September 7 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: July 7, 2023
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If you were born on September 7, you likely know what your zodiac sign is. However, do you know what your particular zodiac sign might contribute to your personality and how you interact with others? Knowing the traits and passions associated with your September 7 birthday can bring you some serious insight!

In this article, we will address everything you need to know about the zodiac sign of Virgo, which is the sign attributed to those born on September 7th. We’ll go over all of the associations and unique traits that go along with those of you born on this specific day, including what planets and numbers might be influencing you. Let’s get started, Virgos!

September 7 Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Mutable signs such as Virgo (or Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius) are adept at going with the flow and altering their course of action without hesitation.

If you didn’t know already, the September 7 zodiac sign is Virgo. Also known as the maiden or virgin, Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury and applies to those of you born from August 23rd to September 22nd, depending on the calendar year. 

It is a mutable earth sign, which means a great number of things. Mutable signs such as Virgo (or Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius) are adept at going with the flow and altering their course of action without hesitation. They make better followers as opposed to leaders, but it all depends on the individual and the rest of their birth chart.

Earth signs such as Virgo (or Taurus and Capricorn) are known for their dedication, hard-working natures, and potentially ambitious life plans. They are grounded and down-to-earth people who value intellect, though their high expectations are often left unmet. If you are a Virgo born on September 7th, there are a few other things you should know.

Decans of Virgo

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign on the astrological wheel. Each astrological sign comprises 30 degrees of the astrological wheel. However, did you know that these degrees are further broken down into ten-degree increments depending on when you were born within your zodiac time of year? These increments give you even more insight into your personality and birth chart, and they are known as decans.

The decans of Virgo are as follows:

  • Virgo decan: August 23rd to roughly September 1st. Ruled by Mercury and the most hyper-present Virgo personality.
  • Capricorn decan: September 2nd to roughly September 11th. Ruled by Saturn.
  • Taurus decan: September 12th to roughly September 22nd. Ruled by Venus.

If you were born on September 7th, this means that you’re a Virgo with a Capricorn decan. This gives you a secondary planetary influence of Saturn. But what exactly does all of this have to do with your personality? Let’s take a deeper dive into how all of this might manifest in a person.

September 7 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

september 7 zodiac

A Virgo born on September 7th is primarily influenced by Mercury.

©NASA images/

Understanding astrology and a September 7 zodiac sign means understanding planetary influence. Each and every zodiac sign is ruled by a specific planet, and you likely have even more planetary influence depending on your decan as well as the rest of your birth chart. A Virgo born on September 7th is primarily influenced by Mercury, with Saturn as a secondary influence given your second decan placement in Capricorn.

Having Mercury as your ruling planet means that it likely brings you a communicative and intellectual influence. This is the planet of curiosity, communication, and it even has to do with travel. This often manifests in a mutable nature, someone who can easily change directions or life paths, no matter how severe.

Mercury is a quick thinker and can even be a smooth talker, though most Virgos are more likely to give you straight facts rather than try to convince you one way or the other on anything. Having Mercury as your ruling planet likely makes you interested in intellectual pursuits and learning new things.

Given that a September 7 zodiac sign falls under the second decan, you also have some influence from the planet Saturn. This is a planet of hard work, dedication, and morals. You likely notice Saturn’s influence in your work ethic and ability to see a project to the very end. This can be an extreme advantage over Virgos born in other decans, as their mutability may mean they leave many endeavors unfinished.

September 7: Numerology and Other Associations

september 7 zodiac

At their best, September 7 zodiacs are compassionate, deep thinkers, and honest communicators who only want what’s best for those around them.

© paseven/

It’s not just planets influencing your birthday. A September 7th zodiac sign has important numerology meanings as well, especially in conjunction with Mercury and other Virgo traits. The number 7 is largely associated with intelligence, wisdom, and analysis. In fact, the planet Neptune is associated with the number 7, which may bring you a deeper spirituality compared to other Virgos born on other days of the year.

Not only will the number 7 likely influence your ability to process both swiftly and deeply. It also gives you a bit of luck and fortune while traveling on your life’s path. We’ve all heard of “lucky number 7”, and being born on September 7th gives you inherent associations with this number! Neptune may have a slight influence on you as well, especially considering the fact that Pisces (ruled by Neptune) are opposite Virgos on the astrological wheel.

With all things, balance is key. Having the influence of the number 7 in your life isn’t a bad thing. However, when combined with the analytical and heady influence of Mercury, the number 7 may push you to dive even deeper. This type of thinking isn’t always harmful, but it can certainly grow to be a burden. Constant intellectualization of your life, those around you, and your decisions likely leave you feeling burnt out and misunderstood.

September 7 Zodiac: Personality Traits

september 7 zodiac

Given that a September 7 zodiac sign falls under the second decan, you also have some influence from the planet Saturn.


Virgos are often known as the perfectionists of the zodiac. Most of the time, Virgos get a bad rap for their high expectations and ambitious goals. However, Virgos typically only have such high ambitions and expectations for themselves. While some Virgos can get a bit naggy, they truly only want what’s best for those around them, and this can come in the form of unsolicited advice.

A Virgo born on September 7th has a secondary influence from Capricorn, given their decan placement. This likely makes you even more ambitious and determined than the average Virgo. You may have a blunt and honest way of communicating, something that may not always go over well. However, you are likely the most honest and blunt with yourself.

While this can manifest in the form of hard-to-reach goals that only you can indeed reach, it more likely manifests in negative self-talk when you can’t get things perfectly right. Given how deeply you can think and how much you can intellectualize, it’s easy for you to justify your actions. It’s also just as easy for you to blame yourself when you can’t accomplish something in your life.

Strengths and Weaknesses of September 7 Virgos

A Virgo born on September 7th has a number of strengths and weaknesses, just like any zodiac sign. At their best, September 7 zodiacs are compassionate, deep thinkers, and honest communicators who only want what’s best for those around them. They want to use their mutable energy to make something greater than themselves. 

However, at their worst, a September 7 zodiac can come off as passive-aggressive, nagging, and haughty. They may act like they are better than the average person, even if this isn’t their intention. Often, their high expectations can extend beyond their own self and onto those in their lives. This is definitely a behavior to avoid if you are a Virgo!

Some other strengths and weaknesses of September 7th Virgos include:

Keen intellectApathetic
Reliable and dependable Judgemental
Curious about many different thingsCan’t see the forest for the trees
Good at adaptingAnxious
Sees the best in othersDemanding
Patient and loyalDoesn’t know when to let go

September 7 Zodiac: Career and Passions

If you were born on September 7th, there are a number of careers and passions that might interest you. All earth signs love hard work and the satisfaction that a job well done can bring. Virgos are very good at keeping their heads down, working hard, and consistently improving. However, not being acknowledged or recognized for this hard work can leave them feeling neglected or burnt out. 

This is especially true given the fact that most Virgos hang on far longer than they should, both in a professional and personal environment. They want so badly to succeed and help others, but this can lead to them feeling used, ignored, or otherwise underutilized. That’s why it’s important for a Virgo to find a job that leaves them feeling appreciated, satisfied, and intellectually stimulated.

It is unlikely for a Virgo to want to be a CEO or a person who is in charge of many people. While it will of course depend on the rest of your birth chart, Virgos hate the spotlight and being the center of attention. They will likely find a greater amount of satisfaction as a mid-level manager, so long as their bosses are respectable and make sound business decisions for all involved. Virgos will go to bat for their coworkers, time and time again, seeking nothing in return save fairness.

Some ideal careers and passions for a September 7th Virgo may include:

  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Detailed research or investigative work
  • Cleaning or organizing positions
  • Psychological jobs, such as counseling
  • Self-employment opportunities
  • Scientific positions
  • Intricate crafting or building jobs
  • Middle or upper-management leadership

September 7 Zodiac in Relationships

september 7 zodiac

A September 7 zodiac likely seeks intellectual conversations and interests from a partner.

© Soloveva

There are a number of reasons to love a September 7 zodiac sign. Virgos are incredibly loyal and capable of seeing the best in their partners, even if it means their downfall. An intellectual Virgo born on September 7th likely weighs their options heavily and deeply before committing. Because once this mutable sign decides to commit, they are in love for a good long while.

This is the primary difference between Virgos and other mutable signs. While the possibilities are endless for a mutable sign, Virgos see the endless possibilities in people they value and choose to love. While this is a beautiful thing, it can often leave a Virgo feeling disappointed when someone doesn’t always live their best life.

A September 7 zodiac likely seeks intellectual conversations and interests from a partner. This is a person who can stay up all night talking with you, about anything and everything. Fond of communication and honesty, a Virgo in a relationship won’t want there to be any surprises. However, Virgos are often taken aback by their own feelings and the power these feelings can have over them. This can occasionally lead to them shutting down, growing distant,  or otherwise hiding their emotions for the perceived greater good of the relationship.

Compatibility for September 7 Zodiacs

september 7 zodiac

Overall, a Virgo born on September 7th will need someone who doesn’t take advantage of them.


A Virgo born on September 7th will be best compatible with someone who can match their intelligence and wit. They will likely grow bored with someone who can’t dive deeper, someone who can’t analyze or discuss big concepts. However, most Virgos desperately need someone with the ability to get them out of their heads.

This can be a difficult line to walk. A September 7 Virgo will be highly ambitious and likely put their career or passions first. However, Virgos have a giving and caring nature. They long to share their extremely ambitious life with someone else, until the very end. Having someone who is equal parts intelligent, ambitious, and fun-loving can be difficult to find. 

Overall, a Virgo born on September 7th will need someone who doesn’t take advantage of them. Once you get through the intellectual and potentially cold outer layer of a Virgo, you will find someone deeply romantic and loyal to you, someone who is willing to overlook the little things in order to protect the greater good of the partnership. It takes a perceptive partner to know when to not take advantage of a Virgo’s generous heart!

Matches for September 7 Zodiac

When it comes to reliable and good matches for someone born on September 7th, there are a number of options to consider. As with all astrology, the entirety of a person’s birth chart is key to finding a perfect match. However, the following sun signs usually make good matches for the average Virgo:

  • Scorpio. Known for their depth and secrecy, Scorpios are a fixed water sign that inherently appreciates Virgos. They instantly recognize how deeply a Virgo can think, feel, and be, which means that conversations won’t be difficult between these two signs. However, many Scorpios have an intensity that can manifest in a controlling manner, which may make a Virgo feel taken advantage of.
  • Capricorn. Given that a September 7 zodiac falls under the second decan of Virgo, they likely find themselves attracted to Capricorns. Another earth sign, Capricorns are fantastic partners for long-term relationships. They are likely to take charge in a relationship given their ambitious cores, both emotionally and financially. This may make a Virgo feel trapped, but it may also make them feel freer to explore their own mutable natures.
  • Gemini. Also mutable and ruled by Mercury, Geminis complement Virgos in many ways. They are highly communicative and interested in a variety of things, much like Virgos. Geminis have no problem finding or making their own fun, which can be a breath of fresh air (literally!) for Virgos. However, they are an air sign, which means their somewhat flighty nature may rub some Virgos the wrong way. 
  • Aquarius. Another air sign much like Geminis, Aquarius placements may readily attract Virgos. This is a highly analytical sign that is mature, wise, and always delving deeper. They also have a spiritual and creative streak, which may help keep a relationship exciting between a Virgo and an Aquarius. However, a steadfast and simple Virgo may not be enough to keep an airy Aquarius content for long!
  • Pisces. Opposite Virgos on the astrological wheel, Pisces is a natural match for a September 7 zodiac. Also extremely compassionate and good at taking care of people, Pisces won’t take advantage of a Virgo like so many other signs will. They are also extremely mature and deep thinkers, given their placement as the final sign on the astrological wheel. This will be attractive to Virgos, especially those born on September 7th. The number 7 is associated with Neptune after all, which is the ruling planet of Pisces!

Historical Figures and Celebrities born on September 7th

  • Hannah John-Kamen
  • J. Smith-Cameron
  • Evan Rachel Wood
  • Athena Karkanis
  • Alyssa Diaz
  • Shannon Elizabeth
  • Jodie Turner-Smith
  • JD Pardo
  • Diane Farr
  • Devon Sawa
  • Toby Jones
  • Corbin Bernsen

Important Events That Occurred on September 7th

  • On September 7th, 1978, the Bulgarian writer and dissident Georgi Markov was murdered in London. This event, known as the Umbrella Murder, took place when Markov crossed Waterloo Bridge and an assassin shot a pellet containing ricin into his leg. Markov died four days later from the poison. \
  • n the same day in 1977, the US and Panama signed the Torrijos–Carter Treaties, granting control of the Panama Canal to Panama. The canal had been under the control of the US since 1904.
  • In 1940, the Germans began to strategically bomb the United Kingdom and London for 57 days. The bombings killed over 20,000 people and destroyed more than a million homes in the city. The plan ultimately failed to break British resolve.
  • Additionally, on this day in 1936, the last Tasmanian Tiger died in captivity at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania, Australia due to neglect. This species, native to Australia and New Guinea, became extinct due to over hunting and invasive species like dingos.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Hernandez

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