The Largest Wild Hog Ever Caught in New Mexico

NM's Largest Hog
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Written by Alanna Davis

Published: February 24, 2024

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New Mexico is a beautiful state full to the brim with natural beauty. However, invasive animal populations threaten to destroy the native wildlife here. One of these species is wild hogs, and they have been wreaking havoc since they first appeared. Let’s explore the reasons why people hunt wild hogs and discuss the largest one ever caught in the state of New Mexico!

Wild Hogs: A Brief Overview

Juvenile wild hog in the wild

Texas has a wild hog population of roughly 1.3 million.


Wild hogs are an invasive species in New Mexico. From the time of their first appearance to the present day, their population has exploded. Their increasing numbers are a problem for a number of different reasons. According to New Mexico State University, feral wild hogs “alter wildlife habitat and compete with wild game, nongame, and threatened and endangered species for food, shelter, water, and open space.” In addition, they also “carry diseases transmissible to humans, wildlife, and livestock, and damage crops and rangelands important to our agricultural producers and food supply.” For these reasons, hunting them is unrestricted. People interested in catching wild hogs only need landowner permission to set out and do so!

How Big Was the Largest Wild Hog Ever Caught in New Mexico?

A wild hog, or wild boar, in its natural habitat. These omnivorous animals have a strong sense of smell and sharp tusks used for defense.

Male wild hogs are typically larger than female wild hogs.

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Although information about the largest wild hog ever caught in New Mexico is unavailable, we can use information about other large wild hogs caught in the surrounding area to determine their size. On average, wild hogs in the state of New Mexico weigh roughly 150 pounds. Texas and Oklahoma are nearby states with sizable populations, and adult feral hogs there can weigh anywhere between 100 and 400 pounds.

Shockingly, the biggest wild hog ever caught in America weighed roughly 790 pounds. This behemoth was caught in Texas, and at this size, it’s comparable to that of a bear. It’s genuinely hard to imagine that wild hogs can reach these incredible sizes! This isn’t too far off from the largest wild hog caught in Oklahoma, which came in at 760 pounds. Using this information, we can assume wild hogs in New Mexico are capable of reaching these incredible sizes. Currently, about 500,000 wild hogs live in the state of New Mexico. With such an abundant population, a new record could be set any day!

Final Thoughts

Although it might seem cruel or unjust, hunting wild hogs helps support the local ecosystem by mitigating the damage these animals do. If humans can keep their numbers under control, we stand a chance at reversing the effect these hogs have had on the local environment. In essence, it’s helpful and allows hunters to have a goal to strive towards. Who knows, someone might come along and break this record soon enough! 

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