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Superfoods For Your Dog by Amber Kingsley

Superfoods For Your Dog by Amber Kingsley

7th May 2015
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Eating healthy is just as important for our four-legged friends as it is for their two-legged masters. More and more of us humans are finding healthier alternatives for feeding our beloved pets, especially in light of all the recent publicity that has been surrounding animal illnesses and deaths associated with such things as:

  1. Poisonous, imported Chinese pet treats from overseas
  2. Antifreeze, radiator coolant and other chemicals
  3. Unhealthy byproducts and toxins found in processed dog foods
Even when we carefully read labels, sometimes it is still difficult to see all the hidden ingredients found in traditional, pre-packaged and branded dog foods.

Cooking for Canines
Many frustrated pet owners are turning to preparing and cooking foods at home for their beloved pets, even baking homemade treats for their dogs, as an alternative to processed products. While some are boiling chicken and rice, it is important to remember that animals need a good nutritional balance in their diets just like us. One good rule of thumb to follow is 40% protein, 30% grain and 30% vegetables.

As always, before changing your dog’s diet, it’s best to check with your veterinarian. They may be able to provide even more tips and tricks for feeding Fido, and check on food allergies. For example, they may tell you to steer clear of processed meats, because they often contain hidden fats and salt that are just as unhealthy for dogs, as they are for humans.

Veggies and Vegan
Just like their masters, some pets are going vegan and no longer consuming meat in their diets. Some may find this odd since most of their cousins in the wild, wolves, coyotes and jackals, are primarily carnivorous creatures. But protein doesn’t necessarily mean meat as every vegetarian knows, it can include things like lentils, beans and even tofu.

As many people know, the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan, purist vegetarians will consume nothing that comes from an animal, including dairy and eggs, while vegans have a rule that says they eat nothing that once had a face, like fish and poultry. Therefore, a vegan diet for our pooch can include foods rich in protein such as milk, cheese and eggs.

Avoiding or cutting down on meat, especially red meat, has the same heart-healthy benefits for dogs as humans. It can also lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. The same is true for increased fiber and additional green, leafy vegetables in our diets that make us healthier.

The same dietary rule applies, check with your vet to ensure your menu is providing all the nutrition your dog needs to stay healthy.

Whether you’re cooking for your pet, giving them more fruits and vegetables, cutting down on treats or eliminating table scraps from their diet, there are many ways to get our pets healthier and keep them safe from toxins. With some supervision, a better diet, more exercise, plenty of love and affection, these will all ensure our animals are healthy and happy. Check out the many benefits of these seven superfoods that can help keep our best friends in tip-top shape:

(c) Amber Kingsley