The 5 Fastest Growing Towns in Wyoming Everyone Is Talking About

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Updated: September 27, 2023

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Many Americans continue to flock to the southern states. Whether it’s due to politics, lifestyle, or affordability, we’re seeing consistent growth in the south. But why is Wyoming drawing so many residents? A big part of the reason is that it is one of only nine states that doesn’t have an income tax. It’s true that more people moved into Wyoming than left it between July 2021 and July 2022. So, which towns are seeing the most growth?

1. Cheyenne

With so many people flocking to the south, it’s no surprise that Cheyenne would see continual growth. Cheyenne is the most populous city in Wyoming, with just over 65,000 residents. Its prime location only helps this continuous growth. Being a part of the Front Range urban corridor, a region encompassing 18 counties in Colorado and Wyoming, means it’s a prime spot for transportation.

We’re going to continue seeing growth in Cheyenne. Experts say that the city will grow at a rate of approximately two percent every year! The  U.S. Air Force continues to bring more active duty members through its F.E. Warren Air Force Base, which is at the city’s western end. A big draw for many people is the rich history of the Native American Cheyenne Tribe. Museums, botanic gardens, and local ranches are also great places to visit!

Aerial View of a Sunrise over Downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Wyoming State Capitol was planned, designed, and constructed over three phases in 1888, 1890, and 1917.

2. Gillette

You might not have heard of Gillette, Wyoming, but it’s a very fast-growing town of nearly 33,000 located in the northeastern area of the state. The area has seen a growth rate of about 14 percent, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Cloud Peak Energy, a coal mining company in the Powder River Basin, provides many job opportunities for locals. The friendly, tight-knit community is very welcoming to new faces, too!

Tourism is also a big draw for Gilette. The auto museum is a popular spot, and many vacationers visit while traveling Yellowstone National Park. It’s also just an hour’s drive from Devils Tower National Monument. Hunting is also a popular sport here. The area’s cost of living and low crime levels mean it’s a good place for families to land.

Severe thunderstorm near Gillette, Wyoming.

Gillette has mild storms in comparison to other parts of Wyoming.

3. Laramie

If you’re looking for a small-town feeling with close ties to nature, Laramie might be right for you. The scenery here is stunning, and the cost of living is very appealing. Being so close to Medicine Bow National Forest means you will see a considerable diversity of wildlife. While the weather can be challenging due to long winters, the benefits definitely outweigh the cons.

Many outdoor enthusiasts head here for skiing, hiking, snowboarding, and more! With a population of just over 31,000 people, many more are being drawn to the low cost of living and home costs. Its proximity to the University of Wyoming offers many job opportunities for locals. However, this can make it challenging to find housing.

Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming

A breathtaking view of the snowy Medicine Bow Mountain Range near Laramie, Wyoming.

4. Sheridan

What might be so appealing about Sheridan, Wyoming, a town of just 19,000 residents? Many retirement-age people continue to head to this region. Officials agree that the pandemic only helped to spur this migration. The growth hasn’t slowed, and the housing market has been trying to catch up. The quality of life is highly appealing as many factors play a significant role. The low cost of living, a wonderful tax structure, and a scenic atmosphere are all attractive aspects of this town.

Since it’s located halfway between Yellowstone Park and Mount Rushmore, it’s a popular spot for travelers to spend some downtime. With plenty of nightlife, food options, and delicious coffee shops, many younger folks are eying this town. Safe neighborhoods, low crime, and a beautiful downtown area bring in diverse age groups, including those of retirement age.

Two Bison In Sheridan Wyoming

Roaming bison are a common sight in Sheridan, Wyoming.

5. Casper

There is a reason why Casper is nicknamed “The Oil City.” The town has a rich history of being an oil boomtown and cowboy culture. The city is on the larger side with nearly 59,000 residents, and that growth won’t be slowing anytime soon. Agriculture and sheep and cattle ranching are a big part of life here. Housing prices are slightly higher here, but the schools are good, and the lively community offers many opportunities.

This city continues to be a retail, medical, and energy-industry service hub for most of Wyoming. This means employment opportunities are widely available. Travel options are vast here as well, as the Casper-Natrona County International Airport is so close. Casper offers some of the best higher education options in the area and plenty of outdoor amenities.

Aerial View of Casper, One of the largest Towns in Wyoming

The town of Casper was established In June of 1888.

Summary of the 5 Fastest Growing Towns in Wyoming Everyone Is Talking About


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