Stegosaurus vs Kentrosaurus: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Stegosaurus in Forest
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Written by Kyle Glatz

Published: May 20, 2022

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Many of the largest dinosaurs to exist were herbivorous creatures. Although they lacked the predatory drive seen in apex predators like the T-rex, herbivorous dinosaurs could still use their size and unique bodies to defend themselves. Two similar and spiky dinosaurs, the Stegosaurus and the Kentrosaurus, may not have lived near one another or at the same time, but they were both somewhat powerful herbivores. That begs the question of who would win a fight between a Stegosaurus vs Kentrosaurus? We’ll show you which of these dinosaurs is most likely to win the battle!

Comparing a Stegosaurus and a Kentrosaurus

Stegosaurus and Kentrosaurus were both herbivores.
SizeWeight: 11,000lbs-15,400lbs
Height: 7ft-9ft at the hip, closer to 14ft tall overall
Length: 20ft-30ft
Weight: 1,500lbs-3,300lbs
Height: 3.5-4.5ft
Length: 18ft
Speed and Movement Type– 3.5-4.3 mph3 mph (estimated)
Defenses– Had up to 22 dermal plates that rose from their back which may have been used for defense
– Strong, thick bones
– Large size would scare some predators away
– Long spikes stemming from its vertebrae and one on each side – Thagomizer prevents bites to the tail
– Osteoderms on its skin protect against bites
Offensive Capabilities– Would swing its tail and slam its thagomizer (tail spikes) into predators
–  Tail spikes measure between 2ft and 3ft
– Had a thagomizer on its tail along with other spikes that could be swung at others
– Spikes measured up to 2.4ft
– Could have trampled smaller animals
Predatory Behavior– Stegosaurus was an herbivore, so it didn’t prey on anything– Kentrosaurus was herbivorous, so it didn’t attack other creatures

What Are Key Differences Between a Stegosaurus and a Kentrosaurus?

The greatest differences between a Stegosaurus and a Kentrosaurus are their size and morphology. Stegosaurus stood about 7ft at the hip and 14ft overall, measured around 30ft long, and weighed 15,400lbs while having 22 dermal plates running down its spine and ending in a series of tail spikes. Kentrosaurus was 3,300lbs at its maximum, stood 4.5ft tall, and measured 18ft long with several long spikes jutting out of its vertebrae and even its sides, some measuring 2.4ft long.

The things that separate these dinosaurs will impact the outcome of the fight. While these major differences are useful in getting a baseline reading of the potential of the battle, we need more data to fully consider which dinosaur will come out on top.

What Are the Key Factors in a Fight Between a Stegosaurus and a Kentrosaurus?


Kentrosaurus has long spines from the head to the tail.


We have to keep in mind several major factors in a battle between Stegosaurus and Kentrosaurus. As in most battles in the animal world, the size of the dinosaurs must be considered.

 Yet, we also have to look at defenses, speed, and other factors, too. Let’s take a closer look at each animal, see which of them has the greatest advantages, and decide who wins the battle.

Stegosaurus vs Kentrosaurus: Size

The Stegosaurus was much larger than the Kentrosaurus. A Stegosaurus could weigh 15,400lbs, stand 14ft tall, and measure 30ft long. However, the Kentrosaurus was much smaller, only standing about 4.5ft tall overall, and some of that height was from its large spikes. It weighed perhaps 3,300lbs and measured 18ft long including a substantial tail.

Stegosaurus has the size advantage in this fight.

Stegosaurus vs Kentrosaurus: Speed and Movement

The Stegosaurus was probably as fast or faster than the Kentrosaurus. The Stegosaurus is estimated to have a top speed of about 4.3 mph. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the speed of a Kentrosaurus, but some estimates place the animal’s top speed at about 3 mph owing to its size, leg length, and other factors.

Without complete information, it would be unfair to say one creature was faster than the other.

Stegosaurus vs Kentrosaurus: Defenses

The Kentrosaurus was unusual in that it had so many bony spikes extending from its body. The Kentrosaurus had spikes extending from its vertebrae, running down its tail, and some on the side of its body. Moreover, the dinosaur had a thagomizer that would make it difficult for predators to bite the tail along with osteoderms, bony deposits in its skin.

Stegosaurus mostly relied on its large size to ward off foes. However, it also had 22 dermal plates that rose from its back and probably prevented some bites from occurring.

Kentrosaurus had better defensive adaptations for its size.

Stegosaurus vs Kentrosaurus: Offensive Capabilities

The Stegosaurus did not have a lot of offensive power because it was an herbivore. However, it could swing its tail and slam its long spikes into prey.

Each of these spikes could measure about 3ft long, and a strike was enough to stop an Allosaurus from preying on a particular Stegosaurus according to fossil records. Stegosaurus probably could have stomped on smaller animals if it wanted.  

Kentrosaurus also used its tail and its numerous long spikes to attack others, swinging its tail around to land a smashing blow. Like the Stegosaurus, Kentrosaurus had a thagomizer, but it also had other spikes on its tail. However, they may have been too close to the dinosaur’s body to use offensively.

Both animals are tied for their offensive capabilities since they are so similar.

Stegosaurus vs Kentrosaurus: Predatory Behavior

Neither the Stegosaurus nor the Kentrosaurus had predatory behaviors since they were herbivores. So, neither creature has an advantage in this area.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Stegosaurus and a Kentrosaurus?

Stegosaurus in Forest

A Stegosaurus is larger and stronger than Kentrosaurus.


A Stegosaurus would win a fight against a Kentrosaurus. Most of the time, these fights really boil down to the larger, stronger opponent. In this case, that’s the Stegosaurus, an animal that outweighs the Kentrosaurus by several times.

The most likely outcome would see the Stegosaurus using its substantially longer tail to smack the Kentrosaurus and deal some severe damage. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Stegosaurus is going to walk away unharmed, though.

If the Kentrosaurus gets close enough to land a blow, it could still do some serious damage to the Stegosaurus. They’re both thick and powerful dinosaurs, but a 2-foot spike smashing into a body is going to leave a mark.

All in all, the size, reach, and power of the Stegosaurus make it the more likely reptile to win this fight.

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