Sleeping Dog Gets the Worst Wake-Up Call Ever When a Leopard Attacks Him Mid-Snooze

Written by Colby Maxwell
Updated: May 28, 2023
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Imagine you are having a peaceful nap on your porch, dreaming of bones and belly rubs, when suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your neck and realize you are being dragged away by a hungry leopard. That’s exactly what happened to a street dog in India who had the most terrifying wake-up call ever. Watch this wild leopard attack a dog below!

Male Indian leopard walking through a forest
The Indian leopard is the most common leopard found across India.

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The shocking incident was captured on CCTV and shared on social media, which has since gone viral. The video (make sure you check it out below) shows a leopard stealthily approaching a dog sleeping on the front porch of a home at night. The big cat waits patiently for the right moment to strike while the dog remains blissfully unaware of the danger lurking nearby.

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Then, in a flash, the leopard pounces and grabs the dog by the neck, hoping for an easy meal. But thankfully (for the dog, not the leopard), the canine manages to wriggle free and escape with its life. The video ends with a totally shocked dog and the leopard running off into the pitch-black night.

Leopards Attacking Pets

This is not the first time that a leopard has attacked a sleeping dog in India. In fact, there have been several similar incidents reported in the past few years, where leopards have strayed into human-dominated areas and preyed on dogs. Experts say that leopards are opportunistic hunters who can adapt to different environments and food sources. They also say that habitat loss, human encroachment and depletion of natural prey are some of the reasons why leopards come into conflict with humans and their pets.

So, next time you see a dog snoozing on your porch, make sure to check for any unwanted visitors before you disturb its slumber. You never know when a leopard might be lurking around! Of course, that really only applies if you live in a place where leopards hang out in the first place!

Check Out the Video Below!

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