The Best Swimming Holes In Alabama

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: May 24, 2023
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In the summer, Alabama may literally be overrun with people heading for the hills. This is thanks to the lovely trails that conceal stunning cascades, rivers, and lakes that are ideal for a cool plunge. There are some places with incredibly clear water in The Heart of Dixie that are must-see destinations for your next swim adventure. 

Whether you find yourself running to the beach or escaping to the woodland for a much-needed break. Put on your most adorable suit, take a towel, and jump into one of Alabama’s top swimming holes. Alabama is beckoning you for an adventure with no lack of stunning natural swimming holes. 

You may float, canoe, and sunbathe to your heart’s delight wherever from the shore to the highlands. With views that go on for days, several of these places also make for fantastic road trips or hiking excursions.

1. High Falls Park

North Alabama’s High Falls Park is a secret treasure. Although there are plenty of signs pointing you on the right path, Sand Mountain’s backroads can quickly make you feel lost, so be mindful of your whereabouts. The magnificent waterfall, which extends upwards of 300 feet across Town Creek, serves as the park’s focal point. 

Apart from the magnificent sights, wading lazily in the quiet water above the waterfall is a great way to beat the heat. The 35-foot plunge from the rock arch into the deep water below the falls is frequently braved by thrill seekers who are acquainted with the area.

2. Desoto State Park

One of our favorite places to go swimming during the summer is atop Lookout Mountain, which is situated north of the main park. A jagged ledge is breached by water, which then plunges 104 feet into a large, deep pool that appears to have come straight out of The Goonies. It can be challenging to descend to the pool; we advise only experienced swimmers to attempt to access this lagoon. 

The cliffs behind the cascade have a cave built into it that makes a wonderful resting spot with cool mist from the tumbling falls. Dreaming on the brink of this swimming hole can transport you back in time because it is rich with folklore and historical information about Native Americans, Spanish explorers, and the Union Calvary.

While DeSoto Falls is thought to be a component of DeSoto State Park, it is really outside the park and is situated seven miles north of Valley Head, Alabama, near Mentone, Alabama. After leaving town on Route 117, take a right onto Route 613, which will lead to an observation deck for the waterfalls. 

Desoto State Park, Alabama
While DeSoto Falls is thought to be a component of DeSoto State Park, it is really outside the park and is situated seven miles north of Valley Head, Alabama.

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3. Lower Two Mile

Lower Two Mile is a location that a wandering eye could easily miss. This is a great spot for introverts to escape to on a hot summer afternoon! On Highway 176, in a bend just after milepost 21, there is a little pullout on the valley side. You can travel 500 feet down this little used trail to reach the canyon level from here. 

The 0.2-mile, somewhat difficult hike may feel lengthier than it is, but the vista is well worth the effort. The turquoise pool is surrounded by pristine beaches, giving it the perfect place to regain your breath and take in the panorama of the gorge. Feel inclined to spend as much time as necessary relaxing on the beach due to the lack of foot traffic.

Rapids both upstream and downstream create a natural pool such as this. The river is quiet enough to swim in, although being a little bit swifter here than at other swimming sites across the canyon. There is a big boulder that extends out over the lake a short distance down the sandy trail, making it a good place for sunbathing. Swing your leg into the freezing water below if you’re feeling daring! 

4. Kinlock Falls, Bankhead National Forest

Kinlock Falls, a magnificent 15-foot-tall, 25-foot-wide cascading cascade, serves as the setting for this swimming hole. The falls’ white water flows down into a clean, chilly pool, which is the ideal location for summer amusement. 

In the Bankhead National Forest, on the north side of Kinlock Road, is Kinlock, a wayside waterfall. A brief stroll down a series of cement stairs leads to a.3-mile trip down an unmarked gravel and dirt track. After this, you’ll have to make your way carefully toward the base of the falls. 

This area can be slippery, so be sure to wear shoes that have traction. The swimming hole is open from dawn till dusk. It provides visitors with a beautiful place to cool off during the scorching hot summer days.

5. Lower Falls Hole

The Lower Falls swimming hole in Chewacla State Park is a favorite spot for the neighborhood university and is excellent for underwater exploring. The ideal swimming hole is created when water rushes over the spillway just below the lake’s dam, winds between stones, and meets a small feeder creek. 

You could try locating the rope swing and other swimming sites farther downriver if you’re seeking some adventure and isolation. To reach this location, keep on the main road and travel two miles to the lower falls parking area.

The quarry that surrounds the land is for your protection. No matter how alluring the azure blue water appears, locals don’t recommend swimming there. 

6. Hippie Hole

The Hippie Hole is located along the Little River’s path, which creates the greatest canyon east of the Mississippi, Little River Canyon. It’s understandable why this charming swimming hole has long been a local favorite.

This is a narrow-block waterfall that spans the river with a deep pool at its base. The water is chilly and deep, and the rocky banks that encircle it provide the ideal place to spread out your blanket and relax in the sun after having fun in the water. 

Just off the boardwalk in Little River Canyon Falls Park, the hike starts. A flight of steep stone stairs leads down the final few yards to the swimming hole. Even if you work up a sweat on the way there, taking a dip in the refreshing water will be quite the reward. 

7. Hurricane Creek Park

A network of trails winding through Hurricane Creek Park near Falkville connects to an incredible gorge carved out by the creek’s raging torrents. A rusty barrier that has obstructed the creek has created a cool, deep pool at the bottom. 

The swimming hole offers tables and chairs, and you may see rock climbers ascending the gorge’s walls pretty much every day of the week. On U.S. 31, in Falkville, is where you’ll find the parking lot. A deteriorated structure that originally housed a cog train leading to the gorge’s bottom is visible. 

You can discover the path to the swimming area by walking around the structure. After a short hike, you will reach a flight of wooden stairs that go directly to the swimming hole from a seasonal waterfall. The switchbacks and steps make the ascent and descent more manageable.

8. Eberhart Point

Although Little River offers numerous great swimming spots, Eberhart Point is the best. The trail leads to one of the park’s most breathtaking views as it lowers into the canyon on the remains of the previous Canyonland Park. The descent will have you considering the ascent almost instantly since, despite being less steep than Lower Two Mile, the route is longer and less reliable. 

Take a break at one of the viewpoints with a view of the enormous gorge below if you want to pause and collect your breath on the way down. The journey’s rigor renders the oasis’s arrival all the more enjoyable.

From the sandy beach, enter the cool, emerald waters, and take in the canyon cliffs rising above. The river’s sides are lined with boulders, which provide great areas to jump into the cool water.

Summary of the Best Swimming Holes in Alabama

#Swimming HoleLocation
1 High Falls ParkTown Creek on Sand Mountain
2Desoto State ParkMentone
3Lower Two MileHighway 176, in a bend just after milepost 21
4Kinlock FallsBankhead National Forest
5Lower Falls HoleChewacla State Park
6Hippie HoleLittle River Canyon
7Hurricane Creek ParkFaulkville
8Eberhart PointLittle River Canyon

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