The 7 Best Dog Parks In Oklahoma City

Dog Park Series - Woman with Dog
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Written by Emilio Brown

Published: May 21, 2022

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Finding a safe space for dogs to run and play can be difficult if you live in a big city like Oklahoma. Dog parks are great at giving your pooch a safe space to run around off-leash, and also allow them to socialize with other dogs. Here you will find 7 of the best dog parks in Oklahoma City, so you can find the best one for you.

A good dog park has all the toys and space to tire out your dog. Deciding which dog park is up to you, as each one has something different to offer. You may want to go to the one that is closest to you or the one that has the most things to do with your pup. Here are 7 of the best dog parks in Oklahoma City, and what each one has to offer. 

What to Know Before You Go

Dog getting attention from its owner

Dog parks are an excellent resource, make sure you’re prepared!

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All dogs visiting these parks must follow the rules of Oklahoma city, and be fully vaccinated and registered with the city. It is important to make sure your dog is friendly with other pooches, and humans before taking them to one of these play areas.

1. Solos Park and Pub 

Bar with Beers

You must be 21+ to enter this dog park since it is also a bar.

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Solos Park and Pub
Location 13310 Pawnee Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73114 
Hours Mon-Fri (11 AM- 10PM)Sat-Sun (10 AM- 10 PM) 
Price 1 Dog Day Pass: $11.99 

A bar, restaurant, dog park; Solos Park and the Pub is a fun place to grab a drink, and also let your pup run free. This dog park is great for getting all of the energy out of your dog and letting them socialize with others. There is turf, gravel, and woodchip surfacing. Large dogs are separated from the smaller breeds to keep playing safe. This dog park bar has agility courses and enough space so your dog can run and play. There is also a wash station if they get too dirty.

Before you bring your dog to this park they must be fully vaccinated with their rabies, kennel cough, and bordetella shots to keep other pups in the park safe. Each dog must be registered, and have a membership to enjoy this dog park. The price of this park varies by the length of membership, and how many dogs you plan to bring. The daily pass is $11.99 for one dog. The monthly membership starts at $34.99, and the annual beginning price is $229.99.  

Solo’s park and Pubs serve a variety of food and alcoholic beverages to enjoy while in the park. It also works as a doggy daycare if you need to drop your dog off for a quick errand. This dog park is great if you are passing through the area, or also want a dog park that caters to you as well. 

2. PAW OK Dog Park 

PAW OK Dog Park
Location 3303 NW Grand Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73116 
Hours 6 AM-10 PM
Price Monthly: $10  

The PAW OK Dog park is an area great for letting your dog play off-leash. This dog park is 2.2 acres large, with three areas for the different types of dogs that visit the park. In this dog park, there is a fenced-off area for smaller breeds and older dogs. There is also another area for large and small dogs to enjoy. The third fenced-off area this park offers is the pond, which is great for breeds who love to swim. 

To enter this park it costs a $10 membership which is paid monthly, or a $100 membership paid yearly. Seniors get a discount. The memberships go to improving the park and adding new features.

At the PAW OK dog park, there is a water fountain, poop bags, benches, agility courses, and a large area for your dog to run around. This dog park is best for those who live in the area, and do not mind paying the monthly membership. 

3. Deep Deuce Dog Park

Dog Park Series - Little Dogs in Dog Park

A separate area is fenced off for smaller breeds in Deep Deuce dog park so they can play with pups their size.

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Deep Deuce Dog Park
Location 301 N Oklahoma Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Hours 6 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

Deep Deuce dog park is located near downtown Oklahoma City. This park has a double gate and is fully fenced to prevent the pups from escaping. The deep deuce dog park is well-maintained, and there is plenty of space to let your dog run free. This dog park is divided into two, to keep smaller dogs safer from the larger ones. 

Deep Deuce dog park is a simple park, with a play area, and obstacle courses for dogs to enjoy. There are trees planted around the area for shade, benches for sitting, and free poop bags provided for when your pooch poops. A water fountain with a bowl is located in the park for when dogs get thirsty. The ground is grass and dirt, and in the wet season, it may get muddy.   

4. Midtown Mutts Dog Park

Midtown Mutts Dog Park
Location 407 W Park Pl, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Hours 7 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

Near downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown Mutts is an open area for letting your pup run around. This dog park is perfect if you live near the area, as there is not much space for dogs who live in the inner city for them to safely play and run. Midtown mutts dog park is for breeds of all sizes, as there is an area for smaller dogs to play safely. The ground is mostly dirt, wood chips, and grass, which means in the wet season this park gets muddy easily. 

Midtown mutts dog park has a fountain for filling up water bowls, and benches to watch your pups play. While not the biggest of dog parks in Oklahoma City, this park is well maintained and clean. Tires and logs are spread about the park so active pooches can run through them and jump on them. This park is fully fenced off, with a secure gate so no dog escapes. 

5. Mustang Dog Park

Dog Park - Pitt Bull Running

The Mustang dog park is around 2 acres in size.


Mustang Dog Park
Location 530 SW 59th St, Mustang, OK 73064
Hours 7 AM-8:30 PM
Price Free 

While not located in Oklahoma City, Mustang dog park is a small drive away, in Mustang Oklahoma. This dog park is 2 acres large, with separate areas for larger and smaller breeds. In each of the areas, there are tires, tunnels, and agility structures for dogs to play on and run out their energy. For water loving breeds there is a small kiddie pool that allows the hounds to cool down on the hottest days.

Mustang dog park is very open, with large trees for shade, and a water fountain for filling up your dog’s bowl. The play area is secured with a tall fence designed so the jumpiest of dogs can’t escape. Mustang Dog Park is a grassy dog park great for letting your dog run and play and is a good choice if near the area. 

6.  Myriad Gardens Community Dog Park

Myriad Gardens Community Dog Park
Location 301 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Hours 6 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

Myriad Botanical gardens is a large 15-acre park, with a small dog park located on the southeast side of the area. The Myriad Gardens are the main attraction of this park, but the dog park allows you to let your dog get out its energy and play with other pooches when in the area. This dog park is circular, with grass and dirt surfacing. There are trees for shade, benches, and poop bags to use at your convenience. 

This dog park is not the largest, but it is in a convenient location for those visiting the gardens, or if you live nearby. The Myriad Gardens is a fun place to take to your dog on a walk and see a variety of flora. There is also a playground, trails, and pool to enjoy at the Myriad Gardens. The dog park is best for those looking to let their pup run off-leash, and take a break from walking around the gardens. 

7. Scissortail Park Dog Park

A Jack Russell terrier running through a field with a ball

Playing fetch with your dog is a great way to divert it from chasing small animals


Scissortail Park Dog Park
Location 300 SW 7th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73109
Hours 6 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

Opening first in 2019, Scissortail park dog park is a small area to let your dog play off leash. This dog park is located in Scissortail park. Dogs must be on-leash when not in the dog area, but walks are also enjoyable in the large 70-acre park. The dog park is half an acre and separated into two areas for small and larger breeds. There are water fountains for when your dog gets thirsty, and boulders for dogs to play on. 

The dog park is just one area to enjoy in Scissortail park and is great for letting your pooch run off-leash in a safe area. The park also has a large playground, woodland areas to walk through, a lake, a pavilion, and many other outdoor areas to experience on the large 70 acres. This park is a fun visit for dogs, and humans. Dogs are allowed in most areas in the park, but can only be let off-leash in their designated area. 

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