South Node Placement: Meaning and Traits for All 12 Houses of the Zodiac

Written by Dayva Segal
Published: December 1, 2023
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In a natal astrology chart, the South Node represents the well-worn habits and patterns in life that hold you back from your life’s purpose. They are our comfort zones. However, staying in your comfort zone isn’t always the best thing. You need to stretch into slightly less comfortable places to reach your fullest potential.

Astronomically speaking, the South Node is one of the points where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the Earth’s ecliptic plane. The other of these points is the North Node. The North Node represents the direction of your life’s purpose.

South Node Placement: South Node Meaning in Each of the Houses

There are 12 houses in a zodiac wheel. Each house relates to a different area of life. The houses combine with the qualities of the planets and points within them to result in your unique astrology. The house that contains your natal South Node informs in which areas of life your habits might harm you or hold you back.

South Node Placement in 1st House

Happy couple holding Shar Pei puppy

Learning how to be in partnership is one of the South Node 1st House lessons.

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With your South Node in the 1st House, you are used to focusing on yourself and your ego. You like your routines, and you don’t want to compromise on them, but that is the lesson of this life for you. 1st House South Node people also have their North Node in the 7th House. So, your purpose in life is to learn how to compromise and open yourself up to partnerships. Only the best things will come your way when you start to figure out how to do that.

South Node Placement in 2nd House

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South Node 2nd House people may have issues managing money.

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Money and material possessions are very important to you. They are your safety blanket that you reach for when things feel tough. You may rely on them so much that you overspend or throw your budget out the window. Once you realize that you actually enjoy exploring the deeper recesses of life, your reliance on material value will decrease and your money issues will improve. You’ll also realize you don’t have to provide everything for yourself. You will find community to rely upon and learn to follow your generous impulses.

South Node Placement in 3rd House

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With your South Node in the 3rd House, you may feel called to adventure.

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Those with the South Node in the 3rd House feel most comfortable with words and intellect. You probably wish you were more adventurous. As you age and learn the lessons of getting out of your comfort zone, you might find great joy in traveling and doing things you had previously only dreamed about. With your South Node in the 3rd House, you can become bogged down in the details. Learning to relax and look at the bigger picture can help you get things done.

South Node Placement in 4th House

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Learning to have your career


family life will make you happier as a South Node 4th House person.

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If your South Node is in your 4th House, it’s easy for you to fall into nurturing people before you think of yourself. However, you will find happiness when you take steps to become more independent. Finding your own interests, hobbies, and career will bring you joy. It can be hard to find a balance between the two, especially in our work-focused society. So, people with this placement may swing too hard the other way towards career and work and leave family behind as their career takes off.

South Node Placement in 5th House

Cinematic Back View of Young Classical Ballet Male Dancer Walking Out to Classic Theatre Stage with Spotlights for the Curtain Call. Athletic Performer Happily Accepting the Audience's Applause

With a 5th House South Node, you’re creative and comfortable in the limelight.


Your comfort zone – the spotlight – is a nightmare for others. You’re a creative and playful person, and you enjoy having attention on you. However, you have to learn how to share center stage. Knowing when to step up and when to step back is important. Once you figure out how to collaborate with others and get along in a group, you will feel more of the satisfaction of being on your life’s path.

South Node Placement in 6th House

Spreadsheet Marketing Budget Report File Concept

Your comfort zone is earthly organization if your South Node is in the 6th House.


Many people would believe that being “earthy” is a good quality, and it is, but balance is needed. With your South Node in the 6th House, your habit of relying on organization and structure keeps you out of the spiritual realm and your own inner world. You may use structures and details as a way to avoid your emotions. There is a lot of value in exploring what is happening below the surface of your conscious mind. That will be a part of discovering your life’s path.

South Node Placement in 7th House

Women, Smiling, One Woman Only, People, Portrait

Your individuality is important to you with South Node in the 7th House.

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7th House South Node people desire partnerships, and they can lose themselves in one quite easily. Once that happens one time, you may shy away from partnerships because you feel best when you lean into your individuality. Even when you are in a partnership, retaining some of your independence will be the key to your happiness. You may feel like you are happier when you are single despite your deep desire for a loving partner. Like all North/South Node placements, finding the balance between the two will be important for your growth and happiness.

South Node Placement in 8th House

Model of human ancestor skull (Australopithecus afarensis) on a hand.

You likely feel comfortable with the occult and deeper topics if your South Node is in the 8th House.

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Your comfort zone is an area of discomfort for many. You are deeply sexual, and love to think about the occult, what makes people tick, and trauma. For example, you might be interested in true crime stories or alien abductions. You can be highly sexual, to the point that it is a detriment to your connections. Your path in this lifetime is to connect more with the material world. This will give you physical comfort to replenish your resources after delving into such deep realms.

South Node Placement in 9th House

Teacher, Professor, Black People, African-American Ethnicity, Males

You might make a great teacher with the South Node in the 9th House.


With your South Node in the 9th House what you are moving away from in this life is leaning on philosophy and religion to guide your path. You are fascinated by what drives people and want to know more about all areas of life, but you can lean on this curiosity too much and, in turn, forget to connect with people. You need to lean more into your talent for words and writing. You can take your fascination with what drives people and combine it with that for a profession as some type of instructor or writer.

South Node Placement in 10th House

Burning candle in small amber glass jar, flowers of gypsophila and stack knitted seasin sweaters. Cozy lifestyle, hygge concept

South Node 10th House people need to learn to find comfort in home and family.

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You tend to lean into your career and public image with your South Node in the 10th House, but that is what you’re leaving behind in this lifetime. Your current life path will be about finding out how to find more balance. Spending time at home, being with family, and creating a cozy little life that includes, work, pleasure, and connection with those closest to you will bring you the most happiness. Work-life balance is particularly important with this placement.

South Node Placement in 11th House

Children with animal face paintings isolated

Finding your creative voice is the life path of people with South Node in the 11th House.

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Your South Node in the 11th House means that you are on a path of learning about your individuality. It’s easy for you to blend into a group, especially in your younger years. As you grow and learn your North Node lessons, you’ll find your own creative voice. You will also find the people who most appreciate your individuality and learn how to express it within a group. You may also have a talent for helping others to find their own creative voice.

South Node Placement in 12th House

Beautiful woman sits in a pose of a half lotus on high place amazing view of the island outside, she practicing yoga meditation glowing the second sacral chakra eyes closed calm. Kundalini energy

You may rely on spirituality with your South Node in the 12th House.


When your South Node resides in the 12th House, you are a naturally spiritual person. Your stretch zone is actually connecting with this earthly realm. Your mission in this life is to create more organization and move away from relying on spirituality and inner daydreams as a method of escape. Grounding methods, earthly delights, and communing with loved ones can help you achieve your life path of gaining more structure.

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