The Best Swimming Holes In Massachusetts

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Updated: August 11, 2023

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Are you looking for some fantastic places to cool off in the summer? Look no further! Let’s explore the top swimming holes in Massachusetts. Get ready for the best family outing, whether you want to swim in a renowned pond, wade near a waterfall, or both. Let’s dive in!

Puffer’s Pond

Puffer’s Pond has played a crucial role in defining North Amherst as a beloved natural resource. The Pond, Amherst’s largest piece of open water, is a popular destination for swimming, canoeing, picnicking, birdwatching, fishing, and other outdoor activities. 

Puffer’s Pond, which is around 11 acres in size and is about 3 miles north of the town center, has an average depth of five feet and a maximum depth of over 20 feet. On some USGS maps, the pond is designated as Factory Hollow Pond in addition to its other names.

The public places great value on the variety of sceneries along the Mill River, particularly Puffer’s Pond. Puffer’s Pond is beloved by Amherst locals, students, visitors, and tourists for many reasons. The nearby towns might eventually become ecologically dependent on it.

Green River Swimming & Recreation Area

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One of Greenfield’s town parks that sees the most traffic is the Green River Swimming Area. This property borders Murphy Park and Nims Tree Farm and is situated to the west of Greenfield’s downtown. The Riverside Community Path connects it to Greenfield’s core as well. 

Comprised of an in-stream swimming pool with a children’s play area made of sand, sports courts, snack stands, and picnic spots, it offers numerous recreational activities. The broad grassy space and large shade trees on the property add to its distinctiveness.

Benedict Pond

A shallow, 35-acre artificial lake, Benedict Pond, is located at a surface elevation of 1,580 feet. It feeds Stony Brook, a Housatonic River tributary. If you want a more secluded swimming spot, this pond is fantastic. 

Although there are visitors and campers in the Beartown State Forest region where it is located, the vistas and accessibility to secluded areas of the Berkshire woodlands are breathtaking. 

The restrooms and changing areas, as well as the hiking routes surrounding the pond, are all kept up properly. Parking costs money during the busy season, but many people think it’s worth it. It’s definitely a great option for those looking for a little privacy or a less crowded swimming area! 

40 Steps Beach

Closeup Selective Focus Of Massachusetts State On A Geographical And Political State Map Of The USA.

Massachusetts State on a map of the USA.


A stunning undiscovered gem near Nahant, Massachusetts, is 40 Steps Beach. Just off Nahant Road, in a tiny cove, is where you’ll find the beach. There are plenty of stones, rocks, and pebbles on the beach area, which is roughly 100 yards long. Along either side of the bay where the beach is located are rugged cliffs. 

In the summer, kids frequently climb these cliffs, and some even leap off of them into the lake. The beach was once reached by a 40-step stairway, which gave rise to its name. Additional steps were constructed to reach the beach due to erosion over time, but the Forty Steps Beach name still stands.

Due to its rocky nature, lack of services, tiny size, and limited parking, the beachfront is relatively low-key. You must be aware of parking locations if you visit Forty Steps Beach. There isn’t a designated parking lot, and the beach is virtually in a private neighborhood. Parking near the Nahant Public Library or at the neighboring Nahant Town Hall is the best option for visitors.

Deerfield River Portage

It would be a treat to board an inner tube and spend some time floating across the countryside. You can do that at Deerfield River Portage. Here’s how to enjoy the best float trip in Massachusetts on a beautiful summer afternoon in the sun. 

For people who are looking for outdoor summer adventures in Massachusetts, Deerfield River Portage arranges all-day tubing tours on the Deerfield River. You’ll need sunscreen, footwear, a swimsuit, a portable cooler for food, and whatever you want to remain dry, including additional clothing and a phone. 

The inner tubes and everything else are supplied by Deerfield River Portage. You’ll genuinely feel as though you’re flying over the countryside as the river passes through a gorgeous canyon devoid of buildings. The best part is that Deerfield River Portage will pick you up from your location, take you to the river, and then drive you back to your vehicle.

Summary of the Best Swimming Holes in Massachusetts

RankSwimming Hole
1Puffer’s Pond
2Green River Swimming & Recreation Area
3Benedict Pond
440 Steps Beach
5Deerfield River Portage

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