The 4 Best Airports for Getting to Zion National Park

Written by Jennifer Geer
Updated: October 4, 2023
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It’s easy to see why Zion National Park in Utah receives millions of visitors each year. With its pink and red sandstone cliffs, fantastic hikes, hanging gardens, canyons, and stunning natural waterfalls, it’s a must-see national park. However, what’s the best way to get there if you don’t live within driving distance? Let’s take a look at the four best airports for getting to Zion National Park.

1: St. George Regional Airport (SGU) – St. George, UT

Entrance to St. George Regional Airport in Utah.

The small St. George Regional Airport is less than an hour from the entrance to Zion National Park.

©Wilson44691 / CC0

The closest airport to Zion National Park is the St. George Regional Airport (SGU). However, it may not be the best option. Although it’s nearby, (about 50 miles away) it’s not a major airport. Consequently, tickets will likely cost more, there are no international flights, and most domestic travelers will need connecting flights.

Three airlines service the airport: Delta, United, and American Airlines. The cities that fly directly there include Dallas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Denver. However, there aren’t many flights per day, and times are limited.

If you do fly into St. George, you can rent a car (there are several options inside the airport for car rentals) and drive to Springdale, UT, which is located immediately outside the boundary of the park. The other option is taking a shuttle from the airport into Springdale.

2: Cedar City Regional Airport (CDC) – Cedar City, UT

Terminal in Cedar City in Utah (USA)

The Cedar City Regional Airport is about an hour from Springdale, UT.

©Remco de Wit/

Another small nearby airport is the Cedar City Regional Airport (CDC). It’s located about 60 miles from the Springdale entrance to Zion National Park. However, Cedar City has even fewer flight options than St. George. Delta is the only commercial airline to fly into the city. The only flight available comes from Salt Lake City.

If you do decide to fly into Cedar City, there are rental car companies located within the airport. You can rent a car and take the drive to Springdale. 

3: Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) – Las Vegas, NV

Interior view of the waiting room with slot machines in Harry Reid International Airport

Travelers can take a break to gamble at slot machines while they wait for their flight at the Harry Reid International Airport.

©Kit Leong/

Although there are conveniences to small airports, for most people, flying into a major, international airport with many flight options and cheaper airlines is probably the best bet. The Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, is about 170 miles from Zion National Park. Although it’s too far for a shuttle, there are plenty of rental car options available. The drive from Las Vegas to the park entrance takes about two and a half hours. This makes the LAS airport our top pick for convenience and price for the majority of travelers.

Although more crowded airports may mean longer security lines and traffic, there are some benefits to flying into a large airport such as Las Vegas. There is plenty to do while you wait for your flight, such as dining at a variety of restaurants and shopping. If you’ve got more time or your outgoing flight is very late, you can get in a workout or take a nap in a sleeping room at ZEROLevel Fitness located in Terminal 1. And finally, LAS even offers gambling areas throughout and a smoking lounge.

Is Harry Reid International Airport the same as the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport?

Yes, the Mccarran Airport is the former name of LAS. In 2021, the McCarran Airport was renamed to the Harry Reid International Airport, although its FAA code (LAS) stayed the same.

4: Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) – Salt Lake City, UT

Although it’s a further drive, the Salt Lake City Airport is still a viable option for traveling to Zion National Park.

©Farragutful / CC BY-SA 4.0 – License

Finally, our last option is the Salt Lake City International Airport. Although it’s a further drive to Zion National Airport from Las Vegas, it’s still a good option for getting to the park. It’s about a four to five-hour drive to Springdale. 

However, Salt Lake City is known as the gateway to five of America’s greatest national parks: Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, and Zion. So, if you’d like to hit up some other attractions in addition to Zion, Salt Lake City makes a great starting point. It’s also considered one of the most “scenic airports” in the U.S. with its built-in art pieces and unique architecture. But if you’re looking to fly in and go directly to Zion, Las Vegas is likely your most convenient and cheapest option.

Summary of the 4 Best Airports for Getting to Zion National Park

1St. George Regional Airport (SGU)St. George, UTOnly an hour from Zion National Park, rental cars are availableMore expensive, may need connecting flights, limited airlines and flight times
2Cedar City Regional Airport (CDC)Cedar City, UTMore expensive, and only has flights from Salt Lake CityMore expensive, only has flights from Salt Lake City
3Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)Las Vegas, NVMajor airport with more flight options, convenient location for other attractionsMore driving time than the regional airports (170 miles to Zion National Park)
4Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)Salt Lake City, UTMajor airport with more flight options, convenient location for other attractionsMore driving time (300 miles to Zion National Park)

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