The Longest Biking Trail in Utah

Written by Emilio Brown
Updated: July 31, 2023
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Key Points:

  • The longest biking trail in Utah is the Golden Spoke Trail, with sections running south from Ogden, through Salt Lake City, concluding in Provo.
  • The paved trail covers over 170 miles. Its development took 30 years, with completion occurring in 2018.
  • The Golden Spoke Trail is famous for being the longest continuous trail system west of the Mississippi River.

Biking in Utah can be an amazing experience if you know where to go. The state is home to a diverse landscape with beautiful natural scenery. Rugged landscapes, vast fields, and green hills can be seen along some of the biking trails in Utah. Trails are great for getting out into nature, and here you will find a biking trail perfect for those who love long rides. Let’s take a look at the longest biking trail in Utah, which contains over 170 miles of connected multi-use trails perfect for taking a scenic bike trip.

The Longest Biking Trail in Utah: The Golden Spoke Trail

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Utah’s Golden Spoke Trail connects the city of Provo all the way north to Ogden!


The Golden Spoke Trail is one of Utah’s longest biking trail systems and stretches over 170 miles. Made up of several multi-use trails, this bike path connects the city of Provo to Ogden, with some parts diverging into different areas.

Golden Spoke has around 18 segments, each with sights to see, showcasing Utah’s beauty. Portions of this trail network go by rivers and cities and weave through rocky mountains. While most segments are connected, they are all different lengths and have different terrain.

The Golden Spoke Trail is famous for being the longest continuous trail system west of the Mississippi River. 2018 is when the trail was officially completed, taking around 30 years of development to finish.

Segments of the Golden Spoke Trail

The Golden Spoke Trail consists of around 18 different segments that connect together to create Utah’s longest trail system. This trail system runs through the four counties of Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah. Below you will find the trails, their lengths, and surfacing.

  • Ogden River Parkway- 17 miles, Paved Trail
  • Weber River Parkway Trail- 3 miles, Paved/Gravel Trail
  • West Haven River Parkway Trail- 3.5 miles, Paved Trail
  • SR- 193 Trail- 3.8 miles, Paved/On-Street
  • Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail- 23.5 miles, Paved/On-Street
  • Legacy Parkway Trail- 14 miles, Paved Trail
  • Jordan River Trail- 45 miles, Paved Trail
  • Bonneville Shoreline Trail- 8 miles, Paved/Dirt/On-Street
  • Nine Line Trail- 3.1 miles, Paved/Gravel Trail
  • Decker Lake Trail- 2.5 miles, Paved/Gravel/On-Street
  • Parley’s Trail- 9.5 miles, Paved/On-Street
  • Porter Rockwell Trail- 7.7 miles, Paved/ Dirt/On-Street
  • Historic Lehi Rail Trail- 18.2 miles, Paved Trail
  • Murdock Canal Trail- 17 miles, Paved/On-Street
  • Art Dye Park Trail- 1.4 miles, Paved/On-Street
  • Lindon Herit- 6.4 miles, Paved/On-Street
  • Pony Express Parkway Trail- 15.7 miles, Paved/On-Street
  • Provo River Parkway- 6.4 miles, Paved/On-Street

Dogs are allowed on most segments, but they must be on a leash. Researching and preparing for the parts you plan to ride is best for an enjoyable experience.

Preparing for the Golden Spoke Trail

The bonneville shoreline trail above the Avenues in Salt Lake City

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is popular for bikers.

© Salil Bhatt

With over 170 miles of separated and connected trails, the Golden Spoke trail network has many different landscapes and types of terrain to traverse. For long trails such as this, using a map is always recommended. Maps allow you to see the route of specific segments and make it easy to plan your biking trip for your preferred mileage and scenic views.

Riding the entirety of the Golden Spoke Trail system takes several hours, and it is best done in segments. When preparing you should have the right bike that is able to traverse different terrains and can handle long distances. Water and snacks are essential when on any long bike ride to maintain energy and keep hydrated.

Along the various segments, you can find different amenities, which vary. There are bathrooms, parks, water fountains, and trailhead parking across the trails that are a part of the Golden Spoke system. Before traversing a section of the Golden Spoke Trail, looking at the surfacing, length, grade, and location of the trail allows you to judge if it is right for you. The trails that make up the system have varying difficulties, and there are sections for everything.

Where is the Golden Spoke Trail Located on a Map?

The Golden Spoke Trail is located in the state of Utah. It’s the longest paved bike trail in the state, stretching in sections from Ogden in the north to Provo in the south, passing through Salt Lake City. Its course of safe, connected multi-use trails runs over 170 miles long.

Wildlife on the Longest Biking Trail in Utah

An Early Fall Morning In Provo Canyon, Utah.

Morning sunlight peeks over a mountain ridge as the Provo River flows through Provo Canyon in Utah. Several segments of the Golden Spoke Trail pass near rivers in Utah, like the Provo River and Jordan River.

© Fuller

The network of trails that creates the Golden Spoke Trail is abundant with plants and wildlife. The Cascades Mountain range, the Great Salt Lake, the Jordan River, Decker Lacker, Utah Lake, the open plain, and farmlands landscapes are some of the natural scenery that the Golden Spoke runs by. There are places to fish, and even horseback rides.

Moose, deer, bison, lizards, snakes, goats, rabbits, and birds are the most common animals to see while on Utah’s trails. Other animals that live nearby in Utah’s wilderness include bears, wolves, and wild cats. The trails of Utah make for a perfect place to bird watch for species like bald eagles, grebes, egrets, owls, pelicans, and much more.

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