The 6 Best Senior-Friendly Hot Springs in Wyoming

Two female friends enjoy Granite Creek Hot Springs in Jackson Wyoming with black inner tubes
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Written by Joyce Nash

Published: November 15, 2023

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Wyoming has several regions with naturally occurring hot springs that are the result of volcanic activity deep under the Earth’s surface. Hot springs contain water that has been warmed by magma and is often rich in minerals such as sulfur and calcium. These natural springs have been known for centuries for their therapeutic properties and are believed to aid circulation, muscle aches, and more. Hot springs continue to be popular tourist destinations today, and many options include senior-friendly accommodations like accessible pools and changing areas. Keep reading to discover the six best senior-friendly hot springs in Wyoming.

6. Hellie’s Tepee Pools

The Teepee Fountain in Thermopolis is the result of mineral buildup on a steel pipe that was installed to vent the hot springs.

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Located in Hot Springs State Park and the city of Thermopolis, Hellie’s Tepee Pools has several different pool options, making it a great choice for seniors. The main indoor area at Hellie’s includes a large pool with a waterslide, hot tubs, a dry sauna, and a steam room. The temperature of their indoor hot tub is around 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Venturing outside, Hellie’s boasts a large pool that maintains a temperature of 94-98 degrees. This pool also features a waterslide that is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The outdoor hot tubs at Hellie’s are around 98-105 degrees and include wooden canopies for shade.

Thermopolis is home to several popular destinations, including the Teepee Fountain and Hot Springs County Museum. The Big Spring is less than a half mile from Hellie’s Tepee Pools, and its waters — flowing at 127 degrees — feed the nearby hot springs in the park.

5. Granite Hot Springs Pool

Two female friends enjoy Granite Creek Hot Springs in Jackson Wyoming with black inner tubes

Granite Hot Springs Pool sits along the Granite Creek.


In the western region of the state, Granite Hot Springs Pool is located near Granite Creek off Highway 189. This is a well-developed site with a concrete pool, although there are plenty of fir, spruce, and pine trees for shade. Granite Hot Springs Pool includes restroom facilities, informational kiosks, and a picnic area.

There is no potable water at this site, and while the walk is short from the parking area to the pool, the road to access the area is rough and unpaved. There is a fee to enter the pool, which is open during the summer and winter months. During the winter, the hot spring is accessible via fat bike, dog sled, skis, or snowmobile. 

4. Star Plunge

Star Plunge is located in Hot Springs State Park.

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Another popular hot spring for seniors is Star Plunge in Thermopolis. This destination is open year-round and has several different pool options, all heated by the nearby Big Spring. The indoor pool maintains a temperature of 94-98 degrees Fahrenheit, while the outdoor pool is around 90-94 degrees. Star Plunge also has a hot pool with water jets that stays around 104 degrees.

This destination has several water slides as well as a steam-filled vapor cave. Additionally, this senior-friendly location features an exercise area with treadmills and free weights.

3. Hot Springs State Park Bath House

Hot springs mineral water flows through Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, Wyoming

The Bighorn River flows through Hot Springs State Park.


Visitors to Hot Springs State Park can stop by the park’s free bathhouse to enjoy the therapeutic waters, which are kept at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This senior-friendly bathhouse is open daily year-round, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Additionally, Hot Springs State Park has over six miles of hiking trails, restroom facilities, a boat ramp, and areas for fishing. The park is also home to Wyoming State Park’s central bison herd. In the fall and winter, the bison are fed daily at 8:30 a.m., which visitors can observe from their vehicles. The park also features a suspension footbridge that crosses the Bighorn River, known to locals as “The Swinging Bridge.” 

2. Astoria Hot Springs

Sunrise from the Snake River Overlook in Wyoming with the Grand Tetons in the background.

The Snake River flows for over 1,000 miles through four states.


Located south of Jackson along the Snake River, the Astoria Hot Springs offers six different pools as well as programs and events. The ADA-accessible Leisure Pool, with water temperatures around 96-98 degrees Fahrenheit, is the largest pool at Astoria Hot Springs and is a great option for families and groups.

Additionally, Astoria Hot Springs features three hot soaking pools with waters that average 101-104 degrees Fahrenheit: the Meadow, Waterfall, and River Pools. The Meadow Pool is ADA-accessible and can hold 10-15 people. The Waterfall Pool can accommodate 8-12 people and offers a more private soaking experience, surrounded by native plants. The River Pool offers outstanding views of the Snake River and seats 10-15 people.

1. Hobo Hot Springs

Saratoga Natural Hot Springs/Hobo Hot Springs, Wyoming Swimming Holes

The Hobo Hot Springs in Saratoga are open to the public 24 hours a day.

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Topping our list of senior-friendly hot springs are the Hobo Hot Springs in Saratoga, which are free and open to the public every day. The waters at Hobo Hot Springs stay around 101-110 degrees Fahrenheit, although the water in the Lobster Pot reaches 120 degrees. 

Along with a developed concrete pool, Hobo Hot Springs has several rock-lined pools situated along the North Platte River. Additionally, this facility has restrooms and changing areas. The hot springs are a short drive from Saratoga Lake, which offers plenty of options for fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Summary of Wyoming’s Best Senior-Friendly Hot Springs

RankHot SpringLocation
#1Hobo Hot SpringsSaratoga
#2Astoria Hot SpringsJackson
#3Hot Springs State Park Bath HouseThermopolis
#4Star PlungeThermopolis
#5Granite Hot Springs PoolJackson
#6Hellie’s Tepee PoolsThermopolis

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