The Best Swimming Holes in Wyoming

Firehole River, Wyoming Swimming Holes
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Updated: August 16, 2023

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During the hottest months, swimming holes are a terrific place to warm up or cool down. In Wyoming, though, you must pay close attention to where the water is boiling. Stay away from such regions at all costs.

Despite that caution, there are many places warm and cool that are suitable for swimming in Wyoming. Here are several swimming spots with which you should become acquainted before visiting. They’re all totally worth the visit!

In Yellowstone National Park, the Firehole River Canyon is a nice place to spend some time and escape the arid heat.

String Lake

String Lake, Wyoming Swimming Holes

Offering breathtaking views, String Lake is wonderful for swimming.

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Located at the foot of Mount St. John and Rockchuck Peak, String Lake is a small body of water that connects Leigh Lake and Jenny Lake. You can enjoy breathtaking views of Teewinot and Mt. Moran from the shore as well. 

Compared to the glacier lakes on each side, the shallow lake is chillier. There are several nice places for youngsters to wade in and the warm water makes it a great place to swim. If you have a raft or kayak, you’ll appreciate how clear the water is because you can see the lake bottom from any point.

Additionally, it’s a terrific way to visit Jenny Lake and Leigh Lake so you can go boating on more expansive waterways. You can launch your boat at String Lake, travel to the end of the lake, and then traverse to the adjacent lake.

Firehole River

Firehole River, Wyoming Swimming Holes

Because Firehole River receives drainage from thermal geysers like Old Faithful, the water is heated well.

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Beginning south of Old Faithful, the Firehole River travels through thermal regions before joining the Gibbon to become the Madison River. For its unspoiled beauty and wholesome brown, brook, and rainbow trout, the Firehole is renowned among anglers all over the world.

In Yellowstone National Park, the Firehole River Canyon is a nice place to spend some time and escape the arid heat. It has shallow areas outside the current as well as rapids that discharge into a deep pool. Everyone should take care to stay away from the main current as the waters can be deadly. 

Since the river receives drainage from numerous thermal phenomena, notably Old Faithful, the water is heated for this altitude. Geothermal features all around the river discharge water into it, changing the temperature of the water in the process. The water’s temperatures have been recorded at 86 °F and are typically 9 to 18 °F higher than those of locations upstream of the geothermal effect.

Hellroaring Creek Trail

Hellroaring Creek Trail Sign, Wyoming, Swimming Holes in Wyoming

Hellroaring Creek Trail offers a swimming location, but many of the fords there are dangerous, and can’t be crossed.

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A little beach and swimming area created by the creek’s sandy bank near the trail is the perfect place to cool off at Hellroaring Creek Trail. The hike’s surroundings have a lot of swimming holes that can be a great deal of fun for backpackers and a pleasant surprise for trail-going families. 

In the vicinity of Hellroaring Creek, there are a number of campsites if you fell in love with the place and wanted to stay longer. Even though you might not be able to stay indefinitely, you can camp there one night and then enjoy the area’s splendor and swimming spots the following day. 

Cutthroat, rainbow, brook, brown, and whitefish can be found in both the Hellroaring Creek and the Yellowstone River, which are both enormous fishing grounds. Even while it could seem a little frightening, the sight is a lot of fun for everyone.

Popo Agie Water Slide

Popo Agie Water Slide, Wyoming Swimming Holes

The trail at Popo Agie Falls is a spectacular hike and provides the opportunity to slide down a waterfall.

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We’ll discuss one of Wind River Country’s greatest treasures next. Locals and visitors agree that this is among the most incredible experiences and for a legitimate reason. Individuals of all ages will appreciate the thrill of walking to Popo Agie Falls. 

The route is lovely. The track follows the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River for the first mile. The sagebrush terrain is dotted with arrowleaf balsamroot and other wildflowers in the early part of the season.

When you reach the swimming hole and a string of cascades, including Popo Agie Falls, you win the real treasure. This is a fantastic spot for a picnic, a dip to escape the sweltering heat, and to rinse off the perspiration from the hike. 

Again, people of all ages will enjoy this place and have a blast in the heart of Wyoming! However, I’d be remiss if I failed to explain the reason why so many people trek this trail: the chance to slide down a waterfall!

Mr. Bubbles Hot Spring

Mr. Bubbles Hot Spring, Wyoming Swimming Holes

The Bechler region of Yellowstone National Park is where visitors can find Mr. Bubbles.

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One of the few spots in Yellowstone National Park where you may really bathe in the thermal waters is Mr. Bubbles. One of the best-kept secrets in the generally crowded park is the Bechler region of Yellowstone. It is off the usual route, distant from promenades, road networks, shuttle buses, and souvenir stores. 

You can explore single-track dirt trails in the backcountry and view unmarked natural features. Additionally, there’s a considerable probability that you’ll witness wildlife from the security of your driver’s side door. 

On the Bechler River Trail, the hot spring can be found around midway between Old Faithful and the Bechler Ranger station. You’ll come across a number of cascades and cross the river several times throughout the trail. There are several log-based crossings and others that use bridges. Put your feet in the water and relax! 

Saratoga Natural Hot Springs

Saratoga Natural Hot Springs/Hobo Hot Springs, Wyoming Swimming Holes

Saratoga, Wyoming, is a resort town with famous hot springs.

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Also known as Hobo Hot Springs, Saratoga Natural Hot Springs is the perfect place to soak in nature… literally! A genuine Carbon County jewel can be found in the serene and charming resort town of Saratoga, Wyoming. The world-famous mineral hot springs and thermal waters have played a significant role in shaping Saratoga’s history. 

Native Americans would visit the hot springs, which were regarded as neutral land, and soak in them. A bathhouse was eventually constructed as the number of tourists to the Platte Valley increased. The rich North Platte River Valley continues to draw weary visitors and locals alike to the same waters that drew the first settlers there. 

The Saratoga Hot Pool, with water that ranges in temperature from 101 to 110 degrees, is available to the general public for free, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This means you can enjoy a soak under the stars or on a chilly autumn day! 

The Boiling River

Boiling River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Swimming Holes

A Yellowstone locale fit for a warm swim is the Boiling River.

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When a sizable hot spring joins the Gardner River and mixes with the chilly water to generate a temperature suitable for bathing, the result is known as the Boiling River. The natural hot tub is a wonderful location to pause, unwind, and take in Yellowstone’s breathtaking natural splendor while basking in the heated water.

Here, the Boiling River hot spring and the cold water of the Gardner River mingle. One of the few permitted soaking spots in Yellowstone is Boiling River. It is not permitted to swim or dive in hot springs or other thermal characteristics. Those waters are particularly delicate. You can relax in water bodies that receive their supply from hydrothermal features’ runoff, however.

Phelps Lake

Phelps Lake, Wyoming Swimming Holes

At Grand Teton National Park, Phelps Lake is a scenic area for swimming, fishing, hiking, and camping.

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The Phelps Lake route is situated in one of the state’s most picturesque areas, Grand Teton National Park. It is sometimes overlooked by park visitors due to the adjacent Jenny Lake. You won’t want to overlook this place on your trip to Grand Teton National Park, though.

While swimming, fishing, and hiking around stunning Phelps Lake, hikers can take advantage of a number of campsites on the west side of the lake. Along the walk, there is a well-liked cliff-jumping rock. That jump allows hikers to take a swim while receiving a close-up view of the lake and the park’s splendor.

Numerous animals, such as deer, moose, bears, and rabbits, can be found nearby. In case you come into contact with bears, make sure to have bear spray. Avoid hiking after dark to prevent unwelcome encounters with wildlife as they frequently use the trail.

Summary Of The Best Swimming Holes in Wyoming

RankSwimming HoleLocation
1String LakeGrand Teton National Park
2Firehole RiverNorthern Wyoming in Yellowstone National Park
3Hellroaring Creek TrailYellowstone National Park
4Popo Agie Water Slidesix miles outside of Lander, near Sinks Canyon State Park
5Mr. Bubbles Hot SpringBechler region of Yellowstone National Park
6Saratoga Natural Hot SpringsSaratoga
7The Boiling RiverYellowstone National Park
8Phelps LakeGrand Teton National Park
Summary Table Of The Best Swimming Holes in Wyoming

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