The Flag of Czech Republic: History, Meaning, and Symbolism

Written by Jennifer Gaeng
Published: January 10, 2023
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The Czech Republic, which is located in Central Europe, is a stunning landlocked nation. The flag of the Czech Republic is a symbol of the Czech Republic that is known all over the world. In this article, we will discover everything there is to know about the Czech flag, from where it came from to the role it plays in the cultural traditions of the Czech Republic.

The Flag of Czech Republic History

the flag of Czech Republic

The Czech Republic Flag used to be almost identical to Polands flag, so a blue triangle was placed on it to differentiate it.

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The flag that is currently used by the Czech Republic (or simply Czechia) is the same as the flag that was used by Czechoslovakia in the past. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the Czech Republic chose to keep using the Czechoslovak flag while Slovakia adopted its own flag. White over red, just like the flag of Bohemia, was the original design of the Czechoslovak flag. Since the flag was almost exactly the same as the flag of Poland (the main difference being the size), in 1920, a blue triangle was added to the hoist side of the flag.

1918 – 1920

Since the Czech Republic’s independence in 1918, the flag of Bohemia—red and white like the Polish flag—has flown over Czechoslovakia. Jaroslav Kursa, an archivist in the Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior, had his design picked after appeals for a new flag to be adopted by the new state. He altered the traditional Bohemian coat of arms by adding an enlarged blue version of the same pattern to the middle of the red and white horizontal stripes.

Since being authorized by the National Assembly of Czechoslovakia on 30 March 1920, the flag has been flown nonstop, with the exception of the time period of the German occupation of Czechoslovakia during World War II.

Nazi Ban in 1939

When the Nazis took control of Bohemia and Moravia in 1939 and established a government there, they outlawed the use of the flag and replaced it with a horizontal tricolor consisting of white, red, and blue that was to be flown for the duration of the war.

1990 – 1993

The Czech Republic reverted to the old red and white flag for a brief time after the Velvet Revolution, from 1990 to 1992. During the discussions in 1992 that led to the disintegration of Czechoslovakia, a provision was introduced into the relevant legislation prohibiting the use of the Czechoslovak official emblems by either successor state. The Czech Republic, however, has continued to fly the flag. The first of the year 1993 marked the official adoption of the Czech national flag.

The Flag of Czech Republic Design And Colors

The flag of the Czech Republic is in the form of a rectangle with a white and red band across the center (which is normally drawn shorter) and a blue triangle at the hoist.

Vertical Hoisting

When flying the Czech flag vertically, the blue triangle should be at the top, and the red color should be to the right. This involves displaying the backside or reverse.

flag of Czech Republic

The flag of the Czech Republic has standards for vertical hoisting.


The Flag of Czech Republic Symbolism

The national identity of the Czech Republic has been questioned on multiple occasions throughout the course of the last century, making the significance of the country’s flag all the more apparent. It is a symbol of the nation coming together as a whole and prevailing despite the challenges it faces.

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