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Subscribe to A-Z Animals!

30th January 2017
We are excited to announce you can now subscribe to the A-Z Animals website to enjoy the website free from all advertising!

We recently updated the A-Z Animals website and many of you will be aware we introduced a new 'Report Ad' feature to enable you to report inappropriate adverts.  Whilst we received a few genuine reports which we acted upon, we also received hundreds of reports from users who used this feature to complain about the general presence of advertising on A-Z-Animals.com.  A-Z Animals is funded entirely through the advertising on our website, we have no alternate sources of income and therefore this advertising is essential to maintain and grow the A-Z-Animals.com website.  It's really quite simple, without this advertising, A-Z-Animals.com would not exist!

We understand advertising can be distracting, particularly in a learning environment. Therefore we have developed a range of subscription options to enable you to use the A-Z Animals website without advertising.  These subscriptions depend on the number of devices (computers, tablets, phones) you would like to access the A-Z-Animals.com website with simultaneously, with pricing for individual users starting at just $10 US Dollars per year - which works out to less than $1 US Dollar per month!

If you would like to help support the A-Z-Animals.com website whilst enjoying the website without advertising, please visit the Subscribe to A-Z Animals page and subscribe now.

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