The 250 Best Ragdoll Cat Names

Written by Asia Mayfield
Updated: November 9, 2023
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Who’s that flopping at your feet and purring for attention? It’s your new Ragdoll cat! Now it’s time to name this adorable creature. 

Maybe her bright blue eyes make her a perfect “Bluey,” or perhaps his cuddly fur fits a name like “Fluffy.” There are so many options that picking a name for your cat can feel a little challenging. 

Here are 250 names ideal for Ragdoll cats. Check out this list; you might find the perfect name before your cat comes home.

Male Ragdoll Cat Names


Ragdoll cats can weigh up to 20lbs!


If you have a rambunctious male Ragdoll running around, choosing a name as big and powerful as they are makes sense. 

  1. Anders  
  2. Dewey
  3. Max
  4. Sullivan
  5. Peter
  6. Felix
  7. Duke
  8. Oliver
  9. Cooper
  10. Kieran
  11. Sterling
  12. Hugh
  13. Alistair
  14. Pierre
  15. Abe
  16. Bruce
  17. Dude
  18. Beau 
  19. Bro 
  20. Mo 

Female Ragdoll Cat Names

Does your cat deserve a name fit for a queen? Try these elegant and lovely options. 

  1. Ada
  2. Bella
  3. Kylie
  4. Lily
  5. Daisy
  6. Eve
  7. Mae
  8. Maisie
  9. Lea
  10. Faye
  11. Lila
  12. Margot
  13. Missy
  14. Rose
  15. Elsa
  16. Ann 
  17. Sis 
  18. Mel 
  19. Lavender 
  20. Helen 

Seal Point Ragdolls


Seal point Ragdoll cats have a splash of chocolate-colored fur on their faces, ears, paws, and tails.


Ragdoll beauty is well-known, but there’s one especially iconic look. Seal point Ragdolls, with their pale bodies and dark “points,” are the most popular Raggies. The “points” refer to brown patches on the cats’ ears, paws, and tails. They also have brown patches on their faces — that’s where the ‘seal’ part of their name comes from. 

Seal point Ragdolls look like Siamese cats, but their behavior is very different. Seal points are sweet, shaggy balls of docile energy. They tend to show love quietly, while Siamese cats are usually very vocal and mischievous. 

Let’s look at some names inspired by Seal Point Ragdolls:

  1. Brownie 
  2. Chocolate 
  3. Genteel
  4. Gallant
  5. Seal 
  6. Worthy
  7. Royal
  8. Brown
  9. Cocoa
  10. Frontier
  11. Fancy
  12. Prince 
  13. Princess 
  14. Mixie 
  15. Classy
  16. Cocoa 
  17. Brown Ears 
  18. Coco Drop 
  19. Marble
  20. Tan 

Cream Ragdolls


A cream point Ragdoll with light orange markings.

©Dagmar Hijmans/

Ragdolls also come in luxurious, creamy colors. A cream-colored Ragdoll will still have “points,” but they’ll be a darker shade of cream rather than brown. These cats may even look like they’re all one color.

If you love your cats’ pale fur, you might like these names:

  1. Ice
  2. Dune
  3. Cheesecake
  4. Marshmallow
  5. Creamy
  6. Blondie
  7. Vanilla
  8. Sandy
  9. Pearl
  10. Ivory
  11. Snowfall
  12. Cream
  13. Sugar
  14. Snowy
  15. Cotton 
  16. Milky
  17. Paley 
  18. Cloudy
  19. Butter
  20. Sierra
  21. Coconut
  22. Butter
  23. Tofu 
  24. Powder
  25. Ashy 

Blue-Eyed Ragdolls

Every purebred Ragdoll cat has blue eyes. 

©Luxurious Ragdoll/

A Ragdoll’s bright blue eyes look like little marbles. They might be your cat’s most noticeable features. Fortunately, there’s lots of inspiration to pull from here. Look at the gorgeous skies above. See the beauty of rivers cutting through the land and emptying into vast oceans. Beautiful blues are everywhere. 

  1. River
  2. Blu 
  3. Azure
  4. Beryl 
  5. Sky 
  6. Ocean 
  7. Aqua
  8. Cornflower
  9. Bluey
  10. Blues 
  11. Brighty 
  12. Raine
  13. Dewdrop 
  14. Crystal
  15. Rainbow 
  16. Jewel 
  17. Sparkler
  18. Navy
  19. Topaz
  20. Shimmer
  21. Gemstone
  22. Big Blue 
  23. Shiny 
  24. Skylar
  25. Storm

Cute Ragdoll Cat Names

Ragdoll cat being brushed

Ragdoll cat being brushed.


Your cat is so cute you may not even want to go to work. Staying home and playing with your furry best friend is much more fun. The best name for your cute Ragdoll may be one that’s just as cute. 

These fun, cutesy names are short and easy to turn into nicknames. 

  1. Buttons
  2. Fido
  3. Zippy
  4. Puffy
  5. Goofy
  6. Fluffy
  7. Fluff Ball 
  8. Fuzzy
  9. Raggie 
  10. Rags 
  11. Kori
  12. Smiley 
  13. Tiny
  14. Little 
  15. Goof 
  16. Puff Puff 
  17. Meowy 
  18. Sweetie 
  19. Honey 
  20. Honeybun 
  21. Sugar 
  22. Pudding 
  23. Wiggles
  24. Waffle 
  25. Pancake 

Foreign Ragdoll Cat Names 

Mink Seal Point Mitted, with Blaze, Ragdoll Cat Laying Down

A fluffy Ragdoll cat lying down.

©Sherri E. Wyatt/

If you’re well-traveled or love experiencing new things, why not try a foreign name for your Ragdoll cat? Every culture has its favorite names, and you may find one that you would never have thought of normally. 

Here are names from around the world broken up by country.

African Cat Names

  1. Zane
  2. Kendi
  3. Zala
  4. Shaka
  5. Ashanti
  6. Uma
  7. Feechi

Irish Cat Names

  1. Carney
  2. Tierney
  3. Kaylee
  4. Hurley
  5. Molly

Japanese Cat Names

  1. Maru
  2. Junko
  3. Hime
  4. Yoshiko
  5. Koko

Korean Cat Names

  1. Kyong
  2. Seulgi
  3. Hye
  4. Kyu
  5. Chun
  6. Jung 

Spanish Cat Names

  1. Mario
  2. Peludo
  3. Leon
  4. Ponce
  5. Santana
  6. Dario
  7. Paulita

Big Ragdoll Cat Names

Blue Mitted Ragdoll Cat outside, sitting on a stump.

Ragdoll cats reach their full size around four years old.

©Cindy Creighton/

Compared to some breeds, Ragdolls are huge! They’re famous for their thick, fluffy fur that makes them look twice the size of other cats. 

You can acknowledge your cat’s fluffiness with a fun name.

  1. Meaty 
  2. Bear
  3. Hercules
  4. Jumbo 
  5. Sumo
  6. Giant 
  7. Bertha 
  8. Big Boy 
  9. Bubba 
  10. Goliath
  11. Tubbs
  12. Flubber
  13. Bubbly
  14. Mondo
  15. Chonkers
  16. Buffy 
  17. Burly
  18. Whopper
  19. Magnum
  20. Maximus
  21. Waddles
  22. Biggie 
  23. Viking
  24. Blimpy
  25. Bubs 

Fictional Ragdoll Cat Names 

Beautiful young white purebred Ragdoll cat with blue eyes, at home.

A young purebred Ragdoll cat with blue eyes.


From your favorite movie to the last book you read, fiction is rich with amazing names. There are even fictional cats you can your Ragdoll after. Is your cat as smart as Crookshanks, the cat in Harry Potter that helped save the day? 

Check out these nostalgic names pulled from fiction and pop culture. 

  1. Crookshanks
  2. Dumbledore
  3. Thor 
  4. Loki 
  5. Garfield 
  6. Sirius 
  7. Dumbo 
  8. Aladdin 
  9. Austin Powers 
  10. Dr. Strange 
  11. Peter Parker 
  12. Tony the Tiger 
  13. Spock
  14. Captain Kirk 
  15. Uhura 
  16. Leia
  17. Skywalker 
  18. Gandalf
  19. Frodo 
  20. Captain Jack 
  21. Joker 
  22. Ripley
  23. Yoda
  24. Katniss
  25. Salander
  26. Batman 
  27. Gollum
  28. Optimus Prime
  29. Legolas
  30. Wednesday
  31. Groot
  32. Woody
  33. Buzz Lightyear
  34. Star-Lord
  35. Neo

Chill Ragdoll Cat Names

ragdoll kitten playing under the covers

Ragdoll kittens are pure white until they are around one to two weeks old.

© Kotsell

Your Ragdoll might be the calmest being in the room. Ragdolls are tender cats that love to cuddle and show devotion. Playtime happens, but they’re mostly very relaxed creatures. Your stress can drift away as you hang out with a regal Ragdoll. 

Reflect their personality with these names.

  1. Dreamy
  2. Softy
  3. Mellow
  4. Peace
  5. Little Bud 
  6. Buddy 
  7. Moony
  8. Dreamer
  9. Drowsy
  10. Baby 
  11. Felicity
  12. Remedy
  13. Blessing
  14. Hippie 
  15. Muse 
  16. Gentler 
  17. Solace
  18. Joy
  19. Yoga
  20. Yogi 
  21. Squeaky
  22. Cheery
  23. Harmony
  24. Ally
  25. Sleepyhead

Unique Ragdoll Names


Ragdoll cats have quiet natures.


A unique cat name is one that you don’t hear very often. You may never meet a cat with one of these interesting names. 

  1. Verany
  2. Larnie
  3. Puka
  4. Griffon
  5. Zaka
  6. Miomi
  7. Mushy
  8. Aspen
  9. Bigly
  10. Mawna
  11. Pomeline
  12. Elettra
  13. Finley
  14. Feta
  15. Fey 
  16. Mojo 
  17. Kerensa
  18. Larnie
  19. Brick
  20. Logger 
  21. Kimi
  22. Mandine
  23. Loro
  24. Bodhi
  25. Zephyr

Ragdoll Name Tips

There are no rules when it comes to naming your Ragdoll. Go spunky and fun with a name like Dumbo, or stay classic with a Max or Fido. Do you want to mix it up and call your female Ragdoll Max? Go ahead!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Amanda Almeida/

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