The Largest City in Baja California Now And In 2050

Written by Justin Sexton
Published: November 2, 2023
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Reflections on Hanson Lagoon, Baja California

Reflections on Hanson Lagoon, Baja California

©Daniel Ramirez Rosillo/

Baja California, aka Lower California in Spanish, is one of the thirty-two states in Mexico. It compromises the northernmost part of the Baja California Peninsula. It’s below the states of Arizona and California. The state of Baja California has a population of over three million people. Seventy-five percent of the state’s population lives within the state’s capital of Mexicali, Tijuana, or Ensenada. The population is composed of Mexicans who migrate from different parts of Mexico, people of East Asian descent, Middle Eastern, and Indigenous descent. The state is also home to several islands away from the mainland.

Baja California’s geography is made of many small forests and deserts. It has very few lakes but the state resides next to the Pacific Ocean. It can receive coastal fog but the California currents and winds from the Pacific Ocean make the area a pleasant place to live year-round. The state’s year-round wonderful weather only rivals that of San Diego. Mexicali also holds the Sonoran Desert which also extends into California. Some of Mexico’s hottest temperatures are recorded in Mexicali or the Mexicali Valley.

Today, the state’s economy relies on tourism, mining, agriculture, and its beaches close to the United States. Baja California’s tourist traffic jumped by twenty-three percent this year. A major contributor to that is the pandemic restrictions were lifted in 2023. Business has been great for Baja California, but what is the largest city in Baja California? And how will the cities grow in the later years?

What Is The Largest City In Baja California?

Tijuana city Skyline, Baja California Mexico

Tijuana City Skyline, Baja California Mexico

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The largest city in Baja California is Tijuana. Tijuana’s population is at 2,260,000 citizens. It grew extensively from its 2020 population of 1,922,000 people. Their 2020 population grew substantially from their 2010 population with an increase of 23.3%. Tijuana’s largest age demographics are people in the 20-24 age range. Its second largest age range is people that are 25-29 years old. The third largest age range belongs to the 15-19 age range. Therefore, the overall age range of 15-29 years old makes up 26.6% of the population.

What Makes Tijuana A Great City To Live In?

In June 2023, the total international sales from Tijuana were at 3.77 billion dollars. The overall Mexican economy is predicted to grow by 2.5% and 3.5% in the next year. Many people also work in San Diego but live in Tijuana. The cost of living is significantly lower than in California, specifically San Diego. It’s expected to pay 3.1 times less than one would if they live in San Diego.

Tijuana is recognized for its “medical tourism”. Medical tourism is when people travel across the border to Tijuana to get quality care but at a lower price. However, it is highly suggested to do your research on what your insurance covers over there.

Tijuana might not be the best place to watch football or soccer like California. Still, they have great soccer and baseball teams to watch Club Tijuana and Toros De Tijuana.

What helps Tijuana thrive even more are their fantastic nightclub scene and its beautiful beaches. Some of the beaches in Tijuana are Playas de Tijuana, Dolphin Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Coronado Central Beach, Imperial Beach Pier, and more.

The largest work sector in Tijuana comprises professional and business service industries. It accounts for twenty percent of the city’s employees. The average annual salary in Tijuana is 290,331 Mexican dollars. If we convert it into the United States Dollar, the annual salary is $16,092. The significant power the United States Dollar has for people who visit and move to Tijuana helps greatly in living comfortably.

What Will Be The Largest City In Baja California In Thirty Years?

More than likely, Tijuana will remain the largest city in Baja California by 2050. From 2020 to 2023, Tijuana’s population grew by 5.51%. The second largest city in Baja California belongs to Mexicali with 1,718,000 people. Ensenada is the third largest city in Baja California with a population of 352,000 people. Based on the population growth rate, Rosarito has the highest growth rate out of the top five highest-populated Baja California cities. In 2050, Rosarito might be able to have over five hundred thousand people live in their city.

There wasn’t enough research about the annual income of Rosarito and Tecate. Tijuana is the second largest city in Mexico only behind Mexico City.

RankCityPopulationPopulation Growth Rate (2023)Total AreaAverage Annual Income (MXN)
1Tijuana2,260,000+ 1.76%245.9 mi² 290,331
2Mexicali1,718,000+ 1.55%43.9 mi² 256,697
3Ensenada352,000+ 1.44%23.58 mi² 258,950
4Rosarito91,396+ 2.62%13.79 mi²n/a
5Tecate72,860+ 1.45%1,188.8 mi²n/a

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