The Flag of Paraguay: History, Meaning, and Symbolism

Written by Jennifer Gaeng
Updated: November 30, 2022
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The Bandera de Paraguay, also known as the Paraguayan flag, first appeared in 1842. Its red, white, and blue triband design was based on the French Tricolor, which is said to stand for liberty and independence. The flag is remarkable because it has two different designs on each side: the treasury seal on the reverse and the nation’s coat of arms on the obverse. Only one flag of a sovereign nation-state has different designs on both sides, and that flag belongs to Paraguay! The history, significance, and symbolism of the Paraguayan flag are discussed in further detail below.

Flag of Paraguay History

flag of Paraguay

The Paraguay flag has a history dating back to the early 1800s.

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1814 – 1840

During José Gaspar Rodrguez de Francia’s (from 1814–40) administration, the horizontal red-white-blue pattern of the French flag was adopted. The focal point of the design was the country’s coat of arms, which featured a golden star encircled by a wreath as well as the inscription “Republic of Paraguay.” After a new flag was approved in 1826, the tri-color flag was kept as a backup.

1840 – 1842

After Dr. José Joséparpar Rodrguez de Francia passed away in 1840, garrisons didn’t raise the tricolor flag until 1842, when they took down their blue banners. The blue monochrome banner had a six-pointed star in the upper left corner. The General Congress unfurled Paraguay’s first official flag on November 25, 1842, which was modeled by the flag of 1812. On November 27, 1842, Paraguayan lawmakers established the nation’s first flag law. The national coat of arms was replaced by the treasury seal. The coat of arms and treasury seal’s basic design hasn’t changed much since 1842, although there have been a few changes in how they’ve been shown in art.


In order to bring the flag’s design closer to the original, changes were made in 2013. Both symbols were last changed on July 15, 2013. Upon further research, it appears that the coat of arms wording is now atop the color red with the star atop the color blue in current depictions. The same colors of the original flag are still present, however. We were unable to confirm if both are still in use. However, According to the official website of the Paraguayan presidency, “the coat of arms shows a yellow star on blue disc; the 3 blue-white-red thin circles should reportedly be replaced by a thick red circle.”

Flag of Paraguay: Design and Colors

flag of Paraguay design

The flag of Paraguay colors is a vertical tricolor of red, white, and blue. The obverse side above depicts the nation’s coat of arms. There appear to be two versions of this symbol.


The ratio of the Paraguay flag is 11:20. On the front side, the white field is charged with the country’s coat of arms in the middle. This is made up of the whole name of the country, “REPUBLICA DEL PARAGUAY,” as well as a yellow Star of May, or the nation’s coat of arms. This honors the month the state gained its independence in 1811. The Treasury’s seal or coat of arms features a lion facing east carrying a staff with a liberty cap on it and the words “PAZ Y JUSTICIA” meaning “Peace and Justice” inscribed above it. This is depicted in the same location on the reverse of the flag.

Flag of Paraguay Waving (Reverse Side)

Flag of Paraguay Waving (Reverse Side) with the nation’s treasury seal.

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The flag of Paraguay is a vertical tricolor of red, white, and blue. The Paraguayan flag incorporates the colors of the French flag. These colors are thought to stand for independence and freedom.  A horizontal red, white, and blue tricolor is displayed on either side, with the National Emblem in the center of the white band.  It is a green wreath with the words “Republic of Paraguay” inscribed on top, encircled by a yellow five-pointed star and two concentric circles.

Flag of Paraguay Symbolism

Paraguay national flag waving in beautiful clouds.

Paraguay’s national flag represents many things such as justice, peace, and patriotism.


Paraguay made a unique flag since it was largely separated from the rest of Spanish-ruled South America. The color blue represents freedom, empathy, and justice, while red and white represent equality, courage, and patriotism. The palm branch symbolizes pride, and the olive branch represents peace, which honors the nation’s Independence Day, May 14, 1811. The Treasury Seal represents liberty.

The coat of arms represents Paraguay’s independence, and it is believed that the flag’s colors were adapted from those of the French flag to represent freedom and independence. On the back, the treasury’s seal is shown as an insignia, along with the phrases “Paz y Justicia” and a yellow lion wearing a red Phrygian cap sitting atop a pole to symbolize bravery. The flag underwent a modification on July 15, 2013. The coat of arms was made less complicated yet seemingly more genuine.

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