The 180 Best Greek God Dog Names

Portrait of Black French Bulldog on black background
© Monika Vosahlova/

Written by Kellianne Matthews

Published: December 15, 2023

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When choosing a name for your dog, the possibilities are endless! But why settle for mundane monikers like Fluffy, Spot, or Fido? Instead, you could opt for a name worthy of the Parthenon itself! Greek god dog names go beyond just mere labels: they whisper of heroic destinies and captivating myths that have enthralled humans for centuries. Here are the best Greek god dog names for your own furry little Olympian hero!

Greek God Dog Names of the Underworld and Darkness

Portrait of Black French Bulldog on black background

A name from the Underworld can be the perfect way to showcase your dog’s glamorous edge.

©Monika Vosahlova/

  1. Chaos: The void state before the creation of the world. 
  2. Gaea: The ancient Greek personification of the Earth. 
  3. Nyx: Goddess of the night. 
  4. Erebus: The personification of darkness.
  5. Tartarus: The deep dark abyss and place where souls are judged. 
  6. Hades: Ruler of the Underworld.
  7. Persephone: Queen of the Underworld.
  8. Hecate: Goddess of magic, crossroads, transitions, and boundaries. 
  9. Thanatos: God of death. 
  10. Hypnos: God of sleep. 
  11. Morpheus: God of sleep and dreams. 
  12. Empusa: Goddess of shape-shifting.
  13. Epiales: Goddess of nightmares. 
  14. Styx: A river in the Underworld and the personification of hate. 
  15. Angelos: A goddess of the Underworld. 
  16. Nemesis: Goddess of retribution, righteous indignation, balance, and revenge. 
  17. Lethe: A river in the Underworld and the spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion. 
  18. Eris: Goddess of discord and strife. 
  19. Charon: The ferryman who transports souls in the Underworld. 
  20. Lupe: The personification of grief, sadness, and pain. 
  21. Deimos: The personification of fear, terror, and dread. 
  22. Phobos: The personification of fear and panic. 
  23. Moros: The personification and hateful spirit of doom.
  24. Zelos: The personification of envy, jealousy, rivalry, and zeal. 
  25. Clotho: One of the three fates or Moirai, Clotho spun the thread of human life. 
  26. Lachesis: One of the three fates, Lachesis measured the thread of human life.  
  27. Atropos: One of the three fates, Atropos cut the thread of human life. 
  28. Dolos: The personification of craftiness, cunning deception, trickery, and treachery. 
  29. Lyssa: The personification of rage and fury. 

Greek Sea God Dog Names

White dog Samoyed walks on the shore of the Baltic Sea

If your dog loves to play in the water, why not try a name from an ancient Greek sea god?

©infinityyy/iStock via Getty Images

  1. Brizo: The patron goddess of sailors. 
  2. Galene: Goddess of calm seas. 
  3. Ceto: Goddess of ocean dangers and sea monsters
  4. Thetis: A sea nymph and goddess of water. 
  5. Doris: A sea goddess whose name means “gift” or “bounty”. 
  6. Idyia: A sea nymph and mother of Medea. 
  7. Metis: An ocean nymph and the mother of Athena. Metis means “skill”, “wisdom”, or “craft”. 
  8. Oceanus: God of the ocean. 
  9. Pontus: A primordial sea god and the father of sea creatures
  10. Proteus: An ancient shape-shifting sea god who also herded Poseidon’s seals. 
  11. Poseidon: God of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. 
  12. Triton: The son of Poseidon.
  13. Scamander: A river god. Some say his name means “limping man” or “awkward man”.
  14. Nereus: The old man of the sea. 

Greek Sky God Dog Names

A low angle shot of a beautiful black mouth cur dog on the rocks under the cloudy sky

Honor your dog’s legendary status in your life with an epic name from Greek mythology.

©Wirestock Creators/

  1. Zeus: Ruler of the gods and god of the sky, thunder, lightning, and law and order. 
  2. Hera: Queen of the gods and Zeus’ wife (and sister). 
  3. Juno: The Roman equivalent of Hera. 
  4. Theia: A Titan and goddess of sight, Theia means “divine” and “wide-shining”. 
  5. Hyperion: One of the Titans, Hyperion means “he that walks on high”. 
  6. Helios: Helios drove his sun chariot across the sky each day. 
  7. Selene: Selene drove her moon chariot across the sky each night. 
  8. Pandia: Selene’s daughter, Pandia means “all brightness”. 
  9. Medea: A sorceress and granddaughter of Helios. 
  10. Circe: A powerful sorceress and daughter of Helios, Circe transformed men into animals. 
  11. Eos: Goddess of the dawn. 
  12. Boreas: God of winter and the north wind.
  13. Notus: God of the south wind.
  14. Hesperus: God of the evening star, Venus.
  15. Aura: Goddess of the fresh, cool morning air. 
  16. Chione or Khione: Goddess of snow.
  17. Ersa: Goddess of the morning dew.
  18. Iris: Goddess of the rainbow and divine messenger.
  19. Electra: One of the Pleiades, Electra means “amber”. 
  20. Maia: The mother of Hermes, Maia means “mother” and “midwife”. 
  21. Chrysus: The personification of gold.
  22. Apollo: The god of light, music, poetry, and prophecy. 
  23. Atlas: A Titan cursed to hold up the heavens for the rest of eternity. 
  24. Castor: One of the twins in the Gemini constellation. 
  25. Pollux:  One of the twins in the Gemini constellation. 
  26. Asteria: A Titanness associated with the stars. 
  27. Aether: The personification of light.
  28. Hemera: The personification of day. 
  29. Phoebe: A Titaness, Phoebe means “bright” and “shining”. 

Greek God Dog Names Associated with War and Victory

Cute sharpei puppy

A Greek god dog name associated with war and victory would be an adorable choice for a tiny pup.

©Ljupco/iStock via Getty Images

  1. Homados: The personification of battle noise. 
  2. Ioke: The personification of pursuit and onslaught.
  3. Kratos: The personification of strength, power, and might.
  4. Polemos: The personification of war. 
  5. Thrasos: The personification of boldness.
  6. Nomos: The personification of law. 
  7. Tyche: Goddess of fate, chance, providence, and fortune. 
  8. Bia: The personification of raw energy and force. 
  9. Alala: The personification of the war cry. 
  10. Nike: Goddess of victory. 
  11. Kairos: The “opportune time for action” or “right time”. 
  12. Loxo: The spirit of trajectory in archery. 
  13. Enyo: Goddess of destructive war. 
  14. Ares: God of war, particularly the bloodthirsty parts of a battle. 
  15. Athena: Goddess of wisdom, strategic warfare, and reason. 
  16. Minerva: The Roman equivalent of Athena. 
  17. Hephaestus: The blacksmith god of the forge, fire, and crafts. 
  18. Vulcan: The Roman equivalent of Hephaestus. 

Greek Nature God Dog Names

Jack Russell with flowers

Nature names are a fun way to express your dog’s cute personality.

©Elena Sherengovskaya/

  1. Artemis: Goddess of the hunt and protector of living things
  2. Diana: The Roman equivalent of Artemis. 
  3. Cynthia: An epithet of the goddess Artemis and her association with Mount Cynthus. 
  4. Attis: A god of vegetation.
  5. Melisseus: A demigod of beekeeping and honey.
  6. Minthe: An Underworld nymph transformed into a mint plant. Minthe means “sweet-smelling”.
  7. Daphne: A nymph chased by Apollo and transformed into a laurel tree. 
  8. Comus: God of revelry, festivities, and nocturnal dalliances. 
  9. Chloris: Meaning “fresh”, “pale green”, or “greenish-yellow”, Chloris was a nymph associated with new growth, spring, and flowers. 
  10. Crocus: A mortal transformed into a saffron flower. 
  11. Hyacinth: A Spartan prince loved by Apollo and transformed into a hyacinth flower. 
  12. Zephyr: God of the west wind. 
  13. Echo: A nymph who could only repeat the words of others. 
  14. Pan: God of pastures, shepherds, and fertility.
  15. Adonis: A symbol of rebirth, Adonis was transformed into a god after he died. 
  16. Demeter: The mother of Persephone and goddess of the harvest and agriculture. 
  17. Ceres: The Roman equivalent of Demeter.
  18. Dionysus: God of wine and drama. 
  19. Bacchus: The Roman equivalent of Dionysus. 
  20. Opora: Goddess of wine and autumn.
  21. Plutus: The son of Demeter and god of wealth and agricultural wealth.
  22. Althea: This name means “with healing power” in Greek.
  23. Elpis: The personification of hope. 
  24. Harmonia: Goddess of harmony. 
  25. Anthea: Goddess of floral wreaths and swamps. 
  26. Ianthe: This name means “blooming purple” or “violet flower”. 
  27. Arachne: A skilled weaver transformed into a spider. 

Beautiful Greek God Dog Names

Portrait of beautiful dog breed russian borzoi sitting in the green grass and yellow buttercup field in summer at sunset

Celebrate your dog’s beautiful appearance with a divinely inspired Greek god dog name.

©Anastasiia Cherniavskaia/iStock via Getty Images

  1. Aphrodite: Goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. 
  2. Venus: Aphrodite’s Roman equivalent. 
  3. Hebe: Goddess of youth and beauty who served nectar and ambrosia to the gods as a cupbearer. 
  4. Iynx: The daughter of Pan and Echo, Lynx created a magical love charm. 
  5. Bolina: A nymph made immortal by Apollo. 
  6. Leda: Queen of Sparta and the mother of Helen of Troy. 
  7. Kore: This name means “young woman” or “maiden”. 
  8. Psyche: The personification of the human soul. Psyche was a beautiful mortal loved by Eros. 
  9. Irene: Goddess of prosperity and peace. 
  10. Helen: Queen of Sparta and the most beautiful woman in the world. 
  11. Hermoine: The daughter of Helen of Troy. 
  12. Semele: A princess of Thebes and the mother of Dionysus. 
  13. Penelope: The faithful wife of Odysseus in the Odyssey. 
  14. Angelia: The personification of tidings, proclamations, and messages.
  15. Gelos: The personification of laughter.

Female Greek God Dog Names

Puppy german shepherd dog sitting in sofa

There are many great female dog names inspired by strong goddesses in Greek mythology.

©BigDuckSix/iStock via Getty Images

  1. Hestia: Goddess of the hearth, home, and hospitality. 
  2. Vesta: The Roman equivalent of Hestia. 
  3. Pandora: The first human woman, Pandora’s name means “all-gifted” or “all-giving”. 
  4. Rhapso: A nymph or minor goddess, Rhapso is associated with sewing. 
  5. Clio: The ancient Greek muse of history.
  6. Calliope: The ancient Greek muse of epic poetry.
  7. Medusa: Once a beautiful young woman, Medusa was transformed into a monstrous Gorgon with venomous snakes for hair. 
  8. Acantha: A nymph whose name means “thorn” or “spikey”. 
  9. Atalanta: A huntress whose name means “swift-footed”.
  10. Cassandra: A seer and prophetess cursed to have no one believe her words. 
  11. Cassiopeia: An ancient queen who brought destruction to her daughter. 
  12. Phaedra: The wife of Theseus, Phaedra means “bright” or “radiant”. 
  13. Andromeda: Cassiopeia’s daughter who was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea serpent. 
  14. Europa: A moral woman abducted by Zeus as a bull. 
  15. Hecuba: The queen of Troy during its downfall. 
  16. Ismene: A Theban princess and sister to Antigone. 
  17. Antiope: An Amazonian queen and sister of Hippolyta. 
  18. Bremusa: An Amazonian warrior, Bremusa means “furious female”. 
  19. Hippolyta: A queen of the Amazons. 
  20. Ariadne: She helped Theseus escape the labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur. 
  21. Myrina: A queen of the Amazons. 
  22. Xanthe: An Amazon warrior. 
  23. Thalia: The muse and goddess of idyllic poetry and comedy. 

Male Greek God Dog Names

Pembroke welsh corgi puppy playing with a shoe

A Greek god dog name is always a conversation starter!


  1. Heracles: The most famous ancient Greek hero of all. 
  2. Hermes: The messenger god and protector of thieves, travelers, shepherds, merchants, heralds, and orators. He also escorted souls to the Underworld. 
  3. Glycon or Glykon: An ancient snake god.
  4. Minos: The king of Crete who kept the Minotaur in the Labyrinth
  5. Eryx: An amazing boxer who could only be defeated by Heracles. 
  6. Evander: A son of Hermes, Evander means “strong man” or “good man”. 
  7. Homer: The famous writer of the Odyssey and the Iliad. 
  8. Jason: The leader of the Argonauts during the quest for the Golden Fleece. 
  9. Paris: A prince of Troy who eloped with Helen and sparked the Trojan War. 
  10. Theseus: The ancient Greek hero who slew the minotaur. 
  11. Midas: The king of Phrygia, known for turning anything into gold with his touch. 
  12. Achilles: A famous Greek hero of the Trojan War with a vulnerable heel. 
  13. Ajax: A Greek hero of the Trojan War.
  14. Argo: When Jason and his crew set off to find the Golden Fleece, they sailed a ship called the Argo.
  15. Cadmus: An ancient Greek hero known for his association with serpents. 
  16. Perseus: The ancient Greek hero who slew Medusa. 
  17. Orion: A giant huntsman transformed into a constellation. 
  18. Typhon: A giant serpentine monster. 
  19. Lykos: Lykos means “wolf”. 
  20. Argos: Odysseus’ faithful dog in the Odyssey. 
  21. Argus: A giant with 100 eyes. 
  22. Abraxas: One of Helios’ immortal horses. 
  23. Bronte: One of Helios’ immortal horses. 
  24. Python: A dragon slayed by Apollo.
  25. Cronus: Cronus overthrew his father and became the ruler of the Titans. 

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