The 5 Fastest Growing Towns in Iowa Everyone Is Talking About

Written by Alyssa Shea
Published: October 23, 2023
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Some great towns are seeing incredible growth in Iowa! The state is known for some great natural scenic views and affordable homes. If you top that with low crime rates and welcoming communities, you’ve got everything it takes to create high demand for specific towns. Some surveys even say that Iowa is the best state to retire in! Young or old, more people are heading to these Iowa towns.

1. Waukee

Aerial View of the Downtown Center of Waukee, Iowa during Summer

Waukee was known as a coal mine community until 1949.

©Jacob Boomsma/iStock via Getty Images

The hometown feel of Waukee is one of the biggest draws for this Iowa town. It’s also just 15 minutes from downtown Des Moines! Waukee, Iowa’s population grew by 10% from 2021 to 2022. Reports of the 2023 population have totaled 31,284! Besides checking out the local brewing company, there are plenty of parks and other outdoor activities. There are also many trails that outdoor enthusiasts enjoy, including Heart of the Warrior Trail and Raccoon River Valley Trail. Diverse workforce opportunities and excellent school systems are big draws for young families, too!

2. Ankeny

Aerial View of the Des Moine Suburb of Ankeny, Iowa

The John Deer Des Moines Works is a massive landmark in Ankeny because it’s been a major employer in the area for over a century.

©Jacob Boomsma/iStock via Getty Images

This northern suburb of Des Moines is one of the fastest-growing towns in Iowa for a reason! This safe, family-friendly area has numerous parks, trails, and high-quality schools. The population of Ankeny has recently reached 70,287, which makes it the 6th largest city in Iowa! One big draw to this city is the vibrant art scene, which includes many galleries that show off the works of local artists. You can check out the annual Ankeny Summerfest, a lively festival that locals flock to!

3. Bondurant

Welcome to Iowa sign

Bondurant is a suburb of Des Moines with a population of a little over 7,000.

©Thinkstock/Stockbyte via Getty Images

There are plenty of different reasons why Bondurant has quickly become so popular. At the end of 2020, an Amazon fulfillment center opened, creating numerous jobs to entice locals. Between 2010 and 2020, the city has nearly doubled its population size at a growth rate of 91%! They aren’t showing signs of stopping anytime soon, either. The mayor has recently announced plans to upgrade their centralized park in town, called City Park. They don’t plan to lose that small-town feeling, either. The low crime rate and new home construction will only continue to make this town more appealing.

4. Cedar Rapids

Aerial View of Cedar Rapids Iowa Downtown

Cedar Rapids ranked #23 on the list of safest cities in America.

©Aaron Yoder/iStock via Getty Images

You might know of Cedar Rapids from its notoriety of being the second-largest city in Iowa and the fifth fastest-growing city in Iowa. Its proximity to big cities and highways makes it an easy choice for many families. The agriculture and food production industries are booming, which means only good things for the local economy. This city is home to over 300 different manufacturing plants! This thriving town has become a beacon for young families.

5. Grimes

Grimes. Iowa. USA on a map

Grimes is expected to increase by around 1,500 people annually, reaching 25,000 within the next decade.


One of the cities with the most dramatic growth would have to be Grimes, Iowa. Locals all claim that the community is genuinely welcoming and has a little something for everyone. Whether you’re super active or just looking to settle in with your family, you will find something for you here. The schools are incredible, the neighborhoods are safe and appealing, and it’s close to Des Moines, too. The transformation from a farming community to a thriving urban city is almost complete!

Recap: The 5 Fastest Growing Towns in Iowa Everyone Is Talking About

4Cedar Rapids

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