The Highest Point in Arkansas Is a Majestic Apex of Nature

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: May 29, 2023
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Arkansas, to the surprise of many, has plenty of high points to explore. Ouachita Mountains, for example, are a unique range that runs east to west, unlike the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. These Arkansas mountains attract nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts due to the awe-inspiring views and assortment of activities. Additionally, the highest point is truly a majestic apex of nature.  

Highest Point in Arkansas

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At Mount Magazine State Park, you can hike up signal hill trails to reach the highest point, which stands 2,753 feet above sea level.


The highest point in Arkansas is Mount Magazine. At Mount Magazine State Park, you can hike up signal hill trails to reach the highest point. It stands 2,753 feet above sea level. The trail itself is groomed nicely, surrounded by various plants, and offers a gentle ascent. Aside from being well-known as the highest point in Arkansas, Mount Magazine also has plenty to offer visitors. From hang gliding to rock climbing, it’s a state park worth visiting for outdoor recreation.  

How Does Mount Magazine Compare to the Rest of Arkansas?

Mount Magazine is located in a state park, where wilderness abounds. It’s not too much different from the rest of the state, as Arkansas abounds with mountainous and cavernous terrain. Rivers and hot springs are found throughout. There is an abundance of wilderness and park destinations to visit, including the Ozark National Forest’s karst topography. Here, many head out to explore limestone caves and miles of hiking trails.

Although Arkansas is brimming with nature, there are also well-developed regions of the state. These areas may feel more familiar to those visiting from city environments. Little Rock, for example, is the capital (and most populated city) of Arkansas. It’s nestled right in the center of the state, adjacent to the Arkansas River. Here, you can find a combination of Arkansas’ culture, economics, and transportation. It has a laidback undertone but it’s also overflowing with activity, boasting different attractions in its historic downtown area. Theatres and art galleries are popular go-tos along with museums and landmarks.

Travel through time when you visit Eureka Springs, a resort town with Victorian-inspired cottages, mansions, and tons of cold-water springs. It has a distinctive look and an irreplicable charm. It’s so well preserved that it became a part of the National Register of Historic Places. There’s plenty to admire as you walk through twisty cobbled streets. You can also go horseback riding, hiking, or cycling. It’s hidden away in the mountains, and there’s plenty to explore within this delightful town and just outside of it.

Can You Drive to the Top of Mount Magazine?

There are some spots throughout Mount Magazine State Park that are only accessible via hiking trails. However, if you plan a visit, head over to the visitor center first. Take a look at the 3D scale map of the mountain and plan your drive. The highest point is over on Signal Hill. You can drive the majority of it but you do eventually need to park at a trailhead. The easiest route takes you close to the Cameron Bluff campground. Then, it’s a half-mile gentle hike through the leafy forest. When you reach the top, you’ll be surrounded by dense forest. You’ll see a 400-square-foot stone map of Arkansas that marks the highest point.

Things To Do Near Mount Magazine

Mount Magazine Arkansas
For a bit more adventure, you can look for the steep-sided mountain, where rock climbers enjoy a good challenge.

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While at the visitor’s center, you can grab a brochure for a list of hiking trails and special events. If you’re hungry, you can head over to the Skycrest Restaurant, which boasts timbered ceilings. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food is Southern-style, and they have a limited menu, but most enjoy the full buffet.

Visitors can also enjoy mountain biking and road biking (there’s one multi-use trail that allows for horseback riding as well). For a bit more adventure, you can look for the steep-sided mountain, where rock climbers enjoy a good challenge. If this is your preferred activity, be sure to register at the visitor center before you head out. For even more of an adrenaline rush, take flight on a hang glider. The conditions at Mount Magazine State Park are often near perfect for this air sport.

Four Highest Points in Arkansas

Aside from Mount Magazine, Rich Mountain stands at 2,681 feet, making it the second-highest point in the state. Poteau Mountain and Black Fork Mountain tie for third place and stand at an elevation of 2,661 feet.

Where Is Mountain Magazine Located on a Map?

At 2,753 feet above sea level, Mountain Magazine is the highest point in Arkansas. It can be accessed within Mount Magazine State Park in Paris, AR. It takes about an estimated 5 hours to hike this moderate to strenuous path one way.

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Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas.
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