The Most Haunted Places Near Dallas

Written by Kathryn Dueck
Updated: October 27, 2022
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If you’re a supernatural thrill-seeker, the third-largest city in Texas is the place to be! Dallas not only offers abundant dining and shopping experiences, but it also has a haunting reputation. Visitors to the city stand poised to encounter stories about everything from ghostly cyclists to spectral hitchhikers to rock-hurling phantoms. Read on to discover the seven most haunted places near Dallas!

The Adolphus Hotel

One of the most haunted places near Dallas is its oldest hotel, the Adolphus Hotel. It dates all the way back to 1912 with a well-deserved reputation for classy decor and posh rooms. However, it also has a different kind of reputation among the locals – a spooky one.

According to legend, the ghost of a jilted bride from 1935 haunts the hotel. She arrived at the ballroom on the 19th floor in her wedding gown only to wait hours for a groom that never showed up. She ran from the room weeping. Later, hotel occupants discovered her body hanging above the altar. Some say they have heard the sounds of the bride’s ghost crying and running, or the creak of the rope she used to hang herself. Others have spotted her gowned figure walking through the halls of the 19th floor.

Other tragedies in the hotel include a number of employees who fell to their deaths in the elevator shaft. One of them suffered a crushing blow from a descending elevator car. Some visitors claim to have seen the ghosts of these employees in the elevator with them, warning them to watch their step.

Visit the Adolphus Hotel at 1321 Commerce Street in Dallas or call them at 214-742-8200. You can also check out their website here.

Exterior shot of the Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, TX

The Adolphus Hotel is believed to be haunted by a jilted bride.

©Carol M. Highsmith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons – License

Sons of Hermann Hall

Among the many haunted places near Dallas is the Sons of Hermann Hall. This tavern bills itself as the “oldest free-standing wood structure in Dallas” as well as its oldest bar. It remains an icon of the Deep Ellum area in East Dallas. Part of its reputation has to do with great drinks, great food, and great entertainment. Part of it, however, derives from its ghostly inhabitants.

Visitors and staff at the Hall report seeing such troubling phenomena as paintings flying off the walls, slamming doors, disembodied footsteps, and the ghostly giggles of invisible children. Some say they have spotted mysterious figures in period dress that suddenly vanish from sight. A former caretaker may even be among the spectres that apparently haunt the venue.

For those interested in an interactive night of cocktails and ghost stories, Sons of Hermann Hall offers The Haunted Tavern Experience. Visit the location in person at 3414 Elm Street or call them at 214-747-4422 for more information. You can also visit their website here.

The Coombs Creek Trail

Amid the hustle and bustle of Dallas lies the Coombs Creek Trail, a lovely 1.25-mile jaunt nestled between Stevens Park Golf Course and Kessler Parkway. Following Coombs Creek, the asphalt path provides locals with a place to walk, jog, or bike through nature. Unfortunately, it’s not without its ghosts.

A young girl, Mary, once frequented this trail on her bike. One day, she rode out and never came back. The predominant theory is that she drowned when she passed too close to the creek and fell in. However, her body was never found, so this remains just a theory. Patrons of the trail have reported seeing the ghost of a young girl riding a bike along the creek at night, only to vanish suddenly from view.

Visitors can find the Coombs Creek Trail in Oak Cliff within Dallas’ Kessler Park neighborhood. Check out this guide for trail conditions and other information.

White Rock Lake

Much like Coombs Creek Trail, White Rock Lake is one of the most scenic haunted places near Dallas. It’s a favorite with locals and visitors alike, who frequent the nearby park to take in the beauty of the reservoir. But it also happens to be the site of one of Dallas’ creepiest stories.

Legend has it that a young woman once drowned in the lake. Drivers passing the lake at night have sometimes reported seeing a female hitchhiker wearing a vintage dress. When they offer her a ride, she gives them an address and climbs in. However, before they can drop her off, she disappears from the car, leaving only a puddle behind. Locally, she is known as the Lady of the Lake.

White Rock Lake is located about 5 miles northeast of downtown Dallas. The White Rock Lake Trail provides visitors with a pleasant walk near the lake. Check out the Dallas Parks & Recreation website for more information on the area.

White Rock Lake in Dallas Texas

Legend has it that a woman known as the Lady of the Lake drowned in White Rock Lake and now haunts its visitors.


Flag Pole Hill

White Rock Lake holds yet another haunted treasure for supernatural enthusiasts. Flag Pole Hill lies nearby in Flag Pole Hill Park in an area decked with beautiful but mysterious houses. One in particular, a dwelling on Blackbird Lane, appears to have its own ghosts.

The story goes that a construction worker committed suicide in the house just before its completion. Later, a hitman supposedly killed a couple living in the same house. Legend says that their spirits still haunt the area, harassing anyone who walks or drives by at night. Both motorists and those on foot report invisible attackers pelting them with pebbles and rocks.

Visitors can find Flag Pole Hill at 8015 Doran Circle. Check out the Dallas Parks & Recreation website for more information.

The Millermore Mansion

Among the most haunted places near Dallas is the Millermore Mansion. It sits in the Old City Park neighborhood, a stunning collection of Victorian and pioneer homes. It remains largely unchanged since its original construction in 1861 with its vintage furniture still in place.

The original owner of the house, William Brown Miller, married three times. The first marriage ended in divorce while his second and third wives both died in the master bedroom, Minerva from illness and Emma in childbirth. Legend has it that Emma’s stillborn child died in the nursery.

Visitors to the estate have reported that the master bedroom and nursery are often significantly colder than the rest of the house, even in summer. The sensation of watchful eyes is also strong in these areas; occasionally, guards have seen strange lights in the unoccupied rooms. Other visitors and staff claim to have heard footsteps, babies shrieking, and the sounds of furniture moving by itself. They also report an uncanny occurrence: birds slamming into the master bedroom window while avoiding every other window on the property.

You can visit the Millermore Mansion at 1515 South Harwood Drive by signing up for a tour here. You can also contact Old City Park for more information at 214-421-5141.

The Majestic Theatre

The Majestic Theatre lives up to its name with a richly historic past and a vibrant connection to modern culture. Its original owner, Karl Hoblitzelle, opened it in 1921 as a vaudeville theatre. With the advent of film, it began showing movies until it eventually changed hands and became a center for the performing arts.

It’s also the center of much paranormal speculation. Some staff and patrons of the Majestic insist that the original owner Hoblitzelle still roams the theatre, ensuring it runs properly. Some people claim to have seen his ghost, the spectre of an old man who vanishes abruptly. Odd sounds, lights, and smells also occur frequently at this location in addition to stage props mysteriously changing locations by themselves.

Find the Majestic Theatre at 1925 Elm Street or call them at 214-670-3687. Alternatively, you can visit their website here.

Exterior view of the Majestic Theatre in Dallas, TX

The Majestic Theatre is the center of much paranormal speculation believed to be haunted by its original owner.

©Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons – License

For those wanting a more immersive experience of the most haunted places near Dallas, Dallas Terrors offers immersive walking tours of the city. They provide both historical facts about the area and expound on its ghostly reputation.

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