The Deadly Standoff Between A Mother Giraffe and A Lion Pack Doesn’t End Well

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 18, 2023
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Giraffes frequently look unaffected by life surrounding them, towering over the treetops of the savannah and continually grazing, as few predators represent a threat to these incredibly tall creatures. A baby giraffe, on the other hand, is vulnerable to predator attacks, and it is up to the maternal giraffe to safeguard her young.

Strong necks, similarly long and lanky legs, and speckled coats distinguish these tall creatures. Giraffes do not have boundaries since they are so sociable. Giraffe moms are relatively hands-off, which may surprise you.

They frequently take turns keeping an eye on the calves after they’re born. The mother giraffe will occasionally leave the youngster alone. When this occurs, the newborn will lie down and await the return of its mother. While a baby animal relaxing alone seems relatively wholesome, it can become dangerous quickly.

Watch A Giraffe Try to Save Her Calf in the Video Below

Latest Sightings, a YouTube channel, uploaded a video of a heartwrenching standoff between these tall creatures and a pack of lions. It starts with a newborn giraffe, seemingly alone, being stalked by two lions. They quickly attack and bring the baby to the ground.

Within seconds, the towering mother runs into the situation to protect her child. One of the lions flees instantly, while the other needs the mother to tell it to scram! It’s hard to tell from the video but it looks as if when the lions initially attacked the calf, they may have injured its back leg.

Lions are predators by nature. They will beat their opponents with their paws while also slashing them with their sharp claws. To finish off an opponent, they attack them around the throat, choking or inflicting such horrendous hemorrhaging that their target dies.

The video cuts to another scene where the baby giraffe is lying near a dirt road. There are multiple white vehicles stationary nearby. It appears as a cat-and-mouse game. The lions continue to attack and the mother giraffe keeps defending her young.

There’s not much the mom can do in this situation. Her baby is severely hurt, so in hopes of putting off the inevitable, she continues to chase the lions off. While we are unsure why the parent doesn’t stay by the little one’s side, we’re sure whatever is happening is in the best interest of the calf.

It takes just one more time for the mother to walk away until the lions drag the lifeless body of the baby giraffe behind some brush to enjoy their fresh meal. It’s sad to watch and is a stark reminder of how wild it is out in the jungle.

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