The 7 Most Beautiful Lakes in New England

Written by Nixza Gonzalez
Updated: May 11, 2023
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New England is made up of the following six states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. These states have a long history with the United States and are wonders to behold. The environment of each state is slightly different, but there are still various lakes, rivers, and mountains in each. Lakes are marvelous, especially when the water is clear. There are over 10,000 lakes in New England. Massachusetts alone has over 3,000 lakes!

Are you ready to find your next vacation spot? Keep on reading to learn more about the 7 most beautiful lakes in New England.

1. Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake is the second-largest lake in New England.


Moosehead Lake is in Maine, and from above looks a lot like the shape of a moose’s head! This deep and cold lake is beautiful and easy to enjoy. Fun fact about Moosehead Lake, it is the second-largest lake in New England. Not only is its size impressive, but its appearance is also breathtaking. There are over 80 islands in the lake, but the major island is Sugar Island, followed by Deer Island. Surrounding the lake are the Longfellow Mountains and this mostly undeveloped mountain range stretches into Quebec. In Moosehead Lake, you can fish for smallmouth bass and lake trout. It is almost 40 miles long and has a surface area of 117.9 square miles.

2. Kezar Lake

Kezar Lake is long and slightly hidden in the White Mountain National Forest.

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Another stunning lake in New England is Kezar Lake, which is also in Maine. While it is not an extremely popular destination, it turns a lot of eyes. Kezar Lake is long and slightly hidden in the White Mountain National Forest. It is a cold lake that feeds many animals, including foxes, moose, eagles, and deer. The lake is about 2,500 acres, and there is always something to do. It is especially common for visitors to take their boats on the water and fish for hours. The maximum depth of Kezar Lake is 155 feet. There are also dozens of hotels and cabins in the area at affordable prices.

3. Newfound Lake

Newfound Lake

Newfound Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in the world.

© Wilson

Moving to New Hampshire, we have Newfound Lake, one of the cleanest lakes in the world. It is a strictly protected lake and for obvious reasons! The lake is also so large, as it has 22 miles of shoreline. Even though it is a clean beach with protection, there are multiple swimming spots. You can also fish, boat, and kayak in the lake. Newfound Lake has a surface area of 4,451 acres and a maximum depth of 183 feet. Since 1890, officials have stocked this gorgeous lake with fish, including salmon.

4. Lake Willoughby

Lake Willoughby Vermont

Lake Willoughby is one of the most picture-perfect lakes in all of New England.

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In Vermont sits Lake Willoughby, one of the most picture-perfect lakes in all of New England. The Willoughby State Forest surrounds a small section of the southern end of the lake. During the fall, as the leaves change, is the best time to visit this lake, but the water’s temperature is cold. The average depth of this lake is 185 feet, with the deepest point measuring 328 feet. When the temperatures are below freezing, it takes Lake Willoughby longer to freeze compared to other New England lakes because of how deep the lake is.

5. Hop Brook Lake

Hop Brook Lake connecticut

Hop Brook Lake is known for its diverse range of species available to anglers looking to fish in a place without motorized boats.

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There are over 3,000 lakes in Connecticut, and one of the most beautiful lakes is Hop Brook Lake. It is a stunning lake because of its shape. This lake wraps around three large communities in Connecticut. Lining the lake are also massive trees that change colors vividly. Unlike the other lakes on this list, it is not natural. Hop Brook Lake was made in 1965 when Hop Brook was dammed for flood control purposes. The state of Connecticut stocks Hop Brook Lake frequently with trout for recreational purposes.

6. Wallum Lake

Wallum Lake Rhode Island

There are at least 10 native fish species in Wallum Lake.

©John Phelan / Creative Commons – License

Crossing Rhode Island and Massachusetts are Wallum Lake. This lake is 322 acres and is near Douglas State Forest and Wallum Lake Park. The lake is about 2 miles long, and while it is not the longest lake in New England, it is very pretty. During winter, the lake freezes, creating a gorgeous scene, perfect for pictures. A lot of fishers come to this lake every year. There are at least 10 native fish species in Wallum Lake, including freshwater eels, brood salmon, and pumpkinseed. If you don’t like fishing or swimming, you can also hike the trails in the surrounding forest.

7. Caspian Lake

Caspian Lake Vermont

Caspian Lake is a popular local vacation destination in Northern Vermont.


Caspian Lake looks like something out of a movie or a postcard. It is a popular local vacation destination in Northern Vermont. Visitors can enjoy activities like skiing, boating, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Surrounding the stunning lake are green rolling hills. Cottages and cabins are available for rent during the Summer. It is a peaceful lake, perfect for small families and couples that want a stress-free vacation. There are large rocks in the lake, so you will have to be careful when boating and kayaking.

Summary of the 7 Most Beautiful Lakes in New England

1Moosehead LakeMaine
2Kezar LakeMaine
3Newfound LakeNew Hampshire
4Lake WilloughbyVermont
5Hop Brook LakeConnecticut
6Wallum LakeRhode Island and Massachusetts
7Caspian LakeVermont

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