The 9 Most Colorful Beetles In The World

Written by Lex Basu
Updated: May 22, 2023
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  • Nature is filled with colors and it is generous with all creatures and life forms, including insects.
  • Amongst the Beetles, there are various sub-species that are quite dazzling and colorful.
  • These insects use their colors to hide from predators and blend into the surrounding.
  • They are also hard to find as they mostly live far away from areas inhabited by humans.
The jewel beetle is part of the jeweled scarab group.

Nature is filled with colorful creatures, and beetles are no exception. Usually, when we think of beetles, the image that comes to mind is the common black insect that we see everywhere. However, beetles have adapted to their environments in unique ways, with their colors being part of the adaptation process, with scarab species being popular examples. Although beetles with bright colors are some of the prettiest bugs you’ll see, these colors and patterns help them fool predators or blend in with their surroundings.

The most beautiful beetles come from a variety of habitats. You might not have heard of some of these beetle species, but you’ll enjoy learning more about them. Here is some more details about how these insects made our list.

Tiger Beetle: A Colorful Sign Of An Untouched Habitat

Most colorful beetles - Tiger Beetle
Tiger Beetles, one of the most colorful beetles, have iridescent shells.


The Tiger Beetle (Cicindelinae) is a land beetle, rather than one of the flying species. Adult beetles have iridescent shells that help these inch-long insects stand out. Although the bodies are somewhat conspicuous, making the bugs easily as noticeable as scarabs, they boast powerful jaws that allow them to defend themselves from predators. These colorful beetles have shells in bright shades of green, with some blue highlights. Habitat destruction has given these insects Endangered IUCC status, making a thriving population a sign of minimal local habitat loss.

Jewel Beetle: One Of The Prettiest Bugs That Looks Like A Gold Drop

Most Colorful Beetles - Jewel Beetle
Jewel bug (Chrysocoris stollii) Beetle, which belongs to the Scutelleridae family and is actually a true bug. They are often brilliantly colored, exhibiting a wide range of iridescent metallic colors, making them one of the most colorful beetles.

©Digital Images Studio/

The Jewel Beetle (Chrysina aurigans) resembles a molten gold drop, which helps it stand out in its Costa Rica rainforest habitat. When the light touches the shell, the beetle has a shimmering look. These beetles are a part of the jeweled scarab group, which includes some of the most fascinating beetles in the animal kingdom. Similar beetles to this species have shells in silver tones. Like others among the most beautiful beetles, these bugs fool predators because their shells shine so much in the light.

Blister Beetle: A Beetle With A Unique Built-In Defense

Most Colorful Beetles - Blister Beetle
Poisonous blister beetles with bright black and red warning coloration. They are some of the most colorful beetles.


The Blister Beetle is a flying beetle that commonly has a striking, deep orange shell color accentuated with black stripes. Green and yellow are also popular marking colors. These beetles, native to North America, have the Least Concern status because of a built-in defense mechanism. The species can secrete a toxic oil from its joints when facing a predator threat, an effective deterrent. This oil secretion is a perfect compensation for the brightly-colored shell, which attracts some predators not as easily deterred when seeing the colors. Some predatory species cannot see the colors of these colorful beetles indicating toxicity, making the insects easy prey in such circumstances.

Atlas Beetle: An Impressive Size To Go With Impressive Colors

Most Colorful Beetles - Atlas Beetle
Atlas beetle (Chalcosoma atlas), a

famous exotic pet, is

found in Southeast Asia. The species is named for Atlas, the giant of Greek mythology who supported the skies. These are some of the most colorful beetles.

©Mark Brandon/

The Atlas Beetle has a most impressive physical appearance to go along with its stunning color. This species ranked among the prettiest bugs live in Southeast Asian forest settings, where the bootle-green shell with a dark head and legs helps this insect blend in with the foliage. Once fully grown, these beetles measure 4.27 inches long, providing a competitive advantage over smaller species. Males have three horns that also help them compete for mates and food. The beetle’s colors and size play the most prominent role in a competitive advantage.

Wallace’s Long-Horn Beetle: One Of The Longest In The World!

Most Colorful Beetles - Wallaces Long-Horn Beetle
Wallace’s Long-Horn Beetle is isolated on white background. Although not as brightly colorful beetle as the jewel beetle species, these bugs have a subtle beauty that is impressive in their unique way.


Wallace’s Long-Horn Beetle (Batocera wallacei) is one of the longest of the most beautiful beetles. This unusual beetle calls Indonesia, New Guinea, and parts of Australia home. People who see these insects for the first time find their 10.7 inch body length, due to to their long antennae, quite impressive. The beetle’s shell features a color combination that makes blending into its native wooded surroundings easier. Although not as brightly colored as the jewel beetle species, these bugs have a subtle beauty that is impressive in its unique way.

Elephant Beetle: A Hair-Covered Species

Most Colorful Beetles - Elephant Beetle
An Elephant beetle (Megasoma elephas) in Costa Rica. Elephant Beetles is one of the most unusual of colorful beetles.

©Juan Aceituno/

Elephant Beetles stand out as one of the most unusual of the colorful beetles. Growing to lengths of 2.5 to 4.75 inches, these beetles feature solid black or brown shell colors. However, regardless of the shell color, all feature fine yellow hairs on their bodies, especially their elytra or forewings.

Goliath Beetle: One Of The Most Diverse Ranges Of Beetles

Most colorful beetles - Goliath Beetle
A large male Goliath Beetle on wood. These colorful beetles are very strong and are able to lift up to 850x their body weight.

©Yan Lv/

Goliath Beetles boast six species and many subspecies; however, one thing that they have in common are shell colors that allow more effortless blending into their surroundings. Shades of white, brown, and red are some of the most common colors. These beetles also have strong physical strength, being able to lift up to 850 times their body weight. Their size is an effective deterrent against predators, and when their size does not effectively deter predators, their colors serve as effective camouflage.

Fire-Colored Beetle: Surprisingly Mild-Mannered

Most colorful beetles - Fire-Colored Beetle
A fire-colored beetle on a person’s arm. This colorful beetle is not poisonous.


The Fire-Colored Beetle (Pedilus lugubris) features a deep orange-colored shell. This beetle is a flying species that boasts bright red wings. The warm, fiery tones extend to this beetle having red antennae. Many predators are afraid to bother this beetle because of its similar appearance to many poisonous insects. However, this beetle is not poisonous.

Scarlet Lily Beetle: A Eurasian Species Widespread Across The U.S.

Most colorful beetles - Scarlet Lily Beetle
The Scarlet Lily Beetle is a colorful beetle with a reputation for being destructive because of its ability to harm the Solomon’s Seal and Lily of the Valley plants.


The Scarlet Lily Beetle (Lilioceris lilii) has a bright red shell and a body resembling a scrab. This species is Eurasian and has been present in the United States since after World War II. The beetle has a reputation for being destructive because of its ability to harm the Solomon’s Seal and Lily of the Valley plants. One of the things contributing to this insect’s population growth is a lack of natural predators and an appearance similar to poisonous bugs.

Summary Of The 9 Most Colorful Beetles In The World

NumberName of Species
1Tiger Beetle
2Jewel Beetle
3Blister Beetle
4Atlas Beetle
5Wallace’s Long-Horn Beetle
6Elephant Beetles
7Goliath Beetles
8Fire-Colored Beetle
9Scarlet Lily Beetle

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