Snake Attacks Porcupine, Turns Into Porcu-Snake and Somehow Looks Even More Terrifying

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: January 9, 2023
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Boa constrictors are strong snakes that hunt covertly. In the most of Central America and South America, they reside in tropical climes and they hunt at night. The boa often ambushes its prey, which may include rodents, birds, primates, or feral boars. The snake completely ingests its prey and kills by constricting. 

More and more videos are surfacing of all species of snakes attempting to eat any animal they shouldn’t, including a porcupine. Porcupines are considered rodents and have sharp quills or spines covering their bodies to defend them from predators. The average porcupine is 25–36 inches long with an 8–10 inch tail. They employ an aposematic defense plan and are rotund, big, and sluggish, weighing between 12 and 35 pounds.

Closeup of a Brazilian porcupine on a tree branch
Brazilian porcupines have large noses that help them find vegetation to eat.

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Large boa constrictors can weigh up to 60 pounds and grow as long as 14 feet. They are heavy-bodied snakes that you’d think could take on something as small as a porcupine. A video online gaining hundreds of thousands of views shows just how harmful it can be for these slithering creatures to attack quilled porcupines. 

After attempting to eat a porcupine, a boa constrictor was left suffering. He failed spectacularly, and instead of enjoying a tasting meal, he was left in agonizing pain. In a video from Brazil that was uploaded to LiveLeak, the snake, which is several meters long and coated in the porcupine’s stinging quills, is seen writhing in pain. 

Boa constrictors typically eat rodents, but it’s obvious that the one in the video got more than it came for while going about its daily feeding regimen. Boa constrictors often try to cut off vital blood supply to the brain and heart by wrapping their long, pliable bodies around their victim. 

Unfortunately for the snake, in this instance, the rodents went into survival mode. The snake was quickly impaled by the porcupine’s sharp spines as a result of the constricting process used to attempt to kill it. 

A dog that briefly appears in the video prompts the snake to coil up, perhaps making its agony worse. The porcupine lived, despite the video’s title! A comment under the video reads, “The man is speaking Brazilian Portuguese, he is saying that the snake didn’t get to eat the porcupine and that the snake wasn’t dangerous.” While it’s a sad day for the snake, we’re sure happy the porcupine is okay!

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boa wrapped around limb of tree
Boas kill their prey through constriction.
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