Sharp Toothed Barracuda Continues to Swim Straight at Cameraman

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: September 14, 2022
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Want to see a seriously annoyed barracuda? We’ve got you covered. This footage is not for the faint-hearted and may put you off getting into the ocean because this barracuda is pretty fierce. It was filmed using a GoPro 3 – 1080p at Half Moon Kaye which is a crescent-shaped island at the southwest corner of Lighthouse Reef Atol in Belize.

We see the large fish take an interest in the diver and then butt the GoPro with their head several times. As they come in for the attack, you get a great view of their vicious teeth – which look even worse if you pause the vid as the fish attacks.

Fearsome Barracuda

Barracuda are large fish found in tropical and subtropical oceans where they can live alone or in groups called schools. Living in groups helps to protect them from their predators which include killer whalesdolphins, and sharks.

They are magnificent fish – the largest ever recorded was 102 pounds and 8 ounces and seven feet long. Females are larger than males. There are 26 different species and they differ in color and size. But they all have long thin bodies that allow them to move at speed through the water and weave around coral and sea grasses.

The Tiger of the Sea

Barracudas have been called the ‘tiger of the sea’ because of their ferocious teeth. They are carnivores and eat a variety of fish including anchovies, groupers, grunts, small tuna, and herring. They are perfectly capable of biting a herring in half with their powerful jaws and it is this jaw that is their most noticeable feature. It sticks out as they swim and is usually partly open to show off their teeth – as we see in this vid. They have numerous tiny sharp teeth for tearing and chewing and some are tilted backwards to trap smaller prey in their mouths.

Usually, they stay away from humans so what on earth is happening in this video? They are attracted to shiny objects because they look like shiny fish and there are several instances where swimmers wearing jewelry have been bitten by hungry barracudas looking for their next meal. The GoPro was probably glinting in the water and looked like a tasty snack for this fierce fish!

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