Shark Says “Oh, Hi” To Kayaker While Fishing

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: November 14, 2022
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Key Points

  • There is nothing more scary than trying to enjoy fishing in quaint setting, only to have a dreaded shark jump out at you.
  • Sharks are known predators made even more dangerous in our minds by Hollywood films like the Jaws.
  • Sharks are not afraid of humans and it has been observed that they make appearances regularly in front of people and fishing boats.

For some people, being out in the open waters fishing while resting comfortably on a kayak sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. For others, what looms below is much too frightening.

This kayaker is wearing what we can only assume to be a GoPro because you are getting his view. The video is sped up just a little bit in the beginning as he puts the bait on his line and throws it out into the water. You see his legs and feet resting on the kayak as he waits, holding on to his fishing pole for his catch. It seems like a serene day and the waters are mostly calm, with some undulation that gently rocks the kayak.

This footage was captured at the end of his long day and he’s quite tired as he starts reeling in his catch. It seems to be really taking it out of him as he makes a great effort to pull the large fish that has taken the bait. He’s got to be extremely excited about this end-of-day, final catch. You can see the tension on the line and the kayaker’s finally able to get it up and out of the water.

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Just as his catch is nearing the surface, he exclaims, “Whoa!” as a shark comes into full view, managing to steal his big fish. It almost seemed as if the shark was going to land on the kayak but luckily, it doesn’t. The commotion creates choppy waves around the kayak and the man chuckles to himself, relieving the scare of the moment.

To keep the content PG, he mutes himself and shares that at that moment, he had some choice words. (Who wouldn’t!?) He has the wherewithal to keep reeling and pulls up his catch. At this point, it’s not much of a catch anymore. It’s really just the head of the fish because the shark got its body.

It all happened so fast that it’s hard to make out what type of fish he caught but at the end of the video, he offers a slow-motion replay, and you can really appreciate the moment in its entirety. The fish is large, and the shark really went for it, leaving the kayaker with perhaps not the catch of the day, but certainly a memory for a lifetime!

Watch this kayaker/fisherman vs. shark encounter and guess who gets the fish!

Is it Normal for Sharks to Show Up In Front of Humans

Although it may seem strange, the fact is sharks are pretty bold creatures and they show up in front of swimmers and divers without hesitation. Same goes for big fishing boats and small kayaks as well. They regularly surprise fishermen by stealing their catch and snatching it away.

It has been reported by many regular and seasonal fishermen, and there are many videos of sharks breaching or snatching their fish. Although this ma seem frustrating, it is advisable that sharks should not be tussled with as they are dangerous and might take a chunk out of you when threatened.

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