The 8 Best Dog Parks in Austin

Written by Jeremiah Wright
Updated: November 3, 2022
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Are you looking for a nice evening out in Austin with your little buddy, where it can run around, play, and enjoy its time with you and other dogs? We’ve got this! 

Here’s a list of the 8 best dog parks in Austin, Texas. Check them out and choose the ones that best suit you and your doggo’s preferences! Whatever the choice, we’re sure you’ll both have an amazing time!

1. Barkin’ Springs

Why do dogs drool
Barkin’ Springs is located within Zilker Park.

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Barkin’ Springs
LocationZilker Metro Park-Barton Springs Pool Pedestrian Walkway, Austin, TX 78704
HoursOpen 24 hours

Barkin’ Springs is located within Zilker Park and will 100% conquer your buddy’s heart, especially if they’re a great swimmer! Even though there’s no sand out there, there’s lots of grass your puppy can run through! If you’ve planned a longer stay, you can even have a picnic near the water and continue your pet’s daily activities. 

Ensure to keep your dog on a leash on land and in the water. Moreover, don’t forget to bring everything you need to clean up after your furry friend. 

2. Red Bud Isle

Red Bud Isle
Location3401 Redbud Trail, Austin, TX 78746
Hours7 AM – 10 PM

Your dog will most certainly thank you for bringing him along to Red Bud Isle – a true natural gem! You will have some fantastic walks on the natural trails that open up to amazing views! If your puppy likes to swim, even better! Fishing and kayaking are also allowed, so dog owners will have the greatest of times too!

One thing people don’t like about Red Bud Isle is that there’s not much space for parking, so we recommend researching a bit about the park so that you plan a visit when it’s not so crowded. 

3. Norwood Estate Dog Park

Large Italian Spinone walking across a dog park.
The Norwood Estate Dog Park area features a double gate and a separate site for small dogs.


Norwood Estate Dog Park
Location1009 Edgecliff Terrace, Austin, TX 78704
Hours5 AM – 10 PM

Norwood Estate Dog Park is one of the most popular dog parks in Austin. The area features a double gate and a separate site for small dogs. If your dog gets messy, you can use the washing stations to clean him up. Moreover, if your pet is lucky enough, it can spot some wild animals, such as squirrels, to play with; we recommend keeping an eye on them to keep things friendly. 

If your puppy gets bored of playing with other dogs, you can take them for a slow walk around the area before heading home. 

4. Auditorium Shores Dog Park

Auditorium Shores Dog Park
LocationAustin, TX 78704
Hours6 AM – 10 PM

Auditorium Shores Dog Park is extremely popular among dog owners. First of all, its location is perfect – in the central area, right next to downtown Austin, along the water. It is easily accessible and provides stunning water views. Moreover, Auditorium Shores Dog Park allows your puppy to swim and enjoy the cool water. 

One important note is that although you can keep your pet off-leash, this park is not an enclosed park. We recommend letting your dog run freely only if it’s trained to come back or not to go too far for you.

5. West Austin Neighborhood Park

Beagle running and playing
West Austin Neighborhood Park is a nicely organized park with walking trails, bathrooms, playscapes, and one basketball hoop.

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West Austin Neighborhood Park
Location1317 W 10th St, Austin, TX 78703
Hours8 AM – 8 PM

If you’re looking for a place where both you and your dog will feel like a part of a community, check out the off-leash fenced area in West Austin Neighborhood Park! It’s a nicely organized park with walking trails, bathrooms, playscapes, and one basketball hoop. Your puppy will certainly be entertained, especially if it befriends other dogs it can play with! 

You also have the chance to meet other dog owners who might become your usual evening walk companions! 

If you’re willing to check the rest of the park, just ensure to keep your dog on a leash.

6. Old Stage Park

Old Stage Park
Location12819 Hymeadow Dr, Austin, TX 78729
Hours6 AM – 10 PM

Old Stage Park could make for an amazing weekend getaway for your family! Your dogs can also come along, as there’s a designated area only for them. The park features a soccer field, tennis court, and basketball court. If you remain in the areas designated for people, you’ll need to keep your dog leashed, but we’re sure it’ll still enjoy its time!

If you want to take your dog to the designated dog park, you’ll need to get a key from the association that runs it. 

7. Domain Central Dog Park

White Pomeranian dog standing on a bench
Pets are allowed throughout Domain Central Park.

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Domain Central Dog Park
Location11100 Alterra Pkwy, Austin, TX 78758
HoursOpen 24 hours

Take your family to a picnic at Domain Central Park! Your kids and your dogs will have a great time playing together and running around with other dogs! Regarding dogs’ designated areas, pets are allowed throughout Domain Central Park. If you’re worried your dog may run away in open spaces, there’s also a designated, fenced dog park. People advise bringing water, as the water fountains are often broken down. 

8. Mary Moore Searight Off Leash Trail

Mary Moore Searight Off Leash Trail
Location9401 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78748
Hours5 AM – 10 PM

If you’ve always wanted to take a break from the noise and business of the city and spend a day in the heart of nature, you can always go for the 344-acre Mary Moore Searight Off Leash Trail! It’s usually pretty quiet and has lots of space for your dog to run around or play frisbee. You’ll love exploring the natural gems hidden in the Mary Moore Searight Off Leash Trail!

Moreover, you’ll definitely make new friends, as it’s full of friendly dogs and their owners!

One thing worth mentioning is that you can keep your dog off-leash only in the north part of the park that can be accessed on 1st Street. You can still take your buddy on a walk through the rest of the park; just make sure it’s on a leash.

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