The Best Swimming Holes In Rhode Island

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: December 15, 2022
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Curious as to where you can cool off during the warm summer months in the Ocean State? Let’s take a look at the best swimming holes in Rhode Island.

Little Nini Pond

Little Nini Pond, which is frequently less crowded, is the ideal location for travelers looking for a peaceful, pleasant summer adventure. The spring-fed Little Nini Pond, located in the 227-acre Ninigret Park, has a number of amenities perfect for outdoor sports. The beach gazebo also has barbecue grills and picnic tables, which are well-known among the residents for hosting children’s parties. The park also has other amenities like a dog park, a disc golf course, and a playground.

Little Nini Pond, which is hidden from view, features tranquil waters ideal for young children. Furthermore, compared to other huge sandy beaches, its little beach offers tourists a welcome change.  The water is also incredibly clear, making them perfect for seeing the diverse marine environment that the pond supports. In addition, lifeguards are always ready to assist tourists. The Grassy Point Trail also leads hikers and bird watchers through the splendor of Ninigret Park.

Watchaug Pond

The 573-acre Watchaug Pond is big and spacious. It is one of Rhode Island’s biggest freshwater lakes. Burlingame Management Area encompasses a large portion of Watchaug Pond, however, some homes are located there on the southern and eastern shores. 

Since this swimming area is well-liked in the summer, it is expected to be crowded, especially near the southeast end of the pond, unless it is early in the day. The western, marshy portion seems more untamed and far away. In the early spring, trout are added to the pond. Watchaug Pond has a maximum depth of 36 feet and an average depth of about eight feet.

Watchaug Pond
Watchaug Pond is one of the state’s largest lakes.

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Wallum Lake

Wallum Lake spans two states and is more than 200 acres in size. Its shores are lined with sandy beaches. The northern half of the lake is in Douglas, Massachusetts, and the southern half is in Burrillville, Rhode Island. Forests also cover some of the lake’s surroundings. These factors combine to make this location perfect for various outdoor pursuits like bird viewing. 

Summer vacation homes line the area around the lake, which is hidden away from the busy town of Burrillville. Visitors come here to unwind and enjoy the sunshine. Long lengths of sandy beaches also provide ideal play areas for children.

The swimming spot also ensures crystal-clear waters, highlighting the lake’s marine ecology. Additionally, it has a portion with a shallow area that is perfect for young children to play in. The lake is a great place for canoeing, which offers the unusual experience of kayaking from Burrillville to Douglas County while taking in the surrounding natural beauty. 

Wallum Lake is a great place to go fishing because it is home to a variety of species of fish, such as rainbow trout, landlocked salmon, and yellow perch. Due to the abundance of birds that inhabit the area, the marshy area around the lake makes it the ideal location for bird watching.

Ninigret Pond

The largest of the salt ponds in southern Rhode Island is located in Charlestown and is named Ninigret Pond. State and federal authorities maintain a significant portion of the seashore in its natural state. Common pastimes include swimming, kayaking, angling, and windsurfing. 

Bluefish and striped bass fishing, as well as recreational and commercial fishing, are supported by resources. This lagoon along the coast is mostly fueled by a number of little streams. A kayaker’s dream, Ninigret Pond. The majority of it is shallow and unhindered. The itinerary provided is but one of kayaking’s countless excursions. 

Kayaking along East Beach from the Ninigret Conservation Area will offer a leisurely cruise around the pond’s western basin.

Olney Pond

Olney Pond, located in the center of Lincoln Woods State Park, offers visitors a wealth of summertime activities. This pond, which lies north of downtown Providence, is surrounded by Lincoln Woods Park’s breathtaking nature. The beach also provides young children with adequate play areas. 

Its gradual slope is another important feature that distinguishes it from other swimming holes. For kids and less experienced swimmers, the incline’s shallow water is great. Kayaking and canoeing are other great activities the water feature guarantees, and boat ramps are strategically placed around the shorelines.

Rowing across the pond’s crystal-clear waters, visitors can see the thriving marine ecology that is sustained below. Anglers can learn more about fishing by snagging trout and other fish species that are swimming in the water. 

Canoeing and kayaking are a couple of the other thrilling water sports accessible at the pond. When the beach season begins, lifeguards are also staffed seasonally at Olney Pond. Visitors can get help from these staff managing the waters.

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pond sunset in rhode island
pond sunset in rhode island
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