The Most Haunted Lakes in America

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Written by Emmanuel Kingsley

Published: May 6, 2022

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America is, by far, one of the most secular states in the world. But you’ll be surprised to know that some of its lakes are haunted (or at least believed to be haunted). Are these tales real or mere myths? If you’re wondering why Gardner lake or Lake Lanier has a spooky reputation attached to them, find out here. 

Here are 7 of the most haunted lakes in America.

1. The Gardner Lake

The Gardner Lake

There are claims that ghosts of people who died on the Gardner Lake play piano tunes in the dark abyss of the waters.

Not every lake has tales of its spookiness in its name. Gardner Lake in Connecticut looks like every typical lake. But if you know the story behind it, you’ll understand why people claim it’s haunted. There are claims that ghosts of people who died on the lake play piano tunes in the dark abyss of the waters. How true is this? Where did the piano come from? 

Here’s the story behind the mystery: 

It all started in 1895 when a man that lived around the lake decided to move to the east of the lake. But instead of building a new house across the lake, he moved the entire building. How did he do that? He waited for the lake to freeze, then pushed it over to the other side. Unfortunately, the ice broke during the process, and the house with other properties, including his piano sank. And that’s how the piano got under the water. So if you visit the Gardner lake, listen carefully on a quiet day. Maybe, you will hear the tunes of the piano playing.

2. Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier

Before Lake Lanier was created, it was originally a cemetery.

Walking down the roads of history, you will discover that Lake Lanier in Georgia was originally the home of several ghosts (if you believe in ghosts). Before the reservoir was created, it was originally a cemetery. But to build the lake, over twenty cemeteries were exhumed. Because of this, many people who know its history believe that it is indeed haunted. 

Moreover, it did not help that in 1958, two women fell off the bridge and died in the lake. When one of the bodies was extracted, both hands were missing. Henceforth, the legend of the lady of the lake started- a gory woman with no hands parading the bridge in search of her hands. The myth of the lady of the lake still makes visitors and locales fear the bridge as being haunted.

3. The Haunted Lake

It’s not surprising that the haunted lake falls into this list. But is the haunted lake really haunted, or is the name just a misnomer? Actually, residents would testify to the serenity of the lake, but that is not why it is conceived to be haunted. Legend says that the whole lake burnt down several years ago, destroying both life and properties in the fire rage. It was a horror! 

Everything bubbling and colorful became quiet and dull, just like a haunted place. The remains of the casualties were just burned trees. So, the settlers decided to name it after what had become the lake’s fate— a haunted lake. In 1970, David Scoby developed the lake a little more and built a mill there. But during the process, skeletons were discovered around the lake. That made it more difficult to erase the gory memories that were created there.

4. Lake Ronkonkoma

Lake Ronkonkoma

Natives of Lake Ronkonkoma claim that the lake is cursed.

Natives of the Long Island claim that there’s been a pattern of young men dying in the lake Ronkonkoma in the last two centuries. While ordinarily one will blame the unpredictable weather or the toxins from the algae in the lake, natives claim that the lake is cursed. The deaths are pinned on the myth of the curse of the young princess who was denied true love by the town.

The young Native American princess was deeply in love with her colonialist. But it was forbidden for the lovers to be together, and were prevented from getting married. The hatred and discrimination led to a fight that ended with her lover’s death. Heartbroken and miserable, she swore revenge on the entire town. Since she had lost all hope and her love, she resorted to suicide by jumping into the lake with a stone tied to her body. With her dying breath, she cursed the entire town to lose one young male to the lake annually. And till now, bodies keep dropping every year in the lake.

5. White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake Dallas, Texas

There is a myth of the lady of the lake that resides around the White Rock Lake.

The White Rock Lake is home to raccoons, salamanders, toads, rabbits, foxes, and squirrels. But did you know that it is a haunted lake? Like in Georgia, Texas also has its own myth of the lady of the lake that resides around the White Rock Lake. But the story in Texas is different from that of Lake Lanier. The first account of the story began with a couple that claimed they saw a young girl wet and dripping in a white dress. The couple claimed they encountered her while taking a tour around the lake. Ever since, the lady has been said to haunt the White Rock Lake Park. This myth spread like wildfire after an account was published in 1943. And most people, when they hear stories like that, prefer to be careful than sorry. 

6. Lake Superior

The largest Great Lake, Lake Superior, is considered haunted.

There are many ghost stories surrounding the largest Great Lake situated in Wisconsin. Some have reported seeing ghosts peeping from the lighthouse. Others claim that the ghosts are spirits of victims who died in the lake. Even some guests at the Big Bay Point guesthouse have reported seeing ghosts. One of the ghastly deaths that claimed the lives of many on the lake happened in 1927. About 22 lives were lost with the Canadian Lake freighter involved. The steamship wasn’t found until fifty years later. The divers claimed there was a mysterious body that strung along with them during the search. All these spooky stories carry on the legend of Lake Superior as haunted.

7. Veterans Lake 

Many people find this lake in Oklahoma creepy. It has, in fact, gained a general reputation as spooky. There is a tale surrounding a woman who lost her son to the lake. While trying to save him, she herself drowned in the water. It did not help that there was another case of a girl drowning after that in a boat accident. There is a rumor that an apparition surrounds the lake, luring its victims inside it. And because there are several other death occurrences, the veteran is stamped as a spooky place to visit in Oklahoma. 

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