The 8 Best Beaches in Georgia

Oceanview Beach Park

Written by Niccoy Walker

Updated: July 7, 2023

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Georgia features some of the best beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, featuring around 100 miles of coastline backed by rolling hills and lush, green forests. There are also over a dozen barrier islands and charming coastal towns dotting the coast. If you don’t live near the ocean, you can take a weekend trip and stay at one of the quaint beach motels or spring for a luxury resort. Discover the eight best beaches in Georgia and plan your summer vacation!

Driftwood Beach is on Jekyll Island’s northern end and is famous for its unique beach trees and driftwood.

1. Tybee Beach Pier and Pavillion

tybee beach pier

Tybee Beach is a popular area for sunning, swimming, and nearby eateries and bars.

This relaxed and laid-back beach spot features a long fishing pier, a covered pavilion, plenty of amenities, and many activities for all ages. The water is calm, and there are lifeguards on the beach during the summer. When you’re not lounging in the sand or walking along the pier, you can check out the seafood restaurants and bars nearby. There is also a children’s playground, splash pad, restrooms, and covered picnic tables. While the area can get busy and lively, there is enough room for everyone to spread out.  

2. Driftwood Beach

Beautiful driftwood formations on St. Andrew's beach, Jekyll Island, a popular slow travel destination in the southeastern United States. Cumberland Island National Seashore is seen in the background.

This beach features unique pieces of driftwood along the ocean

Driftwood Beach is on Jekyll Island’s northern end and is famous for its unique beach trees and driftwood. It’s an excellent area to walk along the beach and take pictures at sunset. But if you don’t like crowds, you may want to go earlier. Swimming is allowed, but most people use the area for hiking, wildlife viewing, and sightseeing. Plus, the area around the water is rocky and muddy. But if you like to be immersed in unique nature, Driftwood Beach is a must-see in Georgia.

3. North Beach, Tybee Island

Tidal Flats on North Beach Tybee Island, Georgia, USA

North Beach is excellent for shell collecting

If you’re looking for a relaxing spot without the crowds, check out North Beach on Tybee Island. It’s a family-friendly beach and is excellent for shell collecting. You may also see dolphins swimming and get to watch giant cargo ships. The famous Tybee Island lighthouse is across the street from the beach, and you can visit for a small fee. The beach features restrooms, outdoor showers, and changing rooms. There is also a bar and grill nearby, so you can get a bite after you’re done splashing and sunning.

4. East Beach, St. Simons Island

East Beach Georgia

East Beach is a dog-friendly beach!

St. Simons Island is a scenic area known for its salt marshes and perfect sandy beaches, like East Beach. This dog-friendly beach is a great spot for swimming, sunning, and water sports. And it offers a non-crowded area to relax and have a slice of ocean to yourself. The water is pretty shallow and warm near the shore, so it’s a great spot for families. And there are restrooms, showers, and concessions within walking distance. You can ride your bike along the beach and then check out the downtown area on the island. When you’re not splashing in the water, go fishing on the pier. You can also see Fourth of July fireworks from East Beach!

5. Mid Beach, Tybee Island

Tybee Island

Mid Beach has grassy dunes and wooden swings

Tybee Island’s Mid Beach is a mix between the quiet north side beaches and the lively south beaches. There are nearby hotels, restaurants, and bars, but it is a relatively quiet area with calm water during the summer. Boardwalks take you to the sandy beach, where you will find grassy dunes near the water and unique wooden swings to lounge in. Families and friends come here to swim, sun, boogie board, and just take in the beautiful nature.

6. St. Andrews Picnic Area and Beach, Jekyll Island

Fishing pier at Jekyll Island, Georgia,

The fishing pier, as well as St. Andrews, is located on the southern tip of Jekyll Island.

St. Andrews is a beach park on the southern tip of Jekyll Island. It’s a popular area for its tree-covered picnic area near the East River and Jekyll Sound. The beach is a unique and breathtaking area, where you will see trees, grassy dunes, and Spanish moss. And there is plentiful wildlife for viewing, such as seabirds and breaching dolphins. The water is warm and calm, perfect for families. And the trees along the shore provide shade, so there’s no need to bring an umbrella. Definitely put this on your must-see list.

7. Jekyll Island Oceanview Beach Park

Oceanview Beach Park

Oceanview Beach Park is perfect for an early morning stroll

Situated mid-island, Oceanview Beach Park features hard-packed sand, perfect for walking, jogging, and biking. And because it is located near many of the hotels on the island, it’s a favorite spot for early morning strolls with a coffee in hand. The beach offers a perfect view across the Atlantic and is an excellent area to unwind. There are also picnic tables, grills, restrooms, EV charging stations, and showers.  

8. Dungeness Beach

Dungeness Beach

Dungeness Beach is a peaceful and uncrowded beach

Dungeness Beach is on the south shore of Cumberland Island and offers a white-sand beach and tranquility. You must take a ferry ride to get to the island and then walk some distance to get to the beach from the dock. But the peaceful, uncrowded, and unspoiled sandy beach is well worth the effort. If you need a place to walk, lounge, and unwind, check out Dungeness Beach.

Summary of the 8 Best Beaches in Georgia

RankBest Beaches in GeorgiaLocation
1Tybee BeachChatham County
2Driftwood BeachGlynn County
3North BeachChatham County
4East BeachGlynn County
5Mid BeachChatham County
6St. Andrews BeachGlynn County
7Oceanview Beach ParkGlynn County
8Dungeness BeachCamden County
Summary Table of the 8 Best Beaches in Georgia

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