The Most Beautiful College Campus in Utah Will Leave You Speechless

Written by Nixza Gonzalez
Updated: September 5, 2023
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Utah is home to over public universities and colleges. It can be hard to choose which one is the best. Many college campuses within the state are stunning and picturesque. While beauty is all objective, it’s hard to deny that some Utah colleges are charming. Can you guess which one we’ve deemed the most beautiful? Follow along to discover the most beautiful college campus in Utah! It may leave you speechless.

What is the Most Beautiful College Campus in Utah?

The most beautiful college campus in Utah is the Utah State University, which hosts its main campus in Logan. The main campus of Utah State University is home to unique and stunning buildings, like Old Main. C. L. Thompson and Karl C. Schaub designed this gothic-style building. It was completed in 1890, making it the college’s oldest building. It’s also Utah’s oldest functioning academic building.

Although nowhere near as old, the Merrill–Cazier Library is another stunning building on the main campus of Utah State University. It was established in 2005, replacing the 74-year-old Merrill Library.

Another iconic and unique Utah State University Building is the David B. Haight Center. It was built in 1891 and is Utah’s oldest state-built residence. The surface area of this model farmhouse turned alumni center is 10,507 square feet.

Golden Old Main

The Old Main building on Utah State University Campus is the oldest building on campus.

©Randy Merrill/iStock via Getty Images

About Utah State University

Utah State University was established on March 8, 1888, as the Agricultural College of Utah. The school’s name changed in 1928 to Utah State Agricultural College. However, it’s been called Utah State University since 1957. This public college is accredited by the NWCCU. The school’s official colors are Aggie blue and white. Utah State University has over 27,000 students, most are enrolled in undergraduate programs.

The main campus of USU sits on about 400 acres of land and is near downtown Logan. It’s on a hill that provides stunning views of the city. Interestingly, about 18,000 students live on or near campus. Currently, the school has nine colleges including:

  •     Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services
  •     Caine College of the Arts
  •     S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources
  •     College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
  •     College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  •     College of Science
  •     Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
  •     School of Graduate Studies
  •     College of Engineering
Off to class

Utah State University has nine colleges.

©Randy Merrill/iStock via Getty Images

Things to do Near Utah State University

If you’re thinking of visiting Utah State University, you won’t run out of things to do. This school is located in Logan, a city in Cache County with a population of a little over 52,000. The city was founded in 1859, a few decades before the university was established. The surface area of Logan is 18.43 square miles. Logan is about 82 miles north of Salt Lake City.

While exploring this town, you can visit Zootah (a small public zoo), the Logan Aquatic Center, the Ellen Eccles Theatre, and the Logan Canyon. There are also many public parks, hiking trails, and great places to eat.

Logan Canyon is well worth a visit, especially during fall when the leaves change and the weather is cooler. This canyon is in both Cache and Rich County. Also by the canyon is Tony Grove Lake. You can camp on the lake at the Tony Grove Lake Campground. The lake sits at an elevation of 8,048 feet.

Tony's Grove

Near the Utah State University is Tony Grove Lake.

©Jarin Dimick/ via Getty Images

Honorable Mentions

While the Utah State University is stunning, there are many other beautiful college campuses in the state. Some honorable mentions include the Utah State University, Southern Utah University, and Westminster University.

The Utah State University was founded in 1850. It was previously called the University of Deseret from 1850 to 1892. Some amazing buildings at the Utah State University are the Kingsbury Hall, Alice Sheets Marriott Center for Dance, Peterson Heritage Center, and the Red Butte Garden Rose House.

The Southern Utah University is just as beautiful. This lovely college was established in 1897 as the Branch Normal School. It’s gone through many names, including Branch Agricultural College, College of Southern Utah, and Southern Utah State College. Southern Utah State University is in Cedar City, Utah. One of the oldest buildings still standing at the university is the Braithwaite Liberal Arts Center.

The last honorable mention for the most beautiful college campus in Utah is Westminster University. It’s a private college in Salt Lake City. It was first established in 1875, nearly 150 years ago, as the Salt Lake Collegiate Institute. The campus and buildings are picturesque, like something out of a movie. The oldest building on campus is the Converse Hall, completed in 1907.

Aerial view of University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

The Utah State University is one of the most beautiful college campuses in the state.

©Wangkun Jia/

Animals and Plants On and Near Utah State University

Utah State University is located in a mountainous and green area. A few blocks away from the university is the Logan River. While the Millville Face Wildlife Management Area isn’t too far from this lovely university, it’s unlikely you’ll run into large mammals on your visit to the school. However, within the county, you may see mountain lions, American black bears, and gray wolves. Instead of large mammals, you may see animals like bats, rabbits, and squirrels. Birds are most common. Some birds you may see on campus are red-tailed hawks, western tanagers, barn swallows, and red-tailed blackbirds.

Apart from animals, many plant species grow on and near the Utah State University. Some plants observed in Cache County are glacier lilies, trembling aspens, western coneflowers, and butterfly milkweeds. A great place to see wildlife is the USU Botanical Center, located in the nearby city of Kaysville. In this center, you can find exhibits and areas like the Edible Demo Garden, Kaysville Ponds and Nature Trails, Stokes Ornamental Grass & Iris Garden, and Pollinator Garden.

closeup milkweed flower

Butterfly milkweeds attract pollinators. You can find this plant throughout Utah.


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