The Best 8 Dog Parks in Columbus

Dog Park Series - Columbus Ohio
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Written by Jeremiah Wright

Published: May 27, 2022

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Columbus is an actual exhibit of nature thanks to the Scioto Mile, which features parks on both sides of the river with the same name. As such, it’s only natural for dog owners to want their furry friends to experience nature. It doesn’t matter if you’re just passing through Columbus, Ohio, or have just brought a new soul into your home; you’ll want to get them to at least one of the best dog parks here.

Since finding a dog park that fits the needs of both pet and owner can be quite difficult, we decided to round up, in a list, some of the best and most diverse parks in Columbus. Let’s discover them together!

1. Goodale Park

Dog Park Series - Astroturf with Dog

Goodale Park is a public park in Columbus that people and pets alike can enjoy.

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Goodale Park
Location120 W Goodale St, Columbus, OH 43215
Hours7 AM – 11 PM

Goodale Park is a public park in Columbus that people and pets alike can enjoy. Since it’s not a designated dog park, keeping your furry friend on a leash is recommended. A leash is not required if your pet can be kept under direct control through voice commands.

The park has been praised for its many paths, its collection of fountains and water bodies that mesmerize dogs, and the roomy fields throughout it. There are plenty of trees to shade you from the summer sun.

2. Godown Park

Godown Park
Location6099 Godown Rd, Columbus, OH 43235
Hours7 AM – 9 PM

Godown Park is a designated dog park and can be found in Northwest Columbus. If you live in this state, then you might know that this park is open all year round. This aspect offers dog owners a great opportunity to keep their furry friends on the move and happy all the time.

The 7-acre park is fully fenced, providing a safe environment for dogs. It features two gates, so naughtier dogs can’t escape if they get too excited. Godown Park has separate fenced areas for small and large breeds. Among other amenities, you can find plenty of shade, water fountains, benches, trails for walking, porta-potties, and dog wash stations – everything a dog and their owner need!

3. Wheeler Memorial Dog Park

Why do dogs drool

Wheeler Memorial Dog Park has a surface area of 4.02 acres.

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Wheeler Memorial Dog Park
Location725 Thurber Dr. W, Columbus, OH 43215
Hours8 AM – 11 PM

Wheeler Memorial Dog Park is part of Wheeler Memorial Park. The latter features several picnic areas, a walking trail, and the dog park itself, which is an off-leash area. The park has a surface area of 4.02 acres, while the designated dog park has a surface area of 1.5 acres.

For increased safety, the dog park is fully enclosed. This allows for high-octane playtime without any chance of risk or accidents. Owners can relax on benches and use tables to have a snack or meal, while their pups will most likely inspect the water pumps with great curiosity.

4. Big Walnut Park

Big Walnut Park
Location5000 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH 43227
Hours7 AM – 11 PM

Big Walnut Park is another well-known dog park in Columbus. It is separated into two areas; one for small breeds of dogs and one for large breeds. Small species are those under 25 pounds, so consider this before choosing.

Like many other regional dog parks, this one was designed as a recreational area for owners and their canine friends. Big Walnut Park includes picnic tables, parking spots, portable restrooms, and a kiosk. Despite featuring a pond, dogs don’t have access to water for swimming. The park area is grassy and shaded by big trees.

5. Heritage Trail Dog Park

Dog Park Series - French Bulldog at Dog Park

The Heritage Trail Dog Park is a modern park that features a grassy area as well as a gravel area – two of dogs’ favorites.


Heritage Trail Dog Park
Location7262 Hayden Run Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026
Hours6:30 AM – 8 PM

The Heritage Trail Dog Park is a modern park that features a grassy area as well as a gravel area – two of dogs’ favorites. The park’s main attraction, without any doubt, is the sprinkle area. Several sprinklers will provide your dog and the friends they make along the way with countless hours of fun and relaxation, especially during hot summer days.

The park has two separate areas: one for small breeds and one for large breeds. Each area is equipped with exercise tunnels, shaded areas, and benches for the owners to rest while watching over their pets. Be careful when it’s raining, as the park can get quite muddy – and so will your furry friend!

6. Brooksedge Bark Park

Brooksedge Bark Park
Location708 Park Meadow Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
HoursOpen 24 hours

Located in a suburb of Columbus, Westerville, the Brooksedge Dog Park – known as Bark Park, is a large area designated for pup activities. It consists of three fenced sections: two for different breeds of dogs, small and large; and one for regrowth. 

The park is known as a heaven for dogs, as it’s equipped with everything they might need during playtime. Brooksedge Bark Park features water bowls, water fountains, climbing toys, and a decent supply of tennis balls. Most of the park is grassy, making it the perfect place to play frisbee or throw a ball.

7. Scioto Audubon Dog Park

Dog Park Series - Dogs Playing

Scioto Audubon is a 120-acre recreational park featuring a plethora of activities for humans.


Scioto Audubon Dog Park
Location347 Maier Pl, Columbus, OH 43215
Hours6:30 AM – 6 PM

Scioto Audubon is a 120-acre recreational park featuring a plethora of activities for humans. There you’ll find the 2.3-acre Scioto Audubon Dog Park. This park has separate areas for breeds of different sizes. It features an agility course to help your furry companion deplete its energy. 

The Scioto Greenway Trail is 10 miles long and takes you along the river and through the greener side of the park. There are also 2.5 miles of connector trails that let you explore the rest of the park. The dog park is leash-free, but pets must be leashed if you want them to accompany you in the picnic areas or on park roads.

8. Three Creeks Dog Park

Three Creeks Dog Park
Location3066 Spangler Rd, Columbus, OH 43207
Hours6:30 AM – 8 PM

Three Creeks Dog Park is a sizable park in Columbus; visitors often praise it for this aspect. There is no entry fee or leash required on the park’s premises. Small dogs have their own separate, fenced areas where they can play in peace. 

Pets visiting Three Creeks Dog Park have access to drinking water and various walking trails they can explore with their owners. Pet waste bags are available throughout the park, so you don’t have to worry if you forget yours. 

Be careful during the rainy season. The park area can get muddy, and even a short burst of rain can make the park an even more enjoyable experience for your dog. Of course, you’ll have to give them a bath as soon as you get home!

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