The 8 Best Places to Purchase a Christmas Tree This Year

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Written by Stephanie Heath

Published: November 24, 2023

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As Christmas time approaches, many people begin to plan how they will decorate. With lights, gingerbread houses, and festive music, there’s no shortage of ways to get into the Christmas spirit. One key component of a festive, Christmasy home is the tree. If you are stressing about where to find the perfect tree, look no further. This article discusses the eight best places to purchase a Christmas tree in 2023! Specifically, we discuss live trees, although many places on this list also offer artificial trees. Let’s dive in and learn about the best places to purchase a Christmas tree. 

1. Christmas Tree Farms 

Oregon Christmas

If you want a variety of options and the ability to cut down your own tree, visit a Christmas tree farm.

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If you are looking for a live Christmas tree, then a Christmas tree farm may be the best spot for you. These farms are specifically created to grow and sell Christmas trees. Farmers plant the seeds, oversee their growth, and are responsible for supplying Christmas trees to other retailers. They typically grow pine, spruce, and fir trees. The majority of live Christmas trees come from Christmas tree farms. According to the Natural Christmas Tree Association, between “25-30 million real Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. every year.” Additionally, “There are close to 350 million real Christmas trees currently growing on Christmas tree farms in the U.S. alone.” 

2. Garden Centers or Nurseries  

Seedling Plants Apple Tree And Mentha Plant In Pots In Iron Garden Trolley In Garden Nursery Plants In Sunny Day In Summer.

Garden centers or nurseries are a great place to find and purchase live Christmas trees.

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If there are no Christmas tree farms close to where you live, another great option is a garden center. These retail locations specialize in plants and garden-related products of all types, and they often have great trees. A benefit of purchasing a tree at a garden center is that it will come pre-cut.

At Christmas tree farms, consumers must wait for the tree to be cut after selection. For many of us, this is part of the fun! But if speed and convenience are priorities, a garden center has you covered, as the trees are already cut and ready to go. In addition to garden centers, nurseries also offer live Christmas trees. Whereas garden centers are the retail side of gardening, the nursery more specifically focuses on trees, shrubs, and plants. Many people use the terms interchangeably, even though they are technically different. An example of a nursery selling wonderful Christmas trees is Kales Landscaping and Nursery in New Jersey.

3. Home Depot 

white spruce vs blue spruce

You can purchase a Christmas tree at Home Depot from their garden center or online.


Besides being the go-to place for tools, Home Depot is also a great spot to find live Christmas trees. They offer a great selection of pre-cut live Christmas trees in a variety of species, sizes, and prices to fit every family’s needs. You can peruse their garden section in-store or purchase their trees online.

4. Lowe’s 

Lowes offers both live and artificial Christmas trees.

©Enio DePaz/ via Getty Images

Another well-known location where you can find live Christmas trees is Lowes. Similar to Home Depot, Lowes offers both artificial and live trees. Additionally, they offer other Christmas plants and decor as well. They sell a variety of sizes from tabletop options to 6-foot-tall giants. Their many locations make them a desirable option for many families to purchase their Christmas tree for the holiday season. 

5. Walmart

Fresh cut Christmas balsam fir trees hanging from the ceiling

Walmart is a popular retailer for both Christmas trees and general family shopping.

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In addition to Home Depot and Lowes, Walmart is another large retailer that offers live Christmas trees throughout December. Similar to the other two locations, you can purchase your tree in-store or online. While they have a massive selection of artificial trees, Walmart does offer a decent selection of different live tree species, sizes, and prices. It is a very popular retailer for both Christmas trees and general family shopping. 

6. Williams Sonoma

fraser fir vs douglas fir

The live trees offered at Williams Sonoma come from a Christmas tree farm in North Carolina.

©Jacquie Klose/

While Williams Sonoma is often known for its cookware, bakeware, and gourmet cooking classes, this classy store also offers a beautiful selection of live Christmas trees from a farm in North Carolina. You can purchase your live Christmas tree online or in store. 

7. Wayfair 

Wayfair offers a wide variety of artificial Christmas trees and live Christmas trees.

©ehrlif/ via Getty Images

While it may not be the first store that comes to mind when thinking about Christmas tree shopping, Wayfair does offer a selection of trees. Wayfair is an e-commerce company that focuses on discounted home goods and furniture. But many are surprised to learn they also sell live Christmas trees! While they offer a wider variety of artificial trees, small live trees are also available, though they go out of stock fairly quickly. So, if you’re considering a tree from Wayfair, get to clicking before it’s too late!

8. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most well-known online retailers.

©ehrlif/ via Getty Images

The final place on our list of best places to buy a Christmas tree is Amazon. Potentially the most well-known online retailer, Amazon truly has it all. Included in their large arsenal of products are live Christmas trees. Order your chosen tree online, and Amazon will ship it to you in a wax-sealed carton to help preserve your tree’s moisture and keep it fresh, so it looks as if you just picked it up from the tree farm. Ranging in styles, sizes, and prices, there is no shortage of Christmas tree options when shopping at Amazon. 

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