The 11 Most Dangerous Ski Slopes in the World

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: November 28, 2023
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Adventure seekers love feeling the crisp breeze blow across their faces as they ski down fresh powder. While many ski resorts have black diamond slopes that are only for experts, are you brave enough to take on the most dangerous ski slopes in the world?

Grab your gear as we brace ourselves for the gnarliest slopes that are not for the faint of heart! 

1. Corbet’s Couloir – Wyoming

Corbet’s Couloir is named after Barry Corbet, who founded the slope.


The first stop on our list takes us to Jackson Hole, WY. This run is famous and the aerial tram takes the bravest souls to the top of the summit. Speaking of, the summit is over 4,000 feet high! 

Before heading down one of the most dangerous ski slopes in the world, take a look around at your surroundings. There are breathtaking views of the Tetons, as well as panoramic scenes of the valley below. 

The run starts at a whopping 10,450 feet high! Don’t worry; you won’t be alone here. There are people from all over the world looking for adrenaline that will be there with you! 

There are two drop-in options from the summit. The first drop is roughly 1o to 15 and has plenty of rocks to navigate around. The second may not have as many rocks but is a steep 20-foot drop-in.

2. La Chavanette – Switzerland

La Chavanette

There are 358 ski slopes in Switzerland.

©dennisvdw/iStock via Getty Images

One of the world’s most dangerous ski slopes is La Chavanette. It has been given the nickname “The Swiss Wall” due to how steep it is. It has its own color classification of orange because of the 1,090-foot vertical drop. 

There is a 3,280-foot-long ski run of heavily compacted snow in this area of Switzerland. If you plan on taking a chance here, you’ll need to full Portes du Soleil pass to use the chairlift. It’s best to face this challenging slope earlier in the day to avoid icy conditions. 

Locals advise tourists to drop in at the left area of the wall. Here there are fewer cut-out drop-ins. It’s also less crowded in this portion. There’s no avoiding the sheer steepness of La Chavanette, but the narrow path widens as you get closer to the bottom.

3. Grand Couloir – France

Woman skiing

Grand Couloir is also called the “Death Gully.”

© Silva Cosentino

The next stop for the most dangerous ski slopes in the world is in France! The Grand Couloir is part of a tri-system of narrow valleys. A cable car takes visitors to the peak of Saulire to try their hand at this legendary run. 

The ridge at the beginning of the run is narrow. The slope quickly gets steep and deep as you make your way to the bottom. The total length of the run is 2,070 feet with an average gradient of 55%. The maximum gradient clocks in at 80%.

Grand Couloir will give your legs quite a workout! It’s important for your own safety and well-being to only take on this slope if you’re an expert skier. If you have any doubts, stick to other areas of Courchevel.

4. Delirium Dive – Canada

Delirium Dive Sunshine Village Ski Resort

The risk of falling at Delirium Dive is high.

©tapit/iStock via Getty Images

Banff is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you want to try your hand at one of the most dangerous ski slopes in the world, make your way to Delirium Dive. While the majority of the terrain is easy to navigate for skilled skiers, the upper section is not for the faint of heart. 

When going here, you have to have a transceiver. There is a gate that allows one skier at a time. You won’t be able to get through this gate without a transceiver. After passing through the gate, the best way to go is down the metal staircase. 

The slope is narrow until you reach the “Dive Proper.” This is where you’ll face cliffs and rocks sticking out of the snow. It’s an adrenaline rush unlike any other that skilled skiers can enjoy when they find themselves in Canada.

5. Kill the Banker – Canada

Calming ski hills of Sault Ste Marie

In the summer, many people hike on trails in the area.

©Chloe Thomason-huynh/

With a name like “Kill the Banker,” it’s easy to see why this ski spot in Revelstoke, Canada, is one of the most dangerous ski slopes in the world. There isn’t too much information online about this slope, so many avid outdoor lovers check it out for themselves. 

It’s a few hours from Vancouver, and like most ski slopes, you must use a cable car to reach the summit. This is one of the most vertical slopes in Canada and you’ll ski directly under the cable cars as you make your way to the base. 

You’ll be skiing over icicle-lined ridges as you pass by snow-covered trees. Not only is this a fun place to ski, but the landscape is absolutely stunning.

6. Streif, Kitzbühel – Austria

Streif of Kitzbuhel

Even in the summer, Streif is breathtaking.

©Martina Frison/iStock via Getty Images

Next, let’s make our way to Austria. The Streif is home to the Hahnenkamm Races, where the bravest skiers take on one of the most dangerous ski slopes in the world. There is a gradient of 85% that will have you reaching speeds of nearly 90 miles per hour.

If you win this race your name is etched onto one of the gondolas. The Shreif has multiple routes available, giving everyone room on the 10,866-foot-long slope. There is a festival around these parts that brings in nearly 45,000 people. 

This is a great option for skiers looking to make some worldwide companions!

7. Sarenne – France

Alps in winter

It takes about 30 minutes to reach the base at Sarenne.

©kartouchken/iStock via Getty Images

The longest black run in Europe is the Sarenne in France. People from around the world at this ski slope on their bucket lists. The Pic Blanc cable car brings daredevils to heights of 10,900 feet. 

Before you set off on the 52,500-foot-long run, take a look at the incredible vista around you. Many believe that you can see ⅕ of the entire country from this summit! La Sarenne brings you to a gorge with the same name.

As you make your way down the slope, you can travel next to a relaxing stream or go back through the Alpe d’Huez. Although it’s long, the gradient here is just 12.5%, providing skiers with a moderate trip on their way to the base.

8. Body Bag – Colorado

Crested Butte Panorama

This area was originally a mining town in the 1800s.

©stockphoto52/iStock via Getty Images

If the name doesn’t scare you off, nothing will! Body Bag is another one of the most dangerous ski slopes in the world. Colorado is a stunning state and is a great vacation spot for skiers. 

The Body Bag is a wildly steep chute that has a 15-foot cliff band that tests even the most experienced skier. There is an orange sign that reads “Cliff Area,” which is where Body Bag is located. 

There are plenty of trees lining narrow pathways. You can opt for Dead Bob’s for an easy way down or Dead End Chutes for a bit of a challenge.

9. Harakiri – Austria

Harakiri Ski Slope in Austria

Mount Penken is 12,210 feet tall!


Harakiri in Austria will have you feeling confident at first as you fly down Mount Penken. The first couple of turns will make you think it’s a piece of cake. Once you hit Piste 34, the real fun sets in. 

The gradient is nearly 80%, giving advanced skiers quite a rush! The Harakiri has a nearby run on Piste 12 that’s a bit easier called the Devil’s Run.

10. Saslong – Italy

Ski lift to Saslong skiing area, Dolomiti, Val Gardena, Italy

Italy is home to 300 ski resorts!

©oleksandr_katrusha/iStock via Getty Images

One of the world’s most dangerous slopes is a World Cup slope in Italy. Saslong is an 11,310-foot-long course that travels down the Val Gardena. The vertical 2,750-foot drop has a maximum gradient of 56.9%! 
There are plenty of jumps that will let you feel the crisp and cool breeze of the Italian mountain air!

11. Great Scott – Utah

Snowy Riges behind Hidden Peak

Great Scott is a term used to express amazement and surprise.

©bartystewart/iStock via Getty Images

Directly under the tram, Great Scott is the steepest, longest line you can see as you ascend to the 11,000-foot summit of Snowbird’s Hidden Peak. As you take the tram up Snowbird’s Hidden Peak, you’ll get out to try your hand at Great Scott.

There are rocky chutes along the run that are accompanied by narrow entrances. It’s essential to scope out where you intend to ski before you hit the powder. There are plenty of rowdy places that you’ll want to avoid. Consider this dangerous slope nature’s obstacle course.

Summary of the Most Dangerous Ski Slopes in the World

RankSki SlopeLocation
1Corbet’s CouloirWyoming 
2La ChavanettePortes du Soleil, Switzerland
3Grand CouloirCourchevel, France
4Delirium DiveBanff, Canada 
5Kill The BankerRevelstoke, Canada
6Streif, KitzbühelTyrol, Austria
7SarenneAlpe d’Huez, France
8Body BagColorado 
10SaslongVal Gardena, Italy 
11Great ScottUtah

The photo featured at the top of this post is © emneves/iStock via Getty Images

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