, Love At First Sight, Men

A September 20 birthday values loyalty and is very affectionate.


The September 20th birthdate is a sign that values loyalty. They are deeply affectionate individuals who, despite their emotional nature, have a practical approach to life and romance. This individual may not be a party animal that wants to check out the club scene every weekend; however, they are the type to settle down and commit. When you get a September 20 person to settle down, they will commit themselves fully. 

Their ideal partner is someone who they can have stimulating conversations with and who can match their reliable and dependable nature. If you’re interested in winning this Virgo over, then you must lead from an honest place and be as supportive as possible. Although they may not be the most passionate lovers, they make up for it by being incredibly kind and sincere. They will devote themselves completely to their partner and expect their partner to be willing to do the same. Even though they may come off as soft and gentle, this sign will definitely bring out their passionate side when it comes to sacrificing for their family and loved ones.

Compatible Signs for September 20 Zodiacs

Abstract, Aquarius - Astrology Sign, Aries


There is generally a lot of compatibility between Virgos and the two other earth signs — Taurus and Capricorn. It doesn’t matter which Virgo birth date you fall on; you will often align quite well with other earth signs. Earth signs understand the value of hard work and know that the best way to achieve something is through practical means. This is why Virgos will often admire how responsible and dependable these earth signs are. 

Taurus and Virgo complement each other beautifully. Taurus is incredibly patient and understanding to Virgo, and in turn, Virgo devotes themselves fully to this partner. Another perfect match is Capricorn and Virgo, thanks to the fact that both signs are focused and ambitious in their pursuits. As a result, both signs feel safe and understood in each other’s presence. 

Water signs are also an excellent match for Virgos. Scorpio and Cancer, in particular, make for a wonderful counterpart. Virgo and Cancer complement one another perfectly because both signs value taking care of their partner’s emotional and physical well-being. Both signs value loyalty, honesty, and acceptance. Scorpio, on the other hand, is incredibly passionate and fiercely loyal and can help shy and reserved Virgo open up. Both these signs are naturally deeply observant, and they will bond greatly over this.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on September 20

 George R.R. Martin, HBO

Author George R.R. Martin was born on this date.

©Kathy Hutchins/

Are you curious to find out which celebrities or historical figures share a birthday with you? There are many notable figures throughout history who share the birthdate of September 20. 

Some of the most fascinating people with this birthday include: 

  • Sophia Loren — Italian actress, Sophia Loren, was born on September 20, 1934. She built her career around her “femme fatale” roles. Her role in Two Women won her the first Academy Award for Best Actress for a foreign language film. 
  • George R. R. Martin — Author George R. R. Martin wrote the epic fantasy novel saga A Song of Ice and Fire. This novel series was the inspiration behind the hit Emmy-winning HBO series Game of Thrones
  • Upton Sinclair — American writer and political activist Upton Sinclair is best known for his novel The Jungle. Over the course of his life, he wrote nearly 100 books and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. 
  • Khabib Numagomedow — MMA’s longest undefeated streak is held by Russian mixed martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov. He has 29 wins and no losses and retired with an undefeated record.

Important Events That Occurred on September 20

Calendar, Circle, Number 20, September

September 20 saw several significant historical events.

© Bukatsich

Outside of the most important event, which happens to be your birthday, there are lots of interesting events that took place on September 20. You might be surprised to find that these events took place on your birthday! 

Some of the most interesting events that occurred on September 20 include: 

  • September 20, 1519 — Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan embarks on the first successful circumnavigation of Earth. He set sail from Spain westward to Indonesia to find a western route to the island in order to come across spices. 
  • September 20, 1881 — Chester A. Arthur was sworn in as the 21st president of the United States.
  • September 20, 1968 — Mickey Mantle’s 18-year major league career ends when he hits his final home run. 
  • September 20, 1984 — The Cosby Show premieres on NBC TV and runs for eight seasons. 
  • September 20, 1988 — Despite the famous head-on collision on the diving board the day before, Greg Louganis wins the gold in the men’s 3-meter springboard at the Seoul Olympics.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Bukatsich

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