Sheep Finally Has Enough of This Fisherman and Rams Him Into the Water

Written by Opal
Published: November 3, 2022
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We’ve all seen hilarious compilations of people slipping, falling, or having cute interactions with animals. Whether in the wild or in the comfort of your own home, animals can be silly and do the strangest things. This viral Youtube short is an example of just that! 

If you’ve ever enjoyed going fishing, hold onto your hat! The video starts off with a cowboy enjoying a peaceful afternoon, casting a reel in hopes of catching some fresh fish! Little did he know, he was about to go for a swim. 

Behind the angler, we see a ram, casually calculating his next move. Before we know it, the animal runs towards the fisherman, shoving him into the brisk water! As he flies forward, his cowboy hat gets whisked off his head. 

Bighorn sheep, or rams, are male creatures that dwell in the highlands and frequently settle disputes by slamming their heads into their opponents. Rams are distinguished from mountain goats by their long, curving horns, long fur, and cleft hooves.

Believe it or not, one of the main reasons rams will charge at humans is actually due to sexual behaviors. We know – that’s the last thing you’d expect. The breeding season is when acts of aggression are most prevalent and are related to typical sexual activity. Pawing at the ground, nipping, head butting, ramming, and gargling vocalizations are examples of sexual actions that can transfer into physical aggression towards people.

Believe it or not, one of the main reasons rams will charge at humans is actually due to sexual behaviors.

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Aggressive Rams

Rams aren’t always dangerous to people, but they can turn out to be if they get angry. Rams occasionally exhibit surprising behavior. Although they do not perceive people as a direct danger to their territory, if disturbed, they may attack.

It’s unclear in the video what caused this animal to charge at the fisherman. Perhaps he was defending his territory. Maybe there was a litter of newborn sheep nearby. Either way, it looks as if the ram had been waiting his entire life for this moment! 

An attack from a ram has the potential to be deadly and devastating. In reality, there are numerous accounts of ram attacks going poorly for both humans and other animals. These attacks can occur without warning and irrespective of how people behave around rams. Ram attacks can be vicious, and they may result in severe injuries including shattered bones.

If you have sheep as a pet, butting is relatively normal for them. The rams start butting at an early age. You shouldn’t pet or touch a ram on the head. This could be viewed as a threat or confrontational conduct by the ram. A human is a member of the flock to a ram, and he seeks to rule.

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Male bighorn sheep ram with large horns on a cliff.
Male bighorn sheep ram with large horns on a cliff.
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