Surfing Girl Simply Ignores Physics and Hovers on the Ocean

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: September 9, 2022
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Unless you’re a surfer, you probably don’t know what noseriding is. Noseriding is an old-school surfer trick that requires careful maneuvering and agility. If you’ve ever watched surfing videos, you might have seen how surfers walk their boards—they do this with an understanding of the waves they’re riding, how their board rides, and how their body affects it all.

It is a trick that appears to defy physics completely—you might watch a surfer noseride and think there’s no way they’re not just falling forward and sending their board into the air. However, the surfer knows the wave and knows how to position themselves on the appropriate board to create the kind of awe-striking ride you’re about to watch in this next clip.

Young woman surfing on pink surfboard
Another young woman riding a perfect wave.

Female Surfer Hangs Ten on Lavender Board

This video starts with a young woman catching the perfect wave. There are others in the water, but the spotlight is on her.

Already, from the first glance, you can see that this woman is ultra-comfortable on her board. She’s up and at ‘em in a bikini with her blonde hair tied back into a bun. Her arms aren’t waving wildly trying to keep her in balance—instead, she takes those first couple of seconds to adjust her bikini bottoms.

Her skill set is already impressive, and she just has to make a few quick adjustments!

She keeps her gaze intently ahead, gauging the wave, her board, and her body’s positioning. When she finds the right moment, she takes a few steps forward until her left foot is right at the nose of her board.

She rides the top of the wave with ease just before moving her right foot to the front of the board as well. At this point, she’s ‘hanging ten,’ meaning all ten toes are hanging off the nose of her board!

She is so relaxed, casually noseriding through the rest of the video, carefully balancing her body as she rides the wave. You watch as she keeps it all steady and the wave crashes into huge splashes behind her.

When the time is right—again—she takes a few steps backward to finish out the wave with grace. Obviously having practiced this trick, she manages to make it look effortless; and for the untrained eye, it looks absolutely unreal.

Watch this incredible surfer “hang ten” after catching the perfect wave.

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Young woman surfing on pink surfboard
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