The 12 Best Dog Parks in New York City

Dog Park Series - New York
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Written by Jeremiah Wright

Published: May 27, 2022

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The Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Broadway are only some of the things you can enjoy in New York City. However, as a dog owner, you must also wonder what your pup wants. Fido won’t be interested in looking at art or a Broadway show unless it’s Cats.

The answer to this dilemma consists of visiting at least one of the many dog parks New York City has. As you’ll find below, this city is probably one of the best in the US regarding park variety, activities, and conditions. Let’s discover the 12 best dog parks in New York City where you should take your pup so it can have loads of fun!

What’s interesting about the dog parks of New York City?

When it comes to dog parks in New York City, it’s interesting that there are not many of them – at least not designated dog parks. There is a reason behind this, as New Yorkers love animals and wouldn’t accept not having dog parks.

First, almost all standard NYC parks have designated off-leash hours, usually before 9 AM and after 9 PM. This means that you can leave your dog off-leash anywhere, even in Central Park. Almost every park in NYC is equipped with a dog run. This is a small area similar to a dog park, usually with a concrete surface and some basic amenities, where dogs can run around and have fun.

Most NYC parks are dog parks because they have a designated off-leash area beside the off-leash hours. This is the main reason why dogs love New York City!

1. Central Park

Dog Park Series - Two Small Dogs

Central Park has 23 areas where dogs can be let off-leash.


Central Park
Location59th St and 5th Ave, New York, NY, US, 10022
Hours6 AM – 1 AM

Central Park has a surface area of 843 acres that you and your pup should discover in its entirety if you’re locals of New York City. If you have a dog and aim for unforgettable experiences, you must take a walk through Central Park.

This is not a designated dog park, so your pup must always be on a leash. However, there are 23 areas of Central Park where dogs can be let off-leash during certain hours (before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m.). Scattered throughout the park, you can find 15 dog fountains for your pet to play around in. 

2. Chelsea Waterslide Dog Park

Chelsea Waterslide Dog Park
Location11th Ave & W23rd Street, New York, NY 10011
Hours6 AM – 1 AM

Chelsea Waterslide Dog Park is currently closed for construction. We decided to mention it here since it is a popular park in New York City. Also, this will get even more popular once construction is done and the dog park is twice as big.

In the improved dog park, you’ll find separate areas for small and large breeds, a color-seal coating for smoother walking and running, and mounds and boulders for dogs. There will also be shallow water areas adorned by the spray jets that pups love. Chelsea Waterslide Dog Park will undoubtedly be worth a visit!

3. Stuyvesant Park Dog Run

Stuyvesant Park Dog Run
Location309 E 15th St, New York, NY 10003
Hours7 AM – 11 PM

Stuyvesant Park Dog Run was renovated a year or so ago, having its available open space area increased. There are a lot of shaded areas and benches in the dog park. The dog park is right next to Stuyvesant Square Park, which features tranquil walkways and statues. It can be visited once your pup has depleted all of its energy in the dog run.

Due to its location in New York City, the dog run is fenced and relatively small. Nevertheless, it’s a great option if you live in the area and want your pup to have fun. 

4. Madison Square Park Dog Run

royal canin small adult dog food

Madison Square Park Dog Run is open from 6 am to 11 pm.


Madison Square Park Dog Run
Location11 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010
Hours6 AM – 11 PM

Madison Square Park Dog Run is another small dog park/run in New York City. It is one of the most popular here because it has separate areas for small and large breeds. The entry and exit gates are double-glazed for increased safety and security. The dog run is surrounded by trees and features umbrellas, meaning there’s always shade for you and your dog to relax under.

The park’s surface is made of gravel, so prepare to clean your puppy’s paws after playtime’s over. Areas with water for dogs are available.

5. Sirius Dog Run

Sirius Dog Run
Location385 South End Ave, New York, NY 10280
HoursOpen 24 hours

Sirius Dog Run is also known as a small dog run. That’s one disadvantage pups have in New York City – everything’s so crowded! Nevertheless, they can have heaps of fun here as well. The dog run features new paving, making it easier for dogs to play. There are several shallow water areas where your fluffy friend can dip in, cool off, and relax.

The dog park/run is fenced, and every bit is lined with asphalt. This means no mud whatsoever on your pup’s paws. However, dust can still be present – unless the dogs spread water everywhere.

6. Morningside Park Dog Run

Morningside Park Dog Run
Location399 W 110th St, New York, NY 10025
Hours6 AM – 1 AM

Morningside Park Dog Run can be found near Columbia University in Morningside Park. It is one of the more spacious dog runs in the city. Small and large breeds can have fun here. The run features drinking water permanently, so there’s no need to carry that with you. Dog toys are waiting to be discovered by your pup while you wait on one of the many benches scattered throughout the park.

The run’s surface is covered in dirt, but this shouldn’t be a problem if your pet enjoys getting scruffy. You can find trash cans at any step. We recommend choosing your visiting hours carefully – the park is often busy.

7. Hillside Dog Park

Dog Park Series - Family with Dog

Hillside Dog Park is a perfect choice if you want your pup to visit a more extensive dog park.


Hillside Dog Park
LocationVine St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Hours6 AM – 1 AM

Hillside Dog Park is a perfect choice if you want your pup to visit a more extensive dog park. This park features a large open area where breeds of all sizes can run around and have fun. If your pup is too small and you’re afraid of letting it off-leash, there’s an area for small dogs available.

The dog park is on the more natural side, as it’s riddled with small hills that dogs can explore. Depending on the location, its surface can be covered with either wood chips or grass. During hot summer days, dogs can use the baby pool to cool down and relax.

8. Jemmy’s Dog Run

Jemmy’s Dog Run
LocationBroadway, New York, NY 10010
Hours6 AM – 11 PM

Jemmy’s Dog Run is located in Madison Square Park and is the perfect run for both relaxed and more energetic dogs. The area is fully fenced and quite large compared with other dog runs in New York City. The park’s administration constantly spreads shredded bark on the run’s surface to ensure the pets’ safety (slipping can cause accidents).

There are plenty of trees that provide shade inside Jemmy’s Dog Run. Each tree stump is surrounded by seating, so owners can relax while keeping an eye on their fluffy friends.

9. Tribeca Dog Run

Tribeca Dog Run
LocationNew York, NY 10013
Hours6 AM – 1 AM (12 AM on Sundays)

Tribeca Dog Run can be found at Pier 26 (at Hudson River Park). It’s a popular location right on the river’s shore. As with most other dog runs in New York City, this one is relatively small. It has enough space for a large number of pups to have fun.

The dog run features separate areas for small and large breeds. It is equipped with sprinklers that sit in shallow areas, allowing water to build up so that dogs can swim or float a bit. Dogs can climb on and run around large rocks.

10. Prospect Park Dog Run and Dog Beach

baby french bulldog closeup

Prospect Park Dog Run and Dog Beach features a dog beach and multiple dog runs.


Prospect Park Dog Run and Dog Beach
Location95 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Hours5 AM – 1 AM

Prospect Park is a 526-acre park in Brooklyn, New York City. It features a dog beach and multiple dog runs – doubling the fun for your puppy. Each dog run is fenced and suitable for off-leash play. The dog beach, on the other hand, is part of the park itself, so the New York City rule applies. Namely, it is an on-leash area, but pets can be let off-leash before 9 AM and after 9 PM. There is no danger for dogs that enjoy swimming, as the lake is partially fenced in, meaning they can’t swim far out.

Overall, the designated dog areas (dog run) of Prospect Park are worth visiting if you live there. Mostly, they feature separate areas for small and large breeds, including multiple amenities such as high-quality turf, water fountains, and many more.

11. Brooklyn Bridge Park Dog Run

Brooklyn Bridge Park Dog Run
LocationAdams St & Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Hours6 AM – 11 PM

Brooklyn Bridge Park Dog Run is perfect for people visiting New York and wanting to see more of the Brooklyn Bridge. The run is on the side of the bridge, at a lower level, making for amazing views.

The surface of the dog run is regularly sprinkled with rubber. This means no dirt or mulch on your pet’s paws. The major downside to the park is, ironically, its location. As lovely as the Brooklyn Bridge appears from there, the dog run is almost directly beneath the train tracks. The noise can get quite loud, and sensitive animals will not enjoy it. 

12. East River Park Esplanade

East River Park Esplanade
LocationNew York, NY 10016, USA
HoursOpen 24 hours

East River Park Esplanade is the more silent version of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Dog Run. This is an off-leash area with a sand-covered surface. There will be mulch and dirt to deal with, so be prepared!

There are benches for you to sit on. Several concrete areas feature sprinklers and places with drinkable water for dogs. The area is spacious, and the location offers a stunning view of the surroundings. There are trees for shade, but not enough to shade the dog park visitors on a hot and crowded summer day.

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