The 10 Best Beaches in Virginia

Written by Niccoy Walker
Updated: July 10, 2023
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Virginia has around 100 miles of shoreline and a plethora of beaches to choose from for your next summer vacation. Whether directly along the Atlantic or cocooned in a bay, the water is warm, the weather is pleasant, and there is always something fun to do nearby. Check out these picks for the 10 best beaches in Virginia and learn about their amenities, recreational opportunities, and local attractions.

10 best beaches in Virginia
Each of these beautiful beaches offers vacationers a special experience.

1. Buckroe Beach and Park

Buckroe Beach
Buckroe Beach is a family-friendly staple in Virginia.

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Stretching three-quarters of a mile along the Chesapeake Bay, you’ll find Buckroe Beach. This famous Virginia staple is family-friendly and full of recreational fun, including swimming, kayaking, and paddling. Apart from the ocean and sandy shore, you can enjoy picnic areas, boardwalks lined with benches, an outdoor concert area, restrooms, showers, and a nearby fishing pier. Plus, dogs are allowed! Just keep in mind that the beach is for day use only; no night swimming or strolling is permitted. When you’re done for the day, check out the nearby grills and ice cream parlors.

2. Ocean View Beach Park

Ocean View Beach VA
Though often lively, Ocean View Beach can be surprisingly peaceful.

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Ocean View is a 6.5-acre beach park in Norfolk. Besides miles of coastline, the park provides festivals, boardwalks, and live music with dancing. It is a lively area during certain times of the year but is also a very peaceful area to bring the whole family. The beach and water are perfect for young children due to the shallow water and sandbars. You also won’t have to worry about rip currents. When you’re not splashing in the ocean, check out the playground! Additionally, right across Ocean View Ave, you will find restaurants, stores, and a museum.

3. Yorktown Beach

Yorktown Beach Va
Yorktown Beach features scenic bridge views.

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Located in York County, Yorktown Beach is two acres of oceanside close to the George B. Coleman Bridge. This historic area is full of family fun with plenty of things to do and see. The water is warm and clear, featuring scenic bridge views. While the beach is small and quaint, it’s not overcrowded and has plenty of space for the number of visitors. The water is very calm but watch out for jellyfish! After you’re done relaxing in the sand, head over to the nearby shopping centers and restaurants. There are also art galleries, ghost tours, and historical hotels.  

4. Little Island Park

Morning Sunrise Light Peeking through the clouds at the Sandbridge Fishing Pier Little Island Park in Virginia Beach
The Sandbridge Pier is a popular fishing destination at Little Island Park.
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Once home to a coast guard station, Little Island Park is now a 123-acre recreational area. It’s a popular area for swimming, fishing, and crabbing. A children’s playground and picnic areas lie just a short walk from the beach. You will also find restrooms, as well as boardwalks for strolling or fishing. People also come to the island for surfing, paddling, and bodyboarding. The off-season is peaceful and uncrowded. But peak season during the summer can bring many people, so plan your trip with that in mind. There are also nearby hotels and restaurants you can check out when you’re done soaking up the sun. 

5. Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge Beach VA
This long stretch of sand is a hidden gem near Virginia Beach.

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Sandbridge is about 15 miles south of Virginia Beach’s busy resort area. This hidden gem offers pristine beaches, sand dunes, and many outdoor adventures, such as swimming, kayaking, fishing, and hiking. If you want all the beach fun without the crowds, check out Sandbridge. Plus, the mountain-like dunes give it a different feel from other beaches in the area. It’s a popular spot amongst the Virginia locals, and many people use the area for casual strolls near the water’s edge. However, if you go in the water, look out for jellyfish and sharks.

6. Community Beach Park

Community Beach VA
Community Beach is an excellent choice for families.

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Located on the bay in Norfolk, Community Beach Park has a laid-back atmosphere with white sandy beaches, shady areas, and play structures for families. While surfing is non-existent on this beach, swimming is divine. The water is calm and clear, and there are roped-off areas and lifeguards. There are also restrooms, picnic areas, and BBQ grills. Community Beach is an excellent choice if you want a relaxing experience without crowds. Right across the street, you will find a golf course, hotels, and restaurants. Plus, Ocean View Beach Park is just down the street.

7. Oceanfront Beach

Virginia Beach oceanfront
Virginia Beach Oceanfront is one of the most popular beaches in the state.

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The Virginia Beach Oceanfront is one of the most popular and lively beaches in the state. However, it can get very crowded and may not be the best choice for families during certain times of the day. A three-mile boardwalk, sandy beaches, restaurants, bars, and shops provide plenty of entertainment. Check out the iconic Neptune statue, fishing pier, and other quirky spots. You can also enjoy many live music events and fun gatherings over the summer holidays.

8. Gloucester Point Beach Park

The York river and beach in Yorktown Virginia USA overlooking the Coleman Bridge and the Chesapeake Bay
Gloucester Point is a great beach for birdwatchers.
Image: Andrea Izzotti, Shutterstock

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This underrated beach park is near the north end of the Coleman Memorial Bridge in Gloucester Point. Along with the beach and pristine waters, take advantage of the large, shady areas with picnic tables and shelters. The beach is small and uncrowded, perfect for packing a picnic lunch and spreading a blanket in the sand. Though this beach has a boat ramp, fishing pier, and restrooms, this is the extent of the amenities, so bring what you need with you. You won’t be disappointed with the scenery. Look for shorebirds, dolphins, and sailboats.

9. Chic’s Beach

Chic's Beach VA
Chic’s is a neighborhood beach and a great place to relax with friends.

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Are you looking for a non-touristy beach in Virginia Beach? Check out Chic’s Beach. It’s technically a neighborhood, but there is access to a beach by the same name. There are also nearby golf courses, creeks, lakes, hotels, and restaurants. This dog-friendly, kid-friendly beach is right next to all of the amenities you could need for a summer vacation. The beach area can get crowded during the peak season, but it doesn’t have a touristy feel. Its lively vibe is perfect for friendly get-togethers.

10. Assateague Beach

Assateague Island National Seashore
Along with wild horses, you can also spot bald eagles and foxes.

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Assateague Island is one of the most beautiful beaches along the Atlantic. It is 37 miles long and covers areas in nearby Maryland. Along with sandy beaches, you will find salt marshes, bays, and maritime forests. While you can definitely swim and play in the water at this location, it is also an excellent spot for wildlife and nature viewing. Spend the day shell collecting and hunting for old shipwrecks. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the wild horses in the area.

Summary of the 10 Best Beaches in Virginia

RankBest Beaches in Virginia
1Buckroe Beach and Park
2Ocean View Beach Park
3Yorktown Beach
4Little Island Park
5Sandbridge Beach
6Community Beach Park
7Oceanfront Beach
8Gloucester Point
9Chic’s Beach
10Assateague Beach

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Community Beach VA
Community Beach
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