Siamese Cat Colors: Most Common to Rarest

Written by Sonny Haugen
Updated: October 1, 2023
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10 Siamese Cat Colors: Most Common to Rarest
Siamese cats have an energetic and talkative nature.

Siamese cats are one of the most sought-after cat breeds in the world. With an energetic personality and talkative nature, siamese cats brighten the home and atmosphere. With 4 recognized colors and 29 other cross-breed colors, there is a large variety of Siamese cat colors. If you’re looking into buying a Siamese cat, or just curious about the color variety, keep reading!

1. Seal Point

Thai Siamese point cat, with blue eyes, lying on the couch.

The Seal Point Siamese have beautiful blue eyes on dark brown fur.


Seal Point Siamese cats are one of the most popular varieties of Siamese cats. They are famous for their cream-colored fur with dark-brown points on their paws and faces. The bright blue eyes common in Siamese cats is a pop of color on the cat, making it stand out uniquely. Their popularity is a reflection of how common they are as your able to find them everywhere.

2. Chocolate Point

Chocolate point siamese kitten and flowers

Chocolate Point Siamese get their name from the light brown color points.


One of the four main Siamese variations, Chocolate Point Siamese cats are a household favorite. Resembling similar to the Seal Point, the main difference of the Chocolate Point is the fur color being dark to light-brown color. The same bright blue eyes are still present, now with a darker backdrop. The Chocolate Point is another common Siamese breed, and they are sweet just like the name!

3. Blue Point and Lilac Point

Siamese Cats - Lilac Point Siamese Cat

The frosty gray color on the Lilac Point Siamese makes them stand out amongst other Siamese breeds.

©Ivonne Wierink/

The Blue Point Siamese and Lilac Point Siamese share many similarities, so spotting their differences is a tad bit difficult. One of the key differences to look at is the difference in color on the paws and face. Both cats share a similar white fur color, with the Lilac Point being a bit lighter than the Blue Point. The points on Blue Point Siamese cats are a slate gray color in comparison to Lilac Point’s frostier gray color. These Siamese breeds are very smart and fun to be around, perfect for any lifestyle!

Cross Breeds

Many of the beautiful Siamese color variations come from cross-breeding. Cross breeding Siamaese cats gives beautiful colors and variations not naturally found! Colors such as pinks and oranges are a favorite amongst Siamese lovers for its uniqueness and charm. There are many gorgeous variations, so keep reading to learn more.

4. Red Point

Siamese cats - Red Point Siamese Cat

The Red Point Siamese is famous for its pastel orange/red color fur points.

©Lanova Daria/

One of the more common cross breeds, the Red Point Siamese cat is a beautiful cat! Known for its white fur and pinkish-red points on the ears and paws, the Red Point Siamese stands out among the primarly cool tone cats. They are playful and sweet in nature, perfect for any kind of person.

5. Foreign White

Siamese cat in Thailand Indoor and Out Door Cat

Having no paticular point color, Foreign White Siamese are as elegant as they get.

©TS Photo Album/

As the name implies, the Foreign White Siamese is completly white in color, and has strinking blue eyes. These cats are very intelligent and adaptable, making them perfect for small children or elderly care.

6. Apricot Point

Portrait of thai (siamese) domestic cat red point with red ears and nose and blue eyes. Close up. Place for text.

The Apricot Point Siamese shares many similarities with the Red Point, but with a unique name!

©Lanova Daria/

The Apricot Point Siamese cat gets its name from the apricot color point features. With a cream color base, the light orange color found on its paws and ears resembles the apricot fruit, a cute name for a cute cat! Apricot Point Siamese are also known for being spotted with little freckles, a unique feature that is adorable!

7. Cinnamon Point

Cinnamon Point Siamese Cat asleep leaning on paws

Cinnamon Point Siamese make the perfect house cat for their calm nature.

©Colleen Ashley/

As it seems to be a trend with all the food named Siamese breeds, the Cinnamon Point Siamese gets its name from is cinnamon color features. Cinnamon Point Siamese cats have darkish brown points on a cream color base! The bright blue eyes pop out in contrast with the fur, making them a very beautiful cat.

8. Caramel Point

Blue Point Siamese cat at home

The Caramel Point Siamese have a deep and rich color fur.


Caramel Point Siamese are very similar to Cinnamon Point! One of the interesting differences is the way the fur changes over time. Having similar point colors to the Cinnamon Point Siamese, and cream color fur base, the base color will slowly get darker over time, blending in with the point colors. This unique transition of color makes spending everyday with a Caramel Point Siamese cat that much more enjoyable!

9. Cream Point

Cute flame point Siamese cat with blue eye on wooden table selective focus

The Cream Point Siamese are one of the more intelligent Siamese breeds, perfect for learning tricks.


The Cream Point Siamese is a breed between red domestic shorthair and Siamese cat. These cats have a cream color base, and slighlty darker cream color points. Cream Point Siamese are famous for their intelligence, making them a wonderful pet to live with. If you want to teach tricks or simply have a reliable cat, Cream Point’s are perfect!

10. Fawn Point

Blue eyed Siamese Flame point Kitten

The pink points on the Fawn Point Siamese are cuteness overload!

©Kelley Varisco/

Tne Fawn Point Siamese cat is known for its cream color fur and pinkish points. One of the rarer breeds, Fawn Point Siamese are similar to Cream Point in that they are well-behaved and trainable. This breed of Siamese is perfect for families or single person living, and their cuteness makes them all that much better.

Summary of Siamese Cat Colors: Most Common to Rarest

Rank – From Common to RarestSiamese Colors
1Seal Point
2Chocolate Point
3Blue Point and Lilac Point
4Red Point
5Foreign White
6Apricot Point
7Cinnamon Point
8Caramel Point
9Cream Point
10Fawn Point

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Suwanon Wongsaphan/

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