The Best Swimming Holes In Vermont

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: August 16, 2023
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Have you ever wondered where’s the best place to swim in Vermont? Let’s take a look at a handful of the most incredible swimming holes in the state! 

Trout River Falls

A welcome sign at the Vermont state line.

Vermont has tons of great swimming holes.

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Trout River Falls is the correct name for this section of the Trout River near Montgomery Center. However, as children, we always nicknamed it Three Holes. For this expedition, bring a towel and bring sturdy water shoes. You should refrain from attempting to travel to this swimming hole while toting a sizable beach bag, expensive cameras, or small children on your back.

The three distinct swimming spots give Three Holes their name. The first one has a 10-foot waterfall filling it. There are bluffs on three sides of this huge, sheltered pool. This difficult-to-reach location is ideal for local cliff jumpers and other extreme adventurers.

Even though the second hole is significantly smaller, it’s still great for relaxing and admiring the environment. The third pool is the most often used place to relax on a hot Vermont afternoon because it receives the most sunlight. To avoid the crowds, go swimming here on a weekday.

Swimming Holes in Vermont: Warren Falls

In Warren, Vermont, right off picturesque Route 100, four different cascades on the Mad River combine to form Warren Falls, a cliff jumper’s paradise. There is a plethora of space to sprawl out in the large and deep swimming area. 

We believe this is one of the nicest swimming areas. Warren Falls’ waterfalls are average, but the entire area is surrounded by cliffs with sharp drops on either side. 

It is simplest to approach the water in the lowest pool if you explore Warren Falls with dogs or young children. Families love the shallow, gravelly areas since there are fewer people there. The short walk to Warren Falls is ideal for carrying picnic supplies, including sandwiches, towels, and camping chairs. 

Bristol Falls

Bristol Falls is a summertime hotspot for locals. Even though it’s a very well-liked swimming location, there’s space for everyone, including the daring cliff divers, the couples who just want to unwind, and the older teenagers who want to explore the region around the falls. 

The huge, sheeted waterfall at Bristol Falls, which you may sit beneath or behind, is its main attraction. The falls fill a sizable swimming area that is deep enough to leap into. Take one of the big rocks that are ideal for lounging on and proceed downstream to a small beach.

From the street parking area, you may access several trails. All of these will eventually take you to the river and some fantastic swimming. You can locate Circle Current, a less frequented swimming location, by traveling upstream for about a quarter of a mile. 

West Dummerston Covered Bridge

Middlebury, Vermont


The West Dummerston Covered Bridge is, first and foremost, a sight to behold in and of itself. The largest covered bridge wholly located in Vermont is this one. You can park in a tiny lot near the bridge’s entry and proceed to the river by going down several stone stairs. 

The swimming is fantastic, and there is a lovely gravel beach. The current in this area is not at all bad and suitable for all ages. The fact that this Vermont swimming spot is rarely as overcrowded as those in the north is its best feature. 

This location on the West River is ideal for a day trip, and it’s near Brattleboro and Yalla, our go-to lunch restaurant. Drive Route 30 north for around seven miles beyond Brattleboro. You will see W. Dummerston Covered Bridge Road on the right, and there is plenty of space to park close by.

Swimming Holes in Vermont: Salmon Hole

From Jamaica State Park, one of our favorite places to camp in the summer, you can access Salmon Hole, one of the numerous deep swimming holes in the West River. Recommendation from us? Bring your bikes, reserve a lean-to for the night, and unwind by the riverbank for a few days. 

Visitors can cool off in Salmon Hole, a broad, deep area in the West River, just after setting up camp. The river is close to the playground and is deep enough for diving. The water is still and clear. You can even observe the huge trout swimming down the river’s floor if you have goggles with you.

A half-mile or so from the parking area, there are a couple of picnic tables next to the rail trail along the river. Both are close to excellent swimming areas. The community of Jamaica, Vermont, is a short walk from Jamaica State Park, which is situated on Route 30/100. When you reach Jamaica, make a right onto Depot Street and proceed across the river.

Summary of The Best Swimming Holes In Vermont

Here is a summary of the best swimming holes in Vermont and where they are located:

Swimming HoleLocation
1Trout River FallsOn the Trout River near Montgomery Center
2Warren FallsRight off Route 100 along Mad River
3Bristol FallsOn the New Haven River in Bristol
4West Dummerston Covered BridgeOn the West River near Brattleboro and Yalla
5Salmon HoleOn the West River in the community of Jamaica

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