The 5 Best Dog Parks in Fort Wayne

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: July 27, 2022
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About 160 miles east of Chicago is Fort Wayne, Indiana. This mid-sized city is home to almost 100,000 dogs. No matter where they live, dog lovers want to give their furry friends a good life. Big or small, your dog still needs a good area to exercise and other dogs to socialize with. 

Keeping your pet happy and healthy is vital in extending its lifespan. Exercise is a big part of keeping a happy pup. Just like humans, dogs need a good amount of exercise for their minds and body to stay in good shape. When dogs don’t get enough exercise, they can become lethargic and frustrated. This behavior can manifest as aggression or destruction. That’s where a good dog park comes in handy!

When caring for your pet, you typically want the best of the best to make sure it is well taken care of. This should include dog parks. Not all dog parks are alike. While some are just large grassy fields, others have interactive equipment or toys for your pooch to enjoy. No matter what you’re looking for, Fort Wayne has a variety of options. Take a look at our list of the 5 best dog parks in Fort Wayne.

1. Canterbury Green Topiary Dog Park

Adorable and adopted laying down at the dog park.

Canterbury Green Topidary Dog Park is open to the public, but it is located in an apartment complex for dogs who are cooped up indoors.


Canterbury Green Topiary Dog Park
Location 3006-3094 Canterbury Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Hours 9 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

Found in northern Fort Wayne is the Canterbury Green Topiary Dog Park. This dog park is located inside an apartment complex, though it is open to the public. The off-leash dog play area has grassy landscapes, and as the name implies, it is full of topiaries. Beautifully shaped shrubs are all over the park, giving visitors a nice sight while their pooch plays. 

In the middle of the grassy dog park is a small hill. At the top of the hill are two benches, a fire hydrant, and a doggy bag dispenser. Trash cans to dispose of any mess your furry friend makes are located around the edges of the park near the fence. A few benches are scattered around the park, giving visitors different spots to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Water is not provided at this park, so be sure to take water and a bowl so you and your pup can stay hydrated. This is one of the more popular dog parks in Fort Wayne, so it tends to get busy pretty often. Early mornings and late evenings are typically the least busy hours for this dog park. 

2. Pawster Park 

Pawster Park 
Location 5123 Winchester Rd #5113, Fort Wayne, IN 46819
Hours 6 AM-10 PM
Price Annual Pooch Passes $40 per dog 

On the southern border of Fort Wayne is the spacious Pawster Park. This is a city dog park that does require an annual pass to visit. For clean, well-kept dog parks, many residents feel the fee is more than worth it. The landscaping is grassy with some dirt patches that can get muddy during rainy weather. 

Pawster Park is for dogs of all sizes and provides many things for them to enjoy. Agility equipment like ramps, tunnels, and hoops are spread throughout the large grassy areas. A water fountain for humans and dogs is located inside the off-leash area so everyone can stay hydrated. A leashing cage is used at the entrance so visitors can safely enter and exit. 

Benches and picnic tables are under a canopy near the entrance, so there is always a nice shady spot to sit while the pups play. Doggy bags and trash cans are placed by the entrance to help make it easy for owners to keep the park clean. This is one of the less visited dog parks in Fort Wayne but is also one of the cleanest and most well maintained. Sundays are usually the only day you’ll find multiple other dogs at Pawster Park playing. 

3. Camp Canine

Beagle adult standing on point in a park

A members-only dog park, Camp Canine can be found in the north-central area of Fort Wayne.


Camp Canine
Location 1502 N Harry Baals Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Hours 6 AM-10 PM
Price Annual Pooch Passes $40 per dog  

Camp Canine is a members-only dog park like Pawster Park. This large dog park is located in north central Fort Wayne, inside the Johnny Appleseed Park. The dog park is split into two separate sections so the park can be cleaned and maintained regularly. Both sections are large open fields that can be grassy or bare, depending on the season. The entrance is double gated, which provides a safe area for owners to leash their pets. 

The park supplies doggy waste bags and trash cans located around the dog play area. Picnic tables are underneath canopies giving visitors a great spot to sit in the shade and relax. Some concrete benches in the shape of bones are all over the park, though most are not located in shady spots. Water fountains for you and your pooch are provided in both sections of the park. 

4. Fido’s Forest

Fido’s Forest
Location 4582 W Wallen Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Hours 7 AM-9 PM
Price $19 an hour for 1 dog +$5 per additional dog up to 9 dogs 

Fido’s Forest is a 5-acre fenced off-leash dog park located just outside the city of Fort Wayne. The dog park is a beautiful wooded space, perfect for any pooch to explore. You can rent this space by the hour and bring up to 9 furry friends. This can be perfect for dog lover groups to rent and have a private playdate or for someone looking to have some quiet exploring time with their pooch.

Doggy waste bags and trash cans are not provided by the park for sanitation reasons and to not attract wildlife. There is no water source in Fido’s Forest, so be sure to bring water and a dog bowl because your pup will be thirsty after all the exploring. Because the landscaping is completely natural depending on the season, you may be taking home a muddy dog. 

Fido’s Forest may be a dog park, but it is by booked visit; only walk-ins are not welcome. To book a visit, you can visit their website and see if you meet the requirements to visit. Remember, this park is located in a piece of densely wooded area, so things like snakes and ticks are something to watch out for.   

5. Ruff House 

Yorkshire Terrier dog and beagle dog chese

Ruff House is not only a dog park but also provides daycare and boarding services.

©ław Iciak

Ruff House
Location 3232 Hillegas Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46808
Hours 6 AM–8:30 PM
Price Single Visit – $8Month Unlimited – $60Year Unlimited – $660

Ruff House isn’t your typical dog park; it is Fort Wayne’s first and only indoor climate-controlled dog park. It is also a doggy daycare and a dog boarding house. You can find this dog park in west Fort Wayne near the Fort Wayne Animal Control & Care Center. 

Turf makes up the ground inside, and there are a few chairs placed around the area for visitors to use. A leashing cage is used at the entrance so dogs can stay safe and happy before and after playing in the park. Trash cans and doggy bags are provided, and it is required that all visitors to the dog park pick up after their dogs. A hose and a large dog bowl are available inside the park so your thirsty pooch can have a drink.

The photo featured at the top of this post is ©ław Iciak

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