The 8 Best Dog Parks In San Francisco 

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: May 15, 2022
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San Francisco has over 200 parks spread across the city that are perfect for going on walks with your canine companion, but finding a good dog park is best if you want to let your dog roam free in a safe environment with other dogs. As one of the most pet-friendly cities, there are a variety of dog parks to find, but what is the very best? Here you will find 8 of the best dog parks in San Francisco.

If taking your dogs to any of these parks, have your dog be fully vaccinated, and registered in the city. A well-trained dog is best to ensure safe play with other hounds and humans. 

A good dog park provides a safe space for you and your dog. Exercise and socialization are very important in a dog’s overall health. Dog parks are great for meeting other dogs for play, and provide large spaces for dogs to run as much as their hearts desire. Here are 8 of the best in San Francisco. 

1.  Mission Creek Dog Park 

Mission Bay San Francisco

Mission Creek Dog Park is located in the Mission Bay neighborhood.

©Mark Schwettmann/

Mission Creek Dog Park 
Location 465-479 Berry St San Francisco, Ca 94158 
Hours 7 AM-10 PM 
Price Free 

Mission Creek dog park is a small dog park found in the neighborhood of Mission Bay San Francisco. Mission Creek dog park is within walking distance of all of the amenities found in Mission Bay. The park is fenced off and mostly gravel and turf. The surfaces help prevent mud and allow for proper drainage of waste. Mission Creek Dog Park is regularly up-kept by the Mission Bay Park System, which means it is always clean.

Benches, water bowls, and trees make it comfortable to stay in the park in the warmest of temperatures. Most of the park is flat, giving plenty of space to run, but the dog park’s small size may make it feel packed when going at its busiest hours. A beloved dog park in the community, it is worth a visit if looking for a dog park in the Mission Bay area. 

2. Upper Douglas Dog Play Area 

Upper Douglas Dog Play Area 
Location 800-898 27th St, San Francisco, CA 94131 
Hours 6 AM-10 PM (closed Wednesdays)
Price Free 

Upper Douglas dog play area used to be a baseball field but was approved to be turned into a dog park in 2003. Located near the center of San Francisco, the park is closed from November 29 to March to allow for maintenance. The Upper Douglas Dog play area is mostly grass, dirt, and gravel. The open area has trees for shade, and enough space so it does not feel crowded. 

While the park does not separate large dogs from small, the wide-open grasslands make enough room for dogs of all sizes. There are benches, and water fountains for dogs, but you must bring your own trash bags for waste pickup. The Upper Douglas Dog Play area is a good visit if you are in San Francisco, and occasionally events are held at this large park. 

3. Walter Haas Dog Play Area 

Diamond Heights San Franciso

The Diamond Heights neighborhood offers fantastic views of San Francisco.

©Noel V. Baebler/

Walter Haas Dog Play Area  
Location 8515 Diamond Heights Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94131
Hours 5 AM-12 AM 
Price Free 

The Walter Haas park is a fun neighborhood attraction located in Diamond Heights San Francisco. This park sits on top of a hill and gives you a great scenic view of the downtown city. The park where the dog play area is located is around 4 acres. Dogs must be on a leash when not in their designated zone, but the Walter Haas Park is great for peaceful walks or other outdoor activities. 

Named after the philanthropist Walter Haas, the dog area in the park is a great place to let your dog roam free. The dog play area is medium-sized and fenced off. It is covered in artificial turf and has a water fountain for both humans and dogs. If busy, the Walter Haas dog play area can be too crowded and may lack the amount of space for all the dogs. 

4.  SoMa West Dog Park 

SoMa West Dog Park 
Location Central Fwy, San Francisco, CA 94103 
Hours 5 AM-12 AM 
Price Free 

Different from most other dog parks in San Francisco, the SoMa West Dog park is located under the Central Freeway between Otis and Valencia street. The dog park is located next to a skate park, which is good if you love skateboarding but may be difficult for some dogs. 

The dog park has two fenced-off areas, which separate big dogs from the smaller ones. The ground is grass turf and the area is cleaned regularly. Adding to the urban feel graffiti art is painted on the walls. SoMa west dog park is great for socializing, as there are always other dogs ready to play. 

5. Channel Street Dog Park 

Dog Park Series - Astroturf with Dog

Channel Street offers a dog park that has astroturf across much of its area.

©Tara Lynn and Co/

Channel Street Dog Park 
Location 738 Long Bridge Street, San Francisco, CA 94158 
Hours 5 AM-12 AM 
Price Free 

Located in Mission Bay San Francisco, Chanel Street dog park is one of the fairly newer dog parks in the city. Astroturf covers most of the ground giving dogs a comfortable area to play on. The park is regularly cleaned, and the turf allows for whatever mess a dog makes to seep through the ground. Not the largest dog park in San Francisco, on some days there may be too many dogs for your pooch to play comfortably. 

Channel Street dog park is within walking distance to many of the attractions near Mission Bay. Benches and picnic tables are available for seating, as well as trash bags and water fountains for dogs. Filled with a variety of dogs and breeds, if looking to socialize with others this is the place for you. 

6.  Mountain Lake Park Dog Play Area

Mountain Lake Park Dog Play Area 
Location 1 Funston Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118
Hours 6 AM-10 PM  
Price Free 

Mountain Lake Park is next to one of the few natural lakes left in San Francisco and is also home to a fun neighborhood dog park. When in the park all dogs are required to be on a leash but can run free in the 1-acre dog play area. The dog park is not fully fenced, so training your dog to recall and stay is best to avoid the possibility of them running away. Wood chips cover the ground in the dog area, and benches shaded by trees are nearby to sit. When playing gets too intense there is plenty of shade and water nearby for the dogs. 

When in San Francisco, Mountain Lake Park is one of the last places to enjoy a lakeside view along with the variety of wildlife. The dog park at Mountain Lake is not the only attraction, as there are also playgrounds, tennis courts, and other activities to enjoy. Since the dog park is not enclosed it is best to have well-trained dogs. Coyotes have also been spotted, which can be a danger for smaller breeds. 

7. Lafayette Park Dog Play Area

Dog Park Series - Dogs Playing

Lafayette Park is an 11.49-acre park in Pacific Heights Neighborhood.


Lafayette Park Dog Play Area 
Location Gough and Sacramento St San Francisco, CA 94109
Hours 5 AM-12 AM 
Price Free 

Lafayette Park is a fun area to visit near downtown San Francisco. Lafayette Park is located in the neighborhood of Pacific Heights. The park and dog play area are on top of a hill, you get an amazing view of the city and the golden gate bridge. 

Lafayette Park has a dog play area perfect to let your pup roam free. It is clean and is a popular spot for dog owners. The dog park in Lafayette Park is not fully fenced off, and is near a busy area. If going to this dog park it is best to have a dog well trained, and in your eyesight at all times. Lafayette Park is extremely dog friendly and allows you to enjoy a great view of the Golden City while letting your pup enjoy the dog play area. 

8. Pine Lake Park Dog Play Area

Pine Lake Park Dog Play Area 
LocationSloat Boulevard and Vale Street San Francisco, Ca 94116
Hours 5 AM-12 AM 
Price Free 

Pine Lake is among the few natural lakes left located in San Francisco and is a great place to immerse yourself in the peaceful wetland habitat. Pine Lake is great for dogs as well as people, as it has a fenced-off 3 acres area where they can play off-leash. In the dog play area, there are benches, barbeque pits, tables, and plenty of flat grassy areas for dogs to run. Water for dogs and poop bags give you the necessary tools to care for your pooch while here. 

The Pine Lake Park dog play area is just one area to enjoy at pine lake. Venturing outside the dog park you can hike around a loop trail, but your dog must be on a leash when not in the designated fenced-off area. The dog park is great for letting your dog run but may get packed during its busiest hours. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Mathieu LE MAUFF/

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