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The Coral Triangle

The Coral Triangle

28th May 2012
Coral Reef

The Coral Triangle is a 6 million square kilometre region that spans across 6 countries in south-east Asia and the Pacific, covering regions that are home to more than 500 coral reef species. It contains more coral reef species than any other place on the planet.

Home to 76% (605) of the world's coral reef species and 37% (2,228) of the world's coral reef fish species, the Coral Triangle is the most biodiverse marine ecosystem on Earth and is known to directly support 120 million people that inhabit coastal regions throughout the area.

Coral Reef - (C)Jim Maragos, U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service

Encompassing parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, New Guinea, Soloman Islands and Timor Leste, the Coral Triangle is also home to 6 of the world's 7 sea turtle species, along with the endangered dugong and visitors such as the world's largest animal, the blue whale.

However, with the rapid expansion of human populations throughout the region along with coastal development, there is higher demand for fish (both to eat and to keep as pets) and more strain being put on this ancient ecosystem from increasing activity and pollution that both severely disrupts and permanently damages it.

Coral Reef - (C)NOAAs National Ocean Service

On the 9th June 2012, Coral Triangle Day will be celebrated to bring awareness to people both in local communities and around the world about the importance for protecting the world's epicentre of marine diversity, using sustainable solutions. For more information please see the Coral Triangle Website.