The Best Swimming Holes In Georgia

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: December 16, 2022
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Nothing is more enjoyable in the summer than taking a cool swim on a scorching day. You may build a pool in your yard or visit the community pool. However, there’s something inherently thrilling about discovering a natural swimming hole in the wild outdoors. Thankfully, there are tons of amazing swimming holes in Georgia if you live there or visit on a vacation.

The state has several rivers, ponds, streams, and waterfalls. Furthermore, a sizable portion of Georgia is still blanketed in beautiful forests that offer shade and safety for both wildlife and plants. 

Browse some of these swimming holes and get to know Georgia a little better. Numerous of them may be found at the end of hiking paths, making for a welcome reward after your journey. 

To ensure your safety and that swimming is still permitted, it is always a good idea to check with the regional authorities in the park you will visit.

High Shoals Falls & Blue Hole Falls

Blue Hole waterfall is a great swimming hole in Georgia.
Blue Hole waterfall, north Georgia.


Shoal Falls is a stunning waterfall with a swimming hole in the Chattahoochee National Forest. This trek welcomes canines. This hidden gem is only a few miles north of Helen, Georgia. The unpaved road that meanders up the mountain for almost a mile to the trailhead is a little difficult to find, so be sure to have your GPS.

A 2.4-mile stroll will take you to a bathing area where you can see a waterfall cascading over a 50-foot precipice. You can swim safely in the water as it has a depth of more than 10 feet.

Visit this beautiful spot on a hot sunny day. The brook is invigorating at 40-something degrees, even during the summer.

Swimming Holes in Georgia: Jack’s River Falls

Jack’s River Falls, which may be the least popular swimming spot on our list, is located farther into the Cohutta Wilderness and requires some hiking for access. Once arrived, you’ll discover a stunning swimming hole that will capture your heart. 

The nine-mile hike through the backcountry leaves Tennessee, traverses the border into Georgia, and ends at one of northern Georgia’s most spectacular waterfalls. The waterfall splits around towering rocks and cascades into a deep pool that is ideal for swimming, floating, and simply unwinding after the arduous hike to get there. 

The time it takes to get to this natural swimming hole will be worth it!

Gober Beach

Off a side road in Ballground and Canton, you’ll find a county swimming hole in the old-fashioned style. You can park your car there and appreciate the shallow water and gravel beach area while kayakers launch into the Etowah River. 

This refreshing body of water on the side of the road is perfect to beat the steamy Georgia heat! Here at A to Z Animals, we love that there’s no pet fee!

Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls Close Up in the Spring, near Blairsville, Georgia.
Helton Creek Falls Close Up in the Spring, near Blairsville, Georgia.

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This is a terrific location for picnicking on the nearby big boulders and playing in the fall pool during your break. The Helton Creek Falls pool receives both sun and shade, unlike other outdoor swimming areas, which are convenient on extremely hot and muggy Georgia days. Visit this location for awe-inspiring waterfall vistas and rock-sliding fun. 

Many visitors bring yoga mats to stretch and relax on the rocks at the bottom falls location. Natural swimming doesn’t get any better than this! If you want to extend this swimming excursion over the course of the weekend, Blairsville is the closest town.

Swimming Holes in Georgia: Edge of the World

To get to one of the greatest swimming spots in the state, take a stroll down the Amicalola River Trail. Wading in the sea and relaxing on the rocks are both options. Beware that this swimming hole is usually busy and packed on weekends.  

If you want more seclusion and peace, you can hike a little bit further down. If you’re coming from out of town, staying in Dawsonville will make getting around much easier.

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Helton Creek Falls Close Up in the Spring, near Blairsville, Georgia.
Helton Creek Falls Close Up in the Spring, near Blairsville, Georgia.
© James W. Thompson/

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