South African Cyclists Chased By Crazy Fast Ostrich In Hilarious Video

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 1, 2022
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Cyclists from all over the world train for countless hours to be part of the largest timed race in the world. The Cape Town Cycle, formerly known as Cape Argus, is an annual cycle race hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. 

People from all over the planet travel to this beautiful country to be part of this sporting event. During the 2016 race, a group of bikers got quite the surprise while cycling on the hillside. With two competitors ahead of him, one of the contestants is filming when suddenly an ostrich appears. 

It hilariously runs alongside the bikers, almost as if he wanted to join along in the race. The Cape of Good Hope is located right by the ocean and didn’t have very many cyclists riding on the road at the time. Oleksiy, the person who filmed the side-splitting interaction, said he nearly fell off his bike from laughing so hard. 

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We can’t blame him! The ostrich is one of the swiftest animals on the African savannah with a top speed of an astounding 45 mph. Ostriches are even more astonishing because they can travel great distances at a constant 38 miles per hour. 

In under 40 minutes, they can complete a 26-mile Olympic marathon! They are the savannah’s giants. The largest flightless bird that is endemic to Africa, the ostrich is over eight feet tall and weighs over 220 pounds! 

Fear of Missing Out

No one was harmed when the ostrich ran alongside the cyclists. He wanted to join in on the fun, but may have mistaken the bicycles for running prey for a moment! An ostrich may consume insects, lizards, and small tortoises in addition to its preferred diet of roots, flowers, and fruits. Both animals can detect predators thanks to the mammals’ great sense of smell and the ostrich’s keen eyesight.

The Cape of Good Hope comes to a dead end. Thankfully, by the time the riding enthusiasts reached the end, the ostrich was gone. One of the bikers mentions he believes the one chasing after them was simply trying to impress his girlfriend. Oh, what animals do for love! 

Along with the hilarious video, there are equally as funny comments. A viewer writes, “I’d give the ostrich an A+ for maintaining a proper distance behind the cyclists. It wasn’t tailgating or trying to pass them. Excellent roadside manner.” 

Another person says, “One of two things is clearly happening here. Either the ostrich is intrigued by the fast human and just wants to play, or the ostrich is an insurance representative and just wanted to contact the man about his car’s extended warranty.”

Either way, this video is sure to put a smile on your face! Take a look below and be happy you’re not the one being chased by these birds at lightning speeds! 

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